Nasty C - Blisters Lyrics

Welcome to Strings and bling would you like to take a...

I was talking to God like I was talking to my bro
He said I gave you what you need to release your inner glow
I don't know if it was fear but I started feeling cold
Then I pushed myself to do it I found me a piece of gold, yeah

Nine one one what the fuck you too damn dope hands up
You too black too damn ghetto
Strings and blings too many medals
Too much powerful ones zulu man
That's why I'm out here acting a hooligan
I thank God for blessing me ngempumelelo, yeah

When I count my blisters, I count my blessings
Told God I get it
You are now my bestie
Pick me up my bestie
Don't put me down my bestie
Don't put me down my bestie
Don't put me down my bestie

Every scar came with a scandal but it's nothing Jiggy Jigga can't handle
Should I tell you that I never introduce myself?
And it ain't cause I ain't got no manners
Have you ever seen a kid work harder than Nana
I ain't never had no nana
Niggas hating on me cause they don't matter
I'm jiggy Jesus in Balenciaga sandals
Now you know, now you know
I'm a goat on the low, I'm a pimp on the low
But I don't put my hand on a hoe
I've been to hell and back, got colder
I was on the dope skipping class like rope
Every single time I go home
I gotta put something on the stove
Got more motherfucking money it's funny
I let it have a Rolls it was all or nothing
And I be having gold
Lucky number four you got me through the cold
I'm the chosen one I know it I wrote it down in stone
Don't test my patience nigga please
It won't cost much to make you bleed
Watch your tone when you talking to me, yeah
Watch your tone when you...

When I count my blisters I count my blessings
Told God I get it
You are now my bestie
Pick me up my bestie
Don't put me down my bestie
Don't put me down my bestie

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Nasty C Blisters Comments
  1. Phila Lobola

    im a goat on the low

  2. Mohammad Radwan

    How tf he didnt blow up yet i swear this thing right here is the besttttt


    I agree

  3. moh muturi

    Welcome to strings and bling💯

  4. Phathutshedzo Mashavhela

    Like here if u want blisters music video .... If the likes reach 500 nasty c please shoot a music video

  5. Hehehe Fjjddj

    Is Nasty C Muslim I don’t think so but is he?


    he Christian

  6. khulisa nzuza

    #Who is still listening in September 2019 ♥️

    ✊🏽Coolest kid in Africa!!



  8. Elfina Mutema


  9. Prince Mokgapa

    ntwana you are fire. "too much power for one Zulu man"

  10. babongile bhebe

    Have you ever seen a kid work harder thn man up.....😎😎

  11. Becky Ajab

    Still the coolest kid in Africa, am glad we've got the same bestie that makes us mutual friends nasty much love

  12. Erick Ogendo

    Nasty c when are you coming to kenya? i love this jam

  13. Ella Bale

    i gave everything to relse you ener glow

  14. Qwul gyal Rowzie

    pick me up my bestie
    put me down my bestie
    put me down my bestie

  15. phomolicious matlou

    this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. Muller Muller

    Haha too much power for one Zulu man

  17. sihle ngcemu

    2019 i thank god ngempumelelo

  18. Hubert Beat

  19. pretty miss aries

    How can u talk to His like it bro nasty fuck u mxm show GOD respect

  20. Collen Luyanda

    2much power 4 one Zulu man..!!🔥🔥

  21. Zibalule Mdeni

    From now moving on this my favourite Rap song. 🔥👌👐

  22. Moon L


    This comment was written on 11/06/2018

    Edit: fame level
    King: 4 Million views
    Jungle: 1 Million views
    Subscribers: 140'000

  23. Mabedi Thabologo

    Every scar came with a scandal but its nothing Jiggy Jigga can't handle

  24. G moremong

    Nasty music better areece music #qualitywise

  25. Lebogang Sebothe

    2023 who is with me?

