Nascar Aloe - I Don't Dance! Lyrics

There's only one race, the human race
What about NASCAR?
Haha, show yo' titties, bitch (Pussy boy, you heard)
What, you thought I was gon' dance?
You know what the fuck goin' on
Ayy, huh, ayy, huh, ayy, huh, ayy, huh

Bitch, I don't dance (I don't fuckin' dance, I don't fuckin' dance)
Bitch, I don't dance (I don't fuckin' dance, I don't fuckin' dance)
Bitch, I don't dance (I don't fuckin' dance, I don't fuckin' dance)
Bitch, I don't dance (I don't fuckin' dance, ayy, bitch)

I don't rock no Dickies, bitch, I rather rock Ricks (Ricks)
I will chase a chump down and he get popped with chopsticks (Grra, grra)
Ayy, I look up at the sky and it's dark than a bitch (Dark)
'Cause I slide in the night if they wanna talk shit, bitch
Ayy, these pussy boys dancing, just like they was at prom (Haha)
I was raised by my dad, bitch, I barely see my mom (Yeah, yeah)
And you know I keep a bad bitch, my head in her thong
Boy, you out here smokin' average, I'm smokin' on that strong (Bitch)
Cage me, free me, release me (Yeah)
When I'm in the mosh, beat him down till he bleeding (Yeah)
Bitch, I'll take your spot, cut you off, I'm deleting
Ain't no fuckin' goth, I'm a God, I'm the deity (Ayy)
I don't fuckin' dance, ho, I like to fist fight
Gucci bag from Japan and it's filled with zip ties
Get as far as you can when it hit midnight
I ain't no regular man, bitch, I'm exorcist-like, yeah

Bitch, I don't dance (I don't fuckin' dance, I don't fuckin' dance)
Bitch, I don't dance (I don't fuckin' dance, I don't fuckin' dance)
Bitch, I don't dance (I don't fuckin' dance, I don't fuckin' dance)
Bitch, I don't dance (I don't fuckin' dance, ayy, bitch, bitch)

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Nascar Aloe I Don't Dance! Comments
  1. Little Abdi

    didnt move an inch

  2. SupR_T0oxiToZz


  3. Endi Bytyqi

    Step 1 : write an simple and nasty lyric
    Step 2 : make a "beat" by just adding some 808s
    Step 3 : yell while ur readin the lyrics

    Its done , easy and hard

  4. eXecuted

    Litteraly just distorted shit

  5. Lil_Chubie Panda

    500 cause 499 bothered me xd

  6. kobe6k

    Is it weird that I got my first kiss to this song, Don't regret it...

  7. Abbie Needham

    There is only one race: the human race. What about NASCAR!?

  8. Born


  9. LT Lyrics

    I don't dance. I BOOGIE!

  10. Young Blade

    This song makes me want to tell dance to not me

  11. Benjamin Duhs

    I swear to god nascar aloe is def my new fave artist

    The Third Hokanye

    Benjamin Duhs I stg bro, I legit cannot stop listening to this man’s music

  12. Farai J

    I thot u didnt dance cause of all the eyes lookng at your hair

  13. toneasyy

    0:08 “whatchu thought i was the old X?”


    He actually said “whatchu thought I was gon’ dance?”

  14. Lil_ Spoonslime20

    On 0:18 when ur grandma tell u to dance

  15. Fxrget —

    People sleeping on this man he the next wave🌊🔥

  16. Isabella Brumana

    NASCAR aloe i don’t DANCE

  17. Jones Cater

    Fuxk u bru

  18. Marc The Cameraman

    I would like to see NASCAR ALOE do a track with Da Baby.

  19. Electric Anims

    my guy straight up, said "Show yo titties." no flirting no shit.

  20. Boku na Des - ka

    he doesn't dance

  21. KG KG

    Moshpit for song would be insane

  22. Joga_na_minha_ blunt

    Eu não danço

  23. ッ_IceBoi_ッ

    Watch this get stolen by tik Tok


    Those cringey ass white girls ain’t touching nascar’s music


    That would be a terrible fate

  24. Wille Vuokila

    Take it fuckin easy man

  25. Lil Noisey

    make music vid

  26. Aiden games

    WhAt aBoUt NaScAr

  27. Trap Stars

    woooooowooooo! NICE!

  28. Ronnie Rogers

    Bitch I do dance lmfao

  29. sabbith.

    0:17 when u don’t dance


    sabbith. Damn this really facts

  30. sunnbluee

    Who else hitting the woah to this?

  31. NASA

    He’s the whitest ever but raps better then black rappers so I allow you the n pass

  32. datgui p

    Yo fr havent fought in a while but would love to throw hands no beef with nascar

  33. Alex B.

    Who gives a fuxk when you hear him/ feel him. His shit is hard I can feel it in my chest, releases the anger inside me... my favorite energy since X

  34. Bimbo

    everybody talkin bout dababy suge this is a punk remix of that

  35. Aleem cs


  36. Aleem cs

    this shit is fire

  37. Henny 'z'

    Played this in Church

    It burned down

  38. eXDee Mythic

    Since we cant dance. we mosh.

