Nashville Cast - Sanctuary Lyrics

Turn the light off, go to bed
Tell me all about the day you had
Lay beside me, it's time to rest
You can close your eyes, you've done your best

Let me be your sanctuary
Let me be your safe place to fall
I can take away your worries
The refuge from it all

All this time
We have together
Is our shelter from the rain
I will share the weight you carry
Let me be your sanctuary

We have weathered through the storms
Taking comfort in each other's arms
When the dark clouds come again
I will lift you up and take you in

Let me be your sanctuary
Let me be your safe place to fall
I can take away your worries
The refuge from it all

All this time
We have together
Is our shelter from the rain
I will share the weight you carry
Let me be your sanctuary

I will share this weight you carry
Let me be your sanctuary

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Nashville Cast Sanctuary Comments
  1. Petar Vuchev

    Today is 23.02.20 23.40pm, I'm on season 1 ep3 (start to watch again my favourite show) time to time I just grab my cell phone and just listen some song from the soundtrack and I still crying like a child on this track, I still don't get it, why they have to take off Rayna from the show, now when I watching again, hope this will be changed. That was a crucial moment for me!!

  2. JessicaJPB

    I showed my mom’s friend this scene after giving her a couple sentences of a synopsis that Rayna had died and this was at her memorial, and 2 seconds into the music starting she was wiping her eyes and my mom ran to get her Kleenex. The power of this scene speaks for itself when someone who has no vested interest in the show is moved to tears. When I watched it for the first time with my parents my mom started to ugly cry when Deacon started singing with Daphne. Everything about this scene is perfection! Maddie’s breakdown, Daphne and Deacon rushing to her side, all of them singing together. This family moment of pure strength and unity epitomizes exactly what Rayna wished for! For Deacon to be the protector and for each of them to help lift each other up and keep moving forward. I can’t with this show! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Joanna Davies

    I was bought here from listening to Lennon Stella I was not expecting to be a blubbering mess today! Thank Youtube! Damn I love that show!

  4. Kelly Thompson

    I mentioned this on another video but I dunno how anyone could've watched S5 ep9 and this one (S5 ep10) without turning into a sobbing mess....the emotions shown, the heartbreak, agony it completely guts you despite it being just a show. These actors & actresses did such an AMAZING job!!

  5. Penny Lane!

    Lol omg this show is terrible! Possibly the worst acting on tv WOW!! Lol

  6. Rebecca Muposhi

    I’m watching this crying so hard ....because I can’t ever imagine losing my mother wow ,very few songs can actually make me cry beautiful. I didn’t even know Rayna died

  7. Donna Olson

    Jesus, I am at work bawling watching this!

  8. Sanphy Phillip

    My god this bring tears in my eyes and broke my heart..😪😪😪😭😭😭

  9. John Pelfrey

    Sounds like everyone singing like they have a frog in their throat! Pure bullshit

  10. Bevin Churchill

    Only halfway thru it, and I'm already a mess. So beautiful

  11. Barry Clanry

    me to

  12. GARY Paul Simon SHAW

    Humanity at its best

  13. Julz

    Honestly this was one of the best shows on television i wished they would have kept it going for a few more seasons.

  14. Catherine S. Todd

    How could they have taken our favorite show off, with such wonderful music? The only thing worth watching and listening to in years. Miss Nashville every day! Thanks for posting.

  15. Michelle Breen

    this song always makes me cry and helps me with my Mom right now could use a lot of prayers for My Mom!!!!!

  16. Portia Lewis-Gray

    - This moment gets me every time. Such a beautiful scene and song! ❤️❤️

  17. WhitePanties

    One of the most beautiful things in this good series. Well done Stella sisters and Charles Esten.

  18. Katie Seeley

    There was no need to make it this sad!😭😭

  19. Emily Jane

    and just look at lennon now whattt

  20. Estelle Hall

    Just a sobbing mess throughout this song

  21. MichelleYourBelle

    I didn’t watch the show but this is incredibly beautiful!

  22. Dawn Texada

    This aired the same week my moma died. Who knew that a television show would give me someone to relate to when I push everyone else away.


    What happened this

  24. Erica H

    Two years and many replays later, this performance gives me goosebumps. The talent in this show is unrivaled. If you are reading this in 2019, check out Lennon Stella’s channel. Your welcome.

  25. Shawn Hare

    It's really a testimony of the sheer perfection of the musical arrangement, the visuals, the timing in direction and editing, and of course the lovely vocals by everyone, because I've no idea of what this movie is, nor the context (it appears to be a tribute to, perhaps, their dead mother?) but I was affected by all of the above. That means everything was executed flawlessly. Bravo.

    Sapphire Mellor

    It's a TV series called nashville

  26. Pernilla Samuelsson

    Can’t still watch this without tearing like a girl

  27. Edd Valdez

    When Scarlett clenched her chest, I felt that.

  28. theAmelie1995

    I can’t watch this without turning into a blubbering mess. So beautiful

  29. rachel hanks

    My mom died a year and 11 months ago and i still miss her this time

  30. Neal Campbell

    I'm not an actor, but if I was and had to make myself cry in a scene, I'd just watch this. I ugly-face starting when Charles Esten wipes away a tear and by the time Lennon joins Charles and Maisy, my whole face is soaked.

  31. btsarmy rinshon

    Is this a movie or a Reality Show....???

  32. Kathy Tyler

    Love love love this performance. Nothing will ever come close

  33. Jenny Lou

    Loved this song so much I covered it! Check it out if you want☺️

  34. Ally Bnvt

    Still crying

  35. A Marie

    This makes me cry every time

  36. Ruby S.S

    God is our refuge and strength

  37. TheOneYouLove

    This makes me ugly cry

  38. terry bowen

    They need a reboot of nashville great show

  39. Sandra Sem

    Rayna 😭

  40. James Millington

    Saw Charles in concert this week and the way he spoke about this scene made it seem like it was completely unplanned for them to go and join Lennon on stage.

