Nas - Braveheart Party Lyrics

[Intro (Nas)]
Yeah... ay yo Jungle... ay yo Wiz...
Come on man... Let's do this
It's a Braveheart party y'all

[Chorus (Mary)]
Throw your hands up cuz we wanna dance
Don't be afraid just take a chance
Cuz this beat will rock your body
Get up on the floor and party
Now y'all tell me what y'all wanna do
Thinkin' while I have a drink or two
Throw your hands up everybody
Get up on the floor and party

[Verse 1 (Nas)]
I move at night, respect my gangsta
Ready for whatever you bring, the mood is right
The club is righteous, tight with family
Squeezin on big old bubbles with no panties
Ladies who's sexually free
And once in a while live on the wild side, kinky & nasty
Middle fingers up and say "Fuck the world"
Throw your hands up, they can't fuck with you girl
And my fellas, two time felons, two nine tote and lethal
Quick to leave you wide open, if you gettin' tore down
Blowin' a blunt cloud, and the DJ's makin' you feel thugged out
Put yo hands up

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2 (Jungle)]
I pull in a V12 drop all red
Look at ma with that cat paw tat on'er leg
Come here girl can I kiss you, let me lick you
Show you what your body made for, you're official
You could be my baby mama lookin like that
What you drink, champagne or Cognac
What you like dancin diamonds, Dolce Gabbana
Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada
A nigga like Jungle to always come thru
Shine in yo hood whenever the fuck you want to
Cause I'ma B.R.A.V., E.H.E.A.R.T. from QB
Put'em up...

[Repeat Chorus]

Party all night (Party all night)
Let's drink, no fights (Let's drink, no fights)
Party all night (Whachu wan' do?)
Let's drink, no fights (Drink up...c'mon, yeah, yeah...)

[Verse 3 (Wiz)]
I'm blaze, haze for days
Blackout thinkin' of ways to get paid
Mac out corner I got it's all laid
Shorty, with a nice round ass in my face
Now do she want me to touch her?
Or do she want me to see?
Fuck is she comin wit me
A true BHG Wiz, not complex
Chin checks if it get hectic
Nigga Braveheart respected
Get bent at the bar, talk shit, walk it
And if I can't talk it, the false big cop a case
I'm here to blaze, roll up a dutch and take it to the face
Throw yo hands up

[Repeat Chorus 2X]

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Nas Braveheart Party Comments
  1. AR.ZPoint

    I mean even Nas didn’t like this song

  2. Thomas Sanchez

    Songs like this is what gave Jay-Z more Firepower then he was supposed to have during their battle dayz. Nas is still better though but yeah this song is sort of trash

  3. ToneTone


  4. Mcnugget Man

    There is no redemption for this trash lmao. Anyone who sits in this comment cesspool and say they like this trash should be bullied relentlessly.

  5. Octavia Flowers

    Jungle suck and wiz

  6. BNKD Society

    Wtf Nas

  7. Sluggz McGee

    I bought the Stillmatic cd when it first dropped and this joynt was on it. I loaned it to a friend to dub it and he moved away and took it with him. Several months later, when I bought a new copy, Braveheart Party wasn't listed. I have no idea why.


    Mary J made him remove it. He didn't get permission to use her vocals.

  8. ChronosJG

    Nas is the goat, but I'm sorry the features were weak versus.

  9. My way or the highway king

    This shit almost fucked up the album. Anyway, stillmatic is a classic but this is one of the worst track that Nas ever made .

  10. Daniel Uda

    This song almost made me dislike stillmatic. I never knew there was a second pressing. The most useless song by nas and mary j, sure they were on mary jane

  11. Trey winn7n

    Being this wasn’t on the 2nd pressings of stillmatic I wasn’t aware of this record
    My initial thought hearing it tho..
    this sounds like a bootleg swizz record ,like someone’s duplicating his sound
    Did some research and in fact he produced this 😂😂

    Swizz probably played nas all the $1000 beats
    Disrespectful 😭

  12. Brooklyn Panther 2019

    Mary J Had this Song Pulled and Remove off the Album

  13. Rudy S

    First pressing of stillmatic - 4 1/2 mics
    Second pressing of stillmatic - 5 mics

  14. milwaukeerican5

    I bought stillmatic the day it dropped and i dont remember this being on there... and i know why now

  15. Emmanuel Mosoti

    I had the CD with this on.

