Nasty C - Gravy Lyrics

I'm cool, I'm calm, I'm gravy
I'm drunk, I'm high, I'm faded
Don't want no smoke, no vape, please
Everybody with me on the same page, yeah
I'm cool, I'm calm, I'm gravy
I'm drunk, I'm high, I'm faded
Don't want no smoke, no vape, please
Everybody with me on the same page, yeah

I'm still with the guys, woah woah woah
Loyalty defined, woah woah woah
This was no surprise
It came at a perfect time
There's a genie in the sky, woah woah woah
Rest in peace to soldiers that we lost lost lost lost
Gimme guidance, gimme sauce sauce sauce sauce
Mix my Henny with the Voss Voss Voss Voss
Got me dipping when I walk walk walk walk, ey, ey
I wish you could feel what I feel
And I ain't finished get the fuck up out my face with the bill, yeah
Way past my limit going way past my limit

I'm cool, I'm calm, I'm gravy
I'm drunk, I'm high, I'm faded
Don't want no smoke, no vape, please
Everybody with me on the same page, yeah
I'm cool, I'm calm, I'm gravy
I'm drunk, I'm high, I'm faded
Don't want no smoke, no vape, please
Everybody with me on the same page, yeah

Strings and bling, and strings and bling
The peace they bring to me, I sing
For peace, for peace, for love and peace
The streets is deep, they need the peace

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Nasty C Gravy Comments
  1. Diego Jackson

    wow i seriously love this hip pop song if you are watching 2020 hit my like


    I don't care who says what, but this kid is fire. I don't care where you from around the globe, i know you know man's is fire🔥🔥🔥

  3. Sean Jantze

    He is the king of king

  4. Sean Jantze

    Wow he's. So cuuuuuute😍😍😍

  5. Faith Mulofwa

    He is the best 💗❤❤❤

  6. Faizal Rosario


  7. zadock inguku

    Is good

  8. Konteh Alagie

    Stell 2020 ,RIP to those soilder we lost in Nigeria

  9. Ace Ntombela

    Flex on the haters

  10. Peter Karanj

    Nasty c u rock. This is dedicated to the loved ones we have lost. To the fallen soldiers😢😢

  11. Danso Danso

    Still lit🔥

  12. Gladys wamuhu maina

    Luv u ❤️❣️ Nasty

  13. Ree likz Likz

    Am i the only one seeing his gf in 1:41

  14. JOh.w

    Who thinks Nasty c is still the best African rapper?

  15. Havilah Casia

    Am cool ,am calm ,am gravy ,,,,,,nasty c lots of love💞💞💞💞

  16. Melissa Markus

    I get goosebumbs listening to you bro. Nasty C you are the best🔥👑💛

  17. Regina Bosslady

    All the way from Dubai ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️🇨🇲

  18. Franky Rooks

    He is cool

  19. lihae ieremia

    This a BOP!!!! Slappin this till the end of time!!
    Much love from Samoa 🇼🇸

  20. Deborah Onsare

    Am inlove with the song,representing from +254

  21. King Figg

    this was ahead of it's time.. rest in peace to soldiers that we lost this year <3


    Zambia loves nasty c..

  23. Yamkela Sindiya


  24. Lil Diffy


  25. Amanda Chiyanja

    I’m cool , I’m calm I’m gravy 😎

  26. lethu Maseko

    ●Strings and Bling and Strings and bling
    ●The peace they bring to me I sing
    ●For peace for peace for love and peace
    ●The streets is deep they need the peace

  27. Orion Lee-Grant Macapella

    This deserves a grammy tbh

  28. Adrian Wiz

    Nasty c iz agood rapper in the world.

  29. Wilson Henrique

    Quem veio pelo vídeo do Leozin deixa o like kkkk

  30. Milton ofissane

    one of the best rapper


    Boss 👏🏾👏🏾

  32. Anda Gqetywa

    Gravy I love this song

  33. Lindiwe Lindylirh

    A big shout to my crushh Nasty his doing thee most 😢❤👑!