  39. Noctis S. Gohan

    Looked up in a guy he fart den he SHIT

  40. Noctis S. Gohan

    I don't ride no chickies of they don't got DICKS

  41. Noctis S. Gohan

    HA HA show yo titties PUSSY BOI u kno what the fuck going on homogang

  42. The Survive

    I don’t rock no dickies bitch I rather rock RICKS

  43. ps3eroom

    Женщина я не танцую

  44. Zoide

    Bitch I don’t dance

  45. Animextra

    "I look outside its darker than a bitch"

  46. YRB Caps

    Play at 2x XD 😂

  47. Xfin3se

    "Show yo tittys bitch" 🤣🤣

  48. SheHxteMe


  49. YRB Caps

    I’m a Christian and like this..

    Emmanuel Leon

    eK xTrify same man. This is inevitable.

  50. ᴋɴɪꜰᴇネキ王

    no one:
    Nascar Aloe: 0:05

  51. Lil Pigèon x Lil Fish

    Bruh I’m a NASCAR fuck the hoomans

  52. NiceParker

    I love when a song starts out with " show yo titties bitch"

  53. Nal Ty

    0:58 sound Like sinizter



  55. journalsfromdavid

    i smell the meme mashup to this

  56. TN Surge

    Okay class partner up we’re gonna learn to salsa dance!

    Me: 0:17



  58. Kam100g86-_-YT

    Show yo titties

  59. Mlv

    Big Shaq: Man not dance

    Nascar Aloe: I don't dance


    What about Nascar? 🙏😂😂😂

  60. mno

    Love that intro sample

  61. Nicroback 472

    afourteen hopped on this

  62. WuZzLe

    I can’t even dance to this

  63. Roman Glodowski

    Angelica’s doll Cynthia had a sex change and turned emo / punk/rapper ..

  64. nah

    i love this

  65. A.C.E Aha

    I Love the way you say NASCAR im dyinggggg this Shit is attraktiv as fuckkkkk 🆘🆘🆘


    I don't dance too

  67. friedrich von martens

    hoe i like to fist fight

  68. Omid

    Bitch i don't dance

  69. PROD. BY KIRA888

    Your IQ
    Number of likes on this coment
    ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ)

  70. Zvarai Smith

    This shit makes me wanna dance, talk about irony

  71. K9ineRiver YT

    Theres only one race the human race but what about Nascar

    Ahhhhhh yelling loud asf

  72. Julian Garibay

    Whoe evere says these are screams 😂 youre wrong this is just shooting no vocals at all😂

  73. glass planet

    I clicked on this expecting indie punk or hardcore punk but ok


    This is basically punk

  74. Very Absurd

    The only song I can listen to when I’m really mad

  75. 3KDEDE

    he remind me of a men version of rico nasty but more metal

    The Third Hokanye

    Him and Rico would make for a very interesting duo

  76. Phoenix Orosco

    0:18 when my friends say why I don't go to school dances

  77. ToeJuice Bob

    bro how many bottles of gel does he have to use for each spike

  78. Stagg

    S U C K M Y T I T T I E S ! !

  79. Nobody

    1.25x Speed and it still bangs

  80. menacing_blur

    Here before 1 mil♥️

  81. Z3ro

    🔪🔪🔪MOSH PIT🔪🔪🔪

  82. YogloSZN

    That tiktok meme in the beginning legit made me think a tiktok ad was playing


    it's a vine..


    @Galaxi it's also on TikTok smartass


    @YogloSZN it's a vine that's on tiktok

    how does that mean it's a tiktok meme? lol wtf


    @Galaxi it's still on TikTok and it's a meme. Don't have to originate from vine so stfu.

  83. martha martha

    i need that song at my funeral

  84. Mason Juarez

    👹🤙FIST FIGHT 🤘👹🤘666

  85. Is that iFinnesedYew

    My mom: why you beeing shy go out there
    Me: i dont dance

  86. Harold Kumar

    Fucking awful

  87. Omar Rito

    ~~Bitchh don't dance~~

  88. Josean Thompson

    Why my nigga hair look like the spikes on GODZILLA back. Im dead.

  89. DAOUTLET OFFICIAL that’s mosh music?

  90. VexWinters

    My Face Has Melted

  91. Not in use Channel

    There has to be a music video that's just him breaking a house

  92. tfrancis 45

    He's NASCAR who are you? 🤔

  93. carmenxo

    watch this shit become a dance challenge he gon be pissed the fuck off

  94. carmenxo

    damn here before 1 mil views!

  95. Shitty Rexx

    D O P E as my fuckin DicK 🔥

  96. Zane MacRabie

    Sid from toy story finally made something of himself

  97. Chuckieboy

    The hook on this shit is hard af. Could have Been a fuckin gem fr

  98. Not in use Channel

    Girl: let's dance. me: *plays this song*


    😂😂this comment made my day


    Not in use Channel simp activity


    Bitch I don't dance!