Nascar Aloe - Amber Alert Lyrics

[Nascar Aloe:]
Ha ha, yes
Yes, I am Nascar, bitch
I'm you, who are? I'm- hey (I fucking lost my line)
How that shit go again?

I ain't no snitch
I don't tattle
Snakes among you
If you listen they rattle, uh
I shoot you down like a jackal
Bitch, I'm a devil
Can't go in the chapel, uh
I smoke him down like tobacco
I mix the rick with the fantasy castle, uh
Pussy, you don't want to battle
Yo bitch in here riding me like a saddle
Let, let two
Shooting him down
And I gotta aim like-oh
Couple of thousand, you better pay me, uh
Bitches as loud as about a KD, uh
Shawty, a groupie
She wanna rape me, uh
I'm smoking my weed, no bitch
I'm facing, uh
When I'm on the beat, I feel like Tay Keith, uh
Bitch, I am Nascar
But I'm not racing uh
Yes sir
Yes sir
I made a messer, messer
25 liners on my dresser (dresser)
Ay, I walk in, class in
I say fuck yo lecture
Let this.40 bust him
R.I.P. professor, aye
I think I need me a succubus, bitch
But I don't have a soul (don't have one, whoa)
My shit get so [?]
Suck on this dick, it prolly show my cult
Shawty wanna eat me up
Early morning like some cheese in the bowl
She told me "Nascar, I love you"
I told her "Bitch, sorry. I don't"

[DJ DollaMenu:]
You was a opp
Now you obsolete
R.I.P. we'll let you rot in peace
Shawty a eater, so I cannot keep her
I'll let her thot in peace
I keep it greasy like Socrates
Say she wan' kick it like soccer team
Never mind, she got a man
Nigga, you still gon' hit?
She eat the dick like a cannibal
Nickname her 'Hannibal'
Suck me like Danimals
Stretching her manimals
She use to lick me
I rode like a boat
Now when I her she bust it open like can elope (Woo)
Off when they see me
I'm built like an animal
That's why I keep my passport at your attainable
These cops is brazy, hoes are my babies
And the president's fucking up, too on the symbol
K in the case if I clean, I say "Wife is no"
I put the hex in your ex, like it's body cold
[?] said it's body flow
Giving my tracks and nobody ain't gotta know
Yeah, that mamacita spicy, just like jalapeno
Remember that dick til it dough like a zomino
She say that she wanna live by my [?]
Cause I got my own, it feel like a [?]

Me, no
That's not yo [?] -tal (uh-huh)
Pull out, sold yo den-tal
Don't care bout yo wrist- (nope) -froze
I still floss with your re-nal
It's not yo [?] (ah, yeah)
Pull out, sold yo den-tal
Don't care bout yo wrist-froze
I still floss with your re-bro (Bitch!)

Yeah, that was fun... can-can we do it again?

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