  34. Thato Sondach

    Coolest Kid In Africa! period

  35. Japhet Jacob

    Namibia is a beautiful country


    the only dude that made me to listen to hip - hop...he sings with a smile, make your family proud boi

  37. Ngoako Lee


  38. Tashmika moodley

    Nasty c we all support u.
    [ nasty c please make a new song called l love you]

  39. Albert Mpofu

    Personally i think this song was supposed to be on the cover album


    I'm coming for you💀

    Selamumanito005 Selamumanito4manitoselamu17



  41. Siyabonga Maphanga

    Whose that lady 1:40👀😁

  42. Mindless Boi

    Favorite songs with real meaning

  43. Alma Ganes

    i realy lv ur music nasty c and i hope to meet u one day

  44. Ezequiel Santos

    Excelente musica saludos desde Argentina 🤗💪❤️

  45. Akhae Rapudi

    iv herd this like 200 time 10000/1000000

  46. Ntsako.valli Baloyi

    Ti momo

  47. Stop creator

    I am from INDIA..... Really I loved your song.... Love you 😍

  48. Osayuki Esther

    Love from Nigeria🇳🇬

  49. Baun Trapkid

    who else after hitting that weed, you come hear to feel Gravy

  50. Petra Khabes

    i love this song so much , thanx to nasty c

  51. Moses otieno

    i love this song it soo touching love you nasty c

  52. Akem Vanelle

    Join me lets put this song on REPEAT...

  53. Matatias Muulike

    it brings back memories its very emotional

  54. Ralph Maruva

    The best song of this year i swear

  55. Alma Ganes

    i love this song i even listen to it in my sleep

    Alma Ganes

    thts amazing

  56. Letsoisa Tefo

    ❤️love this song

  57. Zenobia Van Wyk

    Nasty C! Respect ya'll

  58. budo boy

    Good boy

  59. tumza tumzabelo


  60. miles montigo

    Bro u gat ur own style no copies ur special

  61. Erick Moree

    dope tracks bro

  62. Zanenhlanhla Teboho

    My king🙌

  63. praise tanatswa royal chimombe

    nasty c is an international superstarr

  64. Lebzito King

    Im drinking some wine while listening to this I’m cool, I’m calm, I’m gravy.

  65. J Mund

    Bouta kill all ya rappers

  66. Rendani Thanyani

    Only hip hop music you can get best message thank you Nasty C



  68. Bollen Mucho

    I am a fan of nasty c
    Subscribe please nasty c
    And comment on my video

  69. lankyinternet computers

    wow so nice

  70. G-dawg fanpage

    Instru sounds super familiar...

  71. Simba Nhira

    You killed it man, you're the best, very simple but powerful....

  72. Nana Trinidad

    I even didn't realize this song coming to an end

  73. Sephora Magbetha

    I'm crying while listening to this song😵😟😍

  74. Irene Toshi

    Nasty c how I like him like if u agree

  75. Mr Cred

    All this time I was looking at the bulge 🤣🤣🤣

  76. Uriah Cummings

    My best rapper Nasty C🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  77. Wise One

    Randomly heard this song in a bar.
    Was *pleasantly* surprised to find out its by Nasty C...

    Nigeria, and Africa STAND UP! 👏💪🔥

  78. xolani selby thobela


  79. Oliver Kpolar Jr

    Nasty C!!!!!!! Keep making Africa proud



  81. Blessed Up 96

    Am high. Just watched now. And am asking was I when this shit was bussed out! Jus saw from his insta performing in Mozambique and it was lit. If music doesn't expire..then that's real music

  82. TheTruthsayer

    Song has a party vibe but the video is bland. Whoever came up with the idea of this video is lost 😂😂😂😂

  83. AJ duba

    nasty i love u for life and u will always be my number one

  84. Amril KE

    yo killing it bro...dope track

  85. tommy charles

    nasty c t the world

  86. Kegomoditswe Mmotlane


  87. Marcia Leee

    Who saw Sammie or was I the only one

  88. Jamaicah Diwinter

    Big chune

  89. Nnaniki Mosweu

    nasty c is awesome