    Blossom Tafira


  26. Lefenya Lefenya

    I don't even listen to Nasty but this track.. yoh💣💥

  27. Ilogic _

    911 What the fuck ? YOU too damn dope hands up!!!

  28. Leon Baardman

    South Africa we dope

  29. Tobias Odeny

    Am a kenyan but according to me Nasty C is the best rapper in Africa

    Ndiambani Mammburu

    Thank you

  30. Mange Majola

    best album


    dont listen to nasty much but here wont lie .......... beat got me forgetting how to behave ina meeting wif the managers

  32. Luthando Myezo

    i don't understand he should be our biggest star in S.A not aka and cassper nyovest but keh it is what it is

    Nokubonga Khomo


    Sam Ndaba

    But he is, watchthe space.


    thanks 👍✔😘😚😘😢💞💕💞💕💞💖💖

  34. HypeMogul

    bro u a genius!!Damn

  35. T E B O H O

    Too much power for one Zulu man

  36. Glen Mog


  37. Sakhile Mhlongo

    Too much power for one Zulu man

  38. Musa Dembele

    Uuu uhh uh😎😎

  39. Alvion James

    very motivating song

  40. Zibele Brucie Benu brucie b

    "Should i tell you that i will never introduce myself and that ain't because i aint got no manners" Nasty C is nasty as fuck

  41. Toini Johannes

    oh la la drip that beat

  42. Vlad Sola

    Ohhhh my God 🙏🏽🙏🏽😭😭😭😭best rapper of africa no more man this my favorite song of this album

    Zibele Brucie Benu brucie b

    this sh*t is mad dope bro

  43. 49-KEYS

    "But I count the blisters when I count the blessings
    Like when I would picture
    Mom in the kitchen
    I was a kid then
    It started to kick in".....From his track "Changed"....Nasty a beast

    Zibele Brucie Benu brucie b

    Changed and Blisters are my fav tracks from the guy

  44. lawu sinethemba wallace

    best album of 2018

  45. Acid Chano

    Gang... Gang... Gang... Gang... Gang 🔥🔥🔥

    Dr Crazy

    911 what the fuck?

  46. tbohfela

    Too much power for one Zulu man

  47. Siyanda Sanqela

    I thank God for blessing me ngempumelelo,he really blessed u boi

  48. WARRY the multiTalented

    I aint a laggard buh this guy is dope...whats his name???

  49. MontaG Beatzz

    Click hare if u want Nasty C Givency Instrumental

  50. Clie Slindo


  51. Luthando Myezo

    too much power for one zulu man ❤👌

  52. ColmaX

    The Top Dog. Number 1#.Rap God.Zulu King from the 031. I fear his powers are growing at such a rapid rate that no rapper on the continent of Africa would dare challenge him at the fear of losing by a Mortal Kombat fatality.

  53. mordecai vhengani

    Nasty C .....too much sauce

  54. sanele makhalemele

    niqqa nasty.>...>

  55. free21Emey 92

    did he say . thank god ngeMpumelelo????. wow bro keep on thanking God because we are still here too grindin to get Impumelelo

  56. Keagan Seale

    Too much for a Zulu man???

    beau qwabe

    Keagan Seale too much crown for one zulu man....

    skhululwe majavu

    too much power for one Zulu man...

  57. Lucky boy Sibiya

    godamn hot nasty ting

  58. Mario Popular the kid


  59. Mandy Petersen

    When I count my blisters ooh ooh! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  60. Day Vid Ikevali

    fire alarm went off at the library when played this song

  61. Ndzalama Fortune

    Are you Illuminati ?

    Andreas Amoomo

    I guess he is

    Asanda Simanga

    Ndzalama Fortune Illuminated YES but illuminati affiliated I doubt.

    Trish Trust

    Ndzalama Fortune 😂😂🤣😂

  62. Shane Godi

    i thank God for blessing me 'nGE MPUMELELO"

  63. O'sea middle

    respect to Young king

  64. Rheloaded Lele

    Nasty F'n C

  65. holizwe dlamini


  66. Thabani Erick

    Don't put me down my bestie(×3)☇

  67. Ronny Haneb

    I am unable to can with Nasty C no more. Never a dull moment!

  68. Tumi Mathews

    Love the intro

  69. crazy Just Crazy


  70. SNIPPER1

    beatzzzzzz... Dope!!!!

  71. Lehlohonolo Tlhapi

    Pick me up my bestie 🔥

    Blossom Tafira

    put me down my bestie

  72. Benedictus Zw

    Major respect🔥

  73. Geoger Mono


  74. Geoger Mono


  75. Thabane Mhlongo

    The beat


    beat is the one

  76. Thabo Mopu

    King and blisters 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  77. Mzamo Dlamini