Nas - One Mic Lyrics

[speaking softly, gradually getting louder]
One time.. yeah.. yeah..

Yo, all I need is one mic, one beat, one stage
One nigga front, my face on the front page
Only if I had one gun, one girl and one crib
One God to show me how to do things his son did
Pure, like a cup of virgin blood; mixed with
151, one sip'll make a nigga flip
Writin names on my hollow tips, plottin shit
Mad violence who I'm gon' body, this hood politics
Ackowledge it, leave bodies chopped in garbages
Seeds watch us, grow up and try to follow us
Police watch us {*siren*} roll up and try knockin us
One knee I ducked, could it be my time is up
But my luck, I got up, the cop shot again
Bus stop glass bursts, a fiend drops his Heineken
Richochetin between the spots that I'm hidin in
Blackin out as I shoot back, fuck gettin hit! [more sirens]
This is my hood I'ma rep, to the death of it
'til everybody come home, little niggaz is grown
Hoodrats, don't abortion your womb, we need more warriors soon
Sip from the star sun and the moon
In this life of police chases street sweepers and coppers
Stick-up kids with no conscience, leavin victims with doctors

[whispering again]
Yo, all I need is one mic..
All I need is one mic.. that's all I need
All I need is one mic.. all I need niggaz
All I need is one mic.. yeah

[gradually getting louder]
All I need is one blunt, one page, and one pen
One prayer - tell God forgive for one sin
Matter fact maybe more than one, look back
at all the hatred against me, fuck alla them
Jesus died at age 33, there's thirty-three shots
from twin glocks there's sixteen apiece, that's thirty-two
Which means, one of my guns was holdin 17
Twenty-seven hit your crew, six went into you
Everybody gotta die sometime; hope your funeral
never gets shot up, bullets tear through the innocent
Nothin is fair, niggaz roll up, shootin from wheelchairs
My heart is racin, tastin revenge in the air
I let the shit slide for too many years, too many times
Now I'm strapped with a couple of macs, too many nines
If y'all niggaz really wit me get busy load up the semis
Do more than just hold it explode the clip until you empty
There's nothin in our way - they bust, we bust, they rust, we rust
Led flyin, feel it? I feel it in my gut

[whispering again]
All I need is one mic.. that's all I need, that's all I need
All I need is one mic.. there's nuttin else in the world
All I need is one mic.. that's all a nigga need to do his thing y'know
All I need is one mic..

[starting loud this time, getting quieter]
Or wanna see me on top, too egotistical
Talkin all that slick shit, the same way these bitches do
Wonder what my secrets is, niggaz'll move on you
only if they know, what your weakness is I have none
Too late to grab guns I'm blastin cause I'm a cool nigga
Thought I wouldn't have that ass done? Fooled you niggaz
What you call a infinite brawl, eternal souls clashin
War gets deep, some beef is everlastin
Complete with thick scars, brothers knifin each other
up in prison yards, drama, where does it start?
You know the block was ill as a youngster
Every night it was like a, cop would get killed body found in the dumpster
For real a hustler, purchased my Range, niggaz throwin dirt on my name
Jealous cause fiends got they work and complain
Bitches left me cause they thought I was finished
Shoulda knew she wasn't true she came to me when her man caught a sentence
Diamonds are blindin, I never make the same mistakes
Movin with a change of pace, lighter load, see now the king is straight
Swellin my melon cause none of these niggaz real
Heard he was, tellin police, how can a kingpin squeal?
This is crazy, I'm on the right track I'm finally found
You need some soul searchin, the time is now

All I need is one mic.. yeah, yeah yeah yeah
All I need is one mic.. that's all I ever needed in this world, fuck cash
All I need is one mic.. fuck the cars, the jewelry
All I need is one mic.. to spread my voice to the whole world

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  1. Joanna Szeterlak


  2. Lucas van Onna

    On this 1g of pure Peruvian I gotta say I need another. However, I think this 1 mic hit the snare...

  3. Felipe1997

    Emicida - essa é pra você primo

  4. thebesttheworst

    I was there then ... and I'm here now

  5. Newtronboy

    NAS is a living Legend and Greatest Rapper Of All Time, He's rapping since the starting of Hip-Hop when Rap was not so famous when Rap was hated and not accepted He's still Rappin' like a Boss.
    #NastyNAS #GOAT #NasirJones

  6. Trevor Logan

    One of the best songs of all time! Whos bumping 2020!

  7. Energy Fred


  8. Abe Cruz

    One of the best rappers alive hands down

  9. Zach Lokilow

    I like Nas I'm white I have struggles .....crazy right .

  10. Justin manna

    this song is raised me

  11. Rory Obrien

    This video has 17m views compared to the garbage new rap videos/music having 1B+ vids.. If you want one example of how the thoughts of the young are changing/deteriorating, this is it.

  12. Robert Villalpando


  13. Federico Gemin

    The uncensored version in much better

  14. Ferrari on the straights

    censoring swear words in old school rap songs should be a global level 3 crime.

  15. Chill Ebony



    Peace the way of lives are amongst us and see the c , yet the being cannot be arrested assured and not to be placed with low self esteem, said in my dreams, please dweeb, nerd, herb, you freaking dot, you came from a clot, yet ye perceive it not nor know it not!!! Angry as hell, and not pardoned on the way to the way I feel. They need me to go, think I bump it rough or slow, with humbleness, and low ego! Self spatter the on going truth, got mad messages for the youth, to do school, and learn and be, develop self towards an economically sound. They don't nor didn't want me to be around!!!