    If so it maybe the greatest unplanned scene in any Tv show ever.

  41. thatonebrownkid

    Love every moment of this ❤❤❤😭😭😭😭

  42. Prollydrunk

    LmAo i get about as far as her looking back at her mom😭😭

  43. Em Wilson

    This scene and song still gets me ! Such a sad and beautiful moment 😢

  44. Sailosi Vunivalu

    Beautiful just Beautiful

  45. Erin Redman

    I'm not crying, you're crying 😭

  46. Speed Racer

    Was there. It was sweet. Tough subject matter, but super fun. Yes actually in the audience.

  47. ashley molloy

    Even tho this is a show this hit me in so many ways! I cry every time 😭😭

  48. Autumn Moore

    love this song :)

  49. Alizon Mota-luis

    😭😭😭😭SO BEAUTIFUL😭😭😭😭

  50. Sierra Walker

    I don’t imagine how It would feel like if i had lost my mother

  51. Sierra Walker

    I cried awww poor guys

  52. Tekoa Dumpson

    Still crying right now rewatching this. So beautiful.

  53. Felisha Icha

    What the movie title plz?

  54. Demi Hotmaria

    I don't know why I can't stop crying everytime I listen to the song...very touchable indeed

  55. Nili yepthomi


  56. Angela Iong

    I don’t know what I’m crying about

  57. Angela Iong

    Omg this is like straitght iut if a movie

  58. Lisa Matias

    I think Nashville is sad

  59. Natalyah Rose

    I can’t watch this part of the movie without turning into a sobbing mess

  60. Linda Khadenje

    This song gets me, my happy/sad song if that makes sense

  61. LifeOfCandice

    Well dang...I've never watched an episode and this made me cry.

  62. Daphne Rodingpuii

    When I watch this clip i can't control my tears

  63. Lalrosagi Chawgthy

    This song make me cry

  64. Angela Michele

    How this scene wasn’t nominated IS ASTOUNDING.

  65. Valerie Hopkins

    I just love this show so much. If you’re a country music lover, I would love for you to check out my work. I like to combine genres. I write, sing, and record my own work, as well as create my own videos. I’m trying to find my crowed, so I appreciate you taking any time to check out my work.

    Regina Fowler

    Not really my style of music, but we (my husband and I) watched your video. You are so beautiful and have a wonderful voice. My husband says "Keep going, keep doing what you're're doing a great job". I agree. Now, we are just 'nobodys' but you sounded fantastic, we really enjoyed the video. Good luck with your future....

  66. Ruth Tonsyng


  67. hiatus mode

    Whats the insight story...Anyone can tell me?

  68. Makim Chawngthh

    OMG!!!!! Great Family,,,,

  69. Lalro siam

    What is the story behind?.Very hearttouching indeed..😪😪

    Jamie Nicole

    In the show Nashville the girls mother was a famous singer, when she passed they did this tribute for her.

  70. Danielle Cheran

    People who disliked this are heartless..

  71. Estella Marie Ang

    It still makes me cry.. one of my fave show 😭

  72. Dany Spelera

    Crying so much 😫😫😪😪

  73. Emily Sponder

    Makes me cry everytime

  74. Stephanie Petty

    I just cried uncontrollably

  75. Dörtebeker

    I‘ve never made it through this video without sobbing. It‘s beautiful but so painful to watch.

  76. Das Right

    I can't believe they killed Rayna. I fucking balled so hard. Right when she got with Deacon and everything is good they killed her. Connie Britton is the sweetest actress ever.

  77. Lea Hohl

    I mean it's nie to be able to just come back to this video whenever you feel like you need a good cry.. It get's me every time!

  78. Alex Dion

    anytime I wanna flush my eyes out to clean them I watch this scene, its a no fail

  79. Cristina R. Cris


  80. lroymaxwell

    2 years later and I still sob every time I watch this scene. So realistic, what a great performance.

  81. Beki Hughes

    When all 3 of them start singing at once, 😭😭

  82. Cristina R. Cris

    😍😍😍 amo essa SÉRIE.

  83. Vintage Boy

    She's dead in the real life?

  84. Mizo Tarzan

    1:53 wowww.... Cutting onions

  85. Zoey Smith

    Bawling. 😭

  86. Dylan Vellu

    the fact that i kept having to remind myself that it’s just acting, really shows how amazing they are

  87. DevMag 52

    That is powerful. Family, love, loss.

  88. Souop Lionel

    Goosebumps!! That's what make the difference between actors. When it comes to fall deep in an emotional moment. When I think about the whole show, I think about this scene. How beautiful it is

  89. Shanita Scott

    I started to cry when they all started singing 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  90. Sarah kloé Tremblay

    I cry everytime! :'(

  91. Iamgarrard *

    Again get it Maisy!!!

  92. Susan Webster

    this scene was really around the time I felt Lennon voice hit me for the first time. The emotion in it is everything.

  93. Bethany Bakely

    This whole episode was very emotional.


    I am so sorry for your loss i am a huge fan of nashville and i do nothing but listen to your songs and cry

  95. Annika Jawanda

    I am literally Scarlet during this entire song

  96. Harad - Fantasy Music

    This hit me like a truck !

  97. Z valary Jansen

    First time watching this and can’t stop cry

  98. Luis Cortes

    Just Crying with this

  99. Heidi Jespersen

    I cry every single time I see this scene

  100. a e s t h e t i c s

    My heart melts when Maisy starts singing its so beautiful