Nashville Cast - My Favorite Hurricane Lyrics

I never questioned
Not even once
All of the twists and turns and tumbles
Of our love
So many nights
Down on my knees
Praying to God that you can learn
To forgive me

And underneath the pain
My favorite hurricane

I almost lost you
You may have lost me
You were on the tip of my tongue
In the wind like a kiss on my cheek
But I lost those years
And they've come and gone
I know they still haunt me
Like a lonesome lover's song

But underneath the pain
My favorite hurricane

And all I ever did to you and you ever did to me
Was all we had to do to keep on breathing
Now I see that all along your shadow
Was my only way standing in the light
I fell down, broke all the pieces
Every time you saved me
From coming all undone

And underneath the pain
You're my favorite hurricane

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Nashville Cast My Favorite Hurricane Comments
  1. Dylynn G.Boursaw

    I Like This Song

  2. Da Magic Muffin


  3. Presley Rackham

    huge nashville biggest fan

  4. Sharon .MB

    What was the name of that song at the end when most castmembers finished the song only Rayna had recorded before her death? It's the scene where you can see Rayna on a tv singing and the others sing it along?

    Kristie Leighton

    It is " your mine" season 5

  5. Jessica Elkins

    My husband is so much like deacon it's scary we have been through so much

    Ghost Gene

    Jessica Elkins Hold on to him with everything you've got! You both sound like you're good for each other! You're so very blessed!

  6. x x

    Please if you have Lennon and Maisy - Love Until It Hurts
    Lennon Stella - Beautiful Dream
    Please upload them!!!!! Thank you so much!! Means a lot.

  7. Ryan Palmer

    this will be my wedding song for me and my wife

  8. Jacqueline Boisse

    I remember at the beginning of the series watching Deacon and Rayna sing together at the BlueBird Cafe, "No one Will Ever love You" and it blew me away. I think "My Favorite Hurricane" was the perfect ending song to the current series considering Connie Britton left the show. They were perfect together.


    Jacqueline Boisse agree. At end, the other character couldn't take Raina's place.

  9. sugar skull princess

    im crying right now listening to this thinking that rayna is gone, deacon just got her back. im so pissed that connie britton wanted to leave the show. its fucking stupid killing the MAIN character how will the show ever live up to what it was???

    Wolf Vanagandr

    sugar skull princess I can't even imagine

    Anthony Carrillo

    thank you so much for being a spoiler

  10. michelle thompson

    this is a great song! absolutely love it! so, so sad that (spoiler alert) that Rayna was killed off!!

    Ryan Palmer

    michelle thompson I hope they make it a bad dream

  11. Kaysie Simmons

    love this song by Connie and Charles.. beautiful

  12. Carolina Andreotti

    Hi! Could you put Wide Open ?

  13. deborahkauffman09

    Who is this written by?


    hey Sam Marky who wote this?

    Breanne Miller

    It was written by Jillian Chapman.

  14. Kevin Urtz

    do you have Jonathan Jackson _Eye of The Storm ? if so can u please upload ?

    Sam K

    Kevin Urtz Yeah be up in a few hours

    Kevin Urtz

    Thank you

  15. Alter Nativo

    sencillamente brutaaaal !

    Agus Moro

    Alter Nativo jajajajaja

    Agus Moro

    De dónde sos

  16. sally raner

    Beautiful song...beautiful couple!

  17. Morty Bae

    This makes me miss him so much...such a great song. Reminds me that love isn't perfect. But it sure as hell is worth fighting for.

    Amit Sandori

    Crystal Rico do you think the pain after the love still worth the love?

  18. Rachel Cadelina

    your my favorite hurricane. nice song

  19. Cathy Boleyn

    Love, love, love this song!

  20. Oshra Pahima-Shemesh

    Best Nashville song in years!!

  21. Steve Koehler

    One of the best songs ever. Words can't even describe. Charles and Connie are pure gold together.

  22. Vea Perl

    Love this song

  23. Filigree4591

    Another gorgeous song! Nashville I love you...

  24. Lyndsey North

    thanks for the video