  17. David Lynch

    Real rapping at it's finest... who agrees that Nas is the real deal

  18. Bryan Carrasquillo

    2020 and beyond

  19. Valencia Laws

    Ah God ❤

  20. Lenny Coco

    2020 the clean version still wack. Song classic thou


    Muh fuqn beat and lyrics cold as ice

  22. B FLY

    Had to play this like let me listen to some real hip hop✊🏾. 2020 we still here💯🙏🏾

  23. Godchild s

    One mic. For 2020 who wit ya boi

  24. The Crook

    Nastynaz! Lol good song but I like #immortaltechnique and #vinniepaz and #diabolic and #necro and #illbill and #jedimindtricks and #ratheruggedman and #madchild they can all hang in 2020!

  25. trudon

    2021 we need threematic


    *Nas is the hip hop Phil Collins*

  27. imanual mahida

    Never sell your soul I learned it from nas realest gangster till date in game

  28. Enmanuel Hiraldo


  29. Enmanuel Hiraldo

    🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🙏💣💥💀💭😱😈🌋👹👹👺👏🥇🤯🕹🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☠ uffff Best one mic

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    2020 baby Still H$t Fire ✨👍

  31. Jiny M.

    Damn.......So many memories❤️ #positivemusic

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  33. J. Denz

    2020 anyone?

    Stop these anyone comments and enjoy this masterpiece.


    2020 still jamming with this

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    2020 anthem

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    Got them Cartier’s #DetroitShit

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    shit goes hard

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    Audio art

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    Still listening 2020 🙌🏾🔥💯

  39. Olamide Israel

    Dis song is one of my best,nas d GOAT.Happy new year(2020)

  40. Dajvn ey

    I wasn't born in these times but I know what's better for my soul


    Wasn't born? Man I'm old

  41. Brandon Mclean

    Shamar max b Charlie nasir Jones craige Hassan beamon wvgc Berkeley terrace apt 7b San Francisco 103rd grove street Dallas cowboys cmg 17 to 34 January 26 1985 new York jets my team ebk my g day 126 85 soxymcmb boys Raleigh n.c

  42. Mr.GoodFriday

    StillMatic and Nastradamus my favorite albums. I hope we can try to emulate music similar to this goat in the future 🐐

  43. KurmanKipkeevMF

    Illmatic, Stillmatic forever

  44. Jeremy Miller


  45. Jeremy Miller


  46. My 44 Face-Off

    Please someone comment me , what Jacket Nas got on ?

  47. big bank

    Only 17million views wow...they have no clue I was born in 81 and schooled to the game wise born peace nas my big bro...

  48. sheldon williams

    The time is now✊🏾👁️

  49. gabrielle wickware

    Balluh Predictions will help legends feel loved and ease there soul QB ill will roc a fella bad boy deathrow

  50. Jhordan Haliburton

    Crazy, the feeling I get from this song has never changed since the early 2000’s

  51. Chris Jones London UK

    Who's here Christmas 2019!... 🔥💯 Love Nas 🏆

  52. Haroon G.C

    Still One Mic 2019

  53. Wes Fuz

    2019 CHRISTMAS TERROSTIS that Cause HARM iof Torture in Terrorism Child, Children PLACE, Hospital, or even run OVER regular Pedestrians back to back year's and year's and year's and year's Intentionally on planning and STRATEGIC in TERROSRISM against 🇺🇸 in AMERICA,,,

  54. Ty Alston

    Artist: Nas
    Song: One Mic
    Album: Stillmatic
    Release date: December 10, 2001
    Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
    Year: 2000-2001
    Labels: Columbia Records
    Director: Hype Williams

  55. Nicolas Lock

    Escutem o remix do Amiri !!!!

  56. Mbeya Conscious

    Still watching this 2019 is 🔥 🔥 🔥


    This man got hip hop propped up hard ✊🏾👑

  58. Kou

    This Song Had So Much Pac And Outlaw Influence The Flow The Beat And How He Started Going And So Much Soul

  59. James Hott

  60. Stephen Atibalentja

    All I need is 1 Win! ~ SA, 2019-12-17 👍

  61. Bonnie Maynard

    what do you think I am fighting for?? just b/c I watch something does not mean anything and also I will probably not be attending that place anymore b/c I can not even speak to that man thank you very much team work makes the dream work #bonniemaynard I do not want to bother the people that are busy all the time or act like they could care less I am FRIENDS with everyone and would rather be friends with anyone around versus having anyone think any different. Talk to me ask me I will gladly tell you anything and would rather tell you #bonniemaynard #onelove

  62. Whiterun Gaurd

    Am I the only one that came here from watchdogs and doesn't care what the song is about.

  63. Ricardo Hamilton Jr

  64. DECAY

    Dripping some🥃🥃for the old g,s this young bucks don't know about real music only bars without being a sell out

  65. Stephon Flame

    He gave his music with no effort. An now u can really appreciate it. He was ahead of his time. An we were 2 witness ( b thankful)

  66. Stephon Flame

    Super Classic! This dude ..........

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    This was a period in rap history, when most rappers were trying to make themselves look like they're Jesus, or something.

    They did.

  68. Arturs Auzins

    Nas is one of my favorite Hip Hop artists, but Sticky Fingaz needed no mic, lol

    P.S. 'Cause it was outlined in chalk by the lyrical assault

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    Julius bandy

    One Mic

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    Right here right now 12:16am

    Fresh !

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    a real Classic

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    Is someone going to mention me and the TRUTH some time or just rip me off endlessly

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    Nas is lyrically and poetically one of the greatest of all time hands down.

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    hardest lyrics to ever been written the goat this is what you call real hip hop and bars🙏🏼💯


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    I actually like the censored version more:

    "See my name in the hieroglyphs...parables written inside of papyruses."

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    When put they anger into music! Ppl could relate

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