Nascar Aloe - Genocide Lyrics

Do people still use BlackPeopleMeet? (Y'all already know what the fuck going on! Bitch, I'm Nascar, who are you?)
I wanna know, I wanna make an account
Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh

Fiber optics, watch where you walkin'
'Cause they stalkin', they heard what you talkin'
Ain't no option, so I'm stayin' cautious
It ain't stoppin' till I'm in my fuckin' grave
Fiber optics, watch where you walkin'
'Cause they stalkin', they heard what you talkin'
Ain't no option, so I'm stayin' cautious
It ain't stoppin' till I'm in my fuckin' grave

I still fuck bitches off Christian Mingle
Could give a damn if she isn't single
All bout my chips, ho, I'm Mr. Pringle
Wanting a choice is a dirty needle
I got a fetish of hurting people
I'ma be honest, we aren't equal
Compare me to you, you the lesser evil
Paint the room red, I won't need an easel
Pain in my fuckin' brain, I think I need saviors
They keep sayin' my name, I'll pull up with lasers
Lames workin' for the fame, I work for the paper
He don't want no fuckin' smoke, we turn him into vapor
I wanna mosh and shit
Fist-fuck, go and knock a bitch
Wrist cuts on my carcasses
Sick fuck, I'm a narcissist
Rich fuck, gonna off this kid
Big bucks with the offerings
On my soul 'cause I'm off the shit
Sucks toes when I got your bitch
Fuck foes, finna off this shit

Genocide (Yeah, fuck), genocide
Genocide (Yeah), genocide
Genocide (Fuck), genocide (Alright)
Genocide (Fuck), genocide (Yeah)

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Nascar Aloe Genocide Comments
  1. Yokaiskii

    fiber optic, watch where you walkin

  2. SupR_T0oxiToZz


  3. Reggie Garcia


  4. lucy

    yo nathan


    how’s ur mallet


    prestige and his mallet

  5. fuckyou

    hardest shit oh my fuck

  6. Huncho Tee

    You’re not black

  7. Sniffy Beats


  8. N0t Yuki

    Ayee I heard this song when he was teaching us fags how to form liberty spikes

  9. Goat AdrianYT

    0:03-0:09 wtf?😂

    Betsy Pagan

    *odd noises intensifies*

  10. Hannah Mihaela

    beat slapped harder than my mom

  11. NiceParker

    The part where he sings GENOCIDE😳😳😳

  12. Itwillneverend -


  13. pringl

    Nigga sounds like the "Hostile spy plane inbound" guy

  14. very rare

    he gon blow up

  15. ernesto avalos

    Here before it hits mainstream 🔥

  16. Alen Pandiella

    Un Comentario en Español?
    No hay nadie
    Pues me muero solo

    Emmanuel Leon

    Alen Pandiella holaaaa

    Alen Pandiella

    @Emmanuel Leon vamoooo
    Poneme ese cumbion...

  17. Based Evil

    XXL 2020/2021. We need a guy screaming on the cyphers


    Holy fukk When i listen 2 this i think of complete beauty in the hands of god

  19. noname

    up next

  20. Mihovil


  21. Frank

    But was he singing in the bathroom?


    Fucking love this banger !!!🔥🔥

  23. Xzavier Hardin

    Sounds like a ski mask flow


    Nascar my favorite shit to play now pissed sad happy whenever.shit makes me wanna fight 😈😈😈👊✊💯🔥🔥🔥

  25. 7SICKO


  26. Ima Pullya

    Aye somebody needs 2 bring deicide vocal 2 it

  27. Z3ro


  28. Oh Gythalize

    All about my chips so im Mr.Pringle.

  29. Emmanuel Leon

    Best nascar song hands down

  30. Davier Pinkston

    Shit goes hard

  31. Kzrtel

    he dont want no fcking smoke we turn him into vaper

  32. Emmanuel Leon

    This is gon be worldwide

  33. Original Gutta

    This shit turnt 😭😭

  34. CultLeaderBambi Alpha

    Yeeee leaving a comment before I see my friend group blowing this up

  35. Victor Zsasz

    Why i never leave a comment. Fucc.

  36. Yassine Hd

    Niggas : white can’t raps
    Nascar : what did you say?

  37. qyyu

    thanks 4 the views, uploaded this on the wrong acc lmao

    down fall

  38. v6id

    NASCAR coconut juice

  39. sgt. peppers


  40. X Fan


  41. Caleb James

    Hard af🔥🔥😤🙏

  42. Tommy Oliver

    gen inside 🦠

  43. Good Kid

    Y’all all bots this dude recorded with a toaster that was thrown in a bathtub and the beat sounds like my nutsack at 2 am


    its just the mixing style. its common in trap metal to throw distortion on the master track. besides hell only get better at mixing his own beats as time progresses. just needs a bit of eq

  44. Clouton



    I'm your moma


    Xbox nigga

  45. Isaiah Dupuy

    This song butters my bread 🍞

  46. Nate Higgers

    This dude go hard

  47. Juan Alvarado

    This shit tight

  48. Santiago Nicolas Santillan


  49. Juan Ramirez

    0:02 do people still use black people meet.......i wanna know i wanna make an account. GOT ME DEAD XD

  50. H35 wwa


  51. young monra

    Bix im nascar who r u

  52. wrong think

    up next

  53. Hazzan Bishop

    Vrodie Hard Asl

  54. Doo doo Arash

    Or deaf

  55. Doo doo Arash

    Or dead lol

  56. Doo doo Arash

    I listened to this then listened to take a step back I’m now death

  57. name unavailable in your country

    Here before he blows up

  58. ALFA

    Here before the groupies or the dicksuckers




    They gon be like "when he said i got a fetish for hurtin people i felt that 😔👊"

    Blake Botts

    ALFA bro lowkey they’ve been here a while

  59. Jude Lucero


  60. Z3ro

    There is only one race the human race.. What about NASCAR

    Ian Williams

    Stop posting this shit every god damn video it's annoying


    Ian Williams fr

  61. FienX

    This man is gunna blow up

  62. Adrian .7w7


  63. 900and1Vidz

    Nascar aloe will blow up soon!

  64. 900and1Vidz

    Here before he blows up!

  65. Nascar Aloe

    igot a nascar playlist!! he go hard.

    name unavailable in your country

    Nascar Aloe SAME BRO

  66. dove

    he goin up omm

    Nascar Aloe

    i got a nice nascar playlist

  67. HarshTalker

    Just making my mark before he becomes mainstream

    Nascar Aloe

    i got a nice nascar playlist


    Their crack heads now


    i fw this heavy but idk if this can be mainstream

  68. Daiqo

    I will click this video so many times to get it to 1m views

  69. Zeeki

    Oooooo dis fire af that beat too much nascar you overdone it


    Cameron Mckenzie it’s perfect just not use to this shit

  70. Daiqo

    Big fye. Been here before the blow up

    Joshua Vick

    wrong think y’all are type of dudes that will be hating on Nascar a year from now saying he “changed” just cause he blew up


    Joshua Vick ur a fag

    wrong think

    @Joshua Vick Nope, if we're being real, I'm the type to find artists before they blow up and occasionally brag about the fact that I did.





  71. SLaughingJack SFlapJack

    This needs to blow up

  72. Jason Andrews

    A fetish for hurting people?


    Nice camel toe

    Future Trunks

    @Jason Andrews on you sun weird shit


    That pfp i-

    N0t Yuki


  73. Tosuaw

    Fire vocals 💯🔥