  16. Allan WATP

    wtffffffff I'm so happy this wasn't on the euro cd lol

  17. I Phone

    Lol i see why Mary asked nas to take this off the album

  18. Landon Butler

    Say what you will about this song but this album is a classic

  19. Raw Loke

    My shit!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. madpuppet

    The nadir of Nasir.

  21. sadetwizelve

    I HATED beats like this so much!

  22. Andrew Flood


  23. Sluggz Mcgee

    Sounds like a Swizz Beats production.

  24. Clive Dishon

    haha mary j was so embarrassed by this song that he requested nas to remove it from the album

  25. rahsaan hill

    Swizz beats.

  26. joseph Ivernel

    this is so thrash i got a giggling Hahahahaha

    CHAOSIUS גוים

    joseph Ivernel where ya bars at ya scallywag

  27. dubai sect

    Comments dis

  28. La'Nette Price-Davis

    I like this song

  29. Electric Soul

    I see why Mary wanted this song off Stillmatic lol.

  30. A. R. TV

    U missed wit this Nas. This jawn is ass

  31. evan !

    The version on spotify doesnt have this


    Joe King

    It's a shame. I wanted to add it to my Spotify playlist, too.

  32. Elvee Sure

    Ima weirdo bcuz i always fucked with this song

  33. B.E.S. Strong

    my name is Braveheart

  34. isthislife2

    I dont remember this on the cd? Let alone the song its self

    T Rowell

    isthislife2 this song got pulled after the first shipment. So if you bought this is like the first few weeks then your copy would have this song

  35. Mr & Mrs Plummer

    Nas always fails with songs like this.

    Darren Jackson

    True, only party song he nailed was "You Owe Me". Though most people don't rate that.

    Michael Baidoo

    Kanye West lmao


    @Darren Jackson nah, "You Owe Me" sucked. "Made You Look" is by far his best club hit. That song still sounds dope to this day.

    Jerrell Collier

    Oochie walle

  36. Dre Smith

    *Wow, well I guess I'm the only one who likes this song.*

    Renee Dunham

    Dre Smith meeee


    I quite like it too - just don't feel it belongs on this album. 'I am' maybe


    Its a good song. Just doesnt belong on stillmatic


    I liked it too


    nope i like it too

  37. Danya

    Why is everyone saying this track was pulled from the album? My Stillmatic CD has this song on it...

    Owen Mc

    The CD was re-released without the song

    Zacharias Torres

    You have the album from 2001? That’s awesome.

    will reid

    its not on iTunes or google play

    Willie YungBoss Sanders

    Danya Yes, I remember it was on the cd when it first dropped. Had to come here (YouTube) to listen to the song because I do not have the cd anymore and all platforms that this album is on, the song isn’t on the album. I was confused as well.

  38. Yanai Natsari

    New York dudes need to stay out the club


    50 Cent's biggest hit was about the club though.


    "1 am on my way to the club" - Jay Z lololol

    running out of time


  39. Stereochrome

    Roast me if you will but this was my favourite track on Stillmatic at one stage.

    Zion Whitmire

    ZXQaos Be prepared

    Emmanuel Mosoti

    You and me both..

  40. Annika Campbell


  41. 4nowlaters

    a guilty pleasure track for me, used 2 whistle the melody at times from this

  42. Lex

    came in here to see if theres any fans of this trash


    Jay z made marry pull the song off of Stillmatic

  44. Nelag

    Mary should have NEVER been on a song with a beat like this.. videogame ass shit.

  45. David Mobley

    some of y'all trippin, this shit was fire.. this whole album lit. Everything nas does is gold. Putting-artists-in-a-box-having-ass

  46. Batuhan Okten

    Easily the worst song off Stillmatic alongside Rule (because of its ringtone beat).

    Emmanuel Mosoti

    @Lifestraight I see your Sankara bro.


    @Emmanuel Mosoti I'm glad you know who he is bro. He was a principled man who was sold out by a traitor and killed by the French government of the day. He deserved better. As long as you know his name he did not die in vain.

    Darren Jackson

    The beat is sampled from Tears For Fears "Everybody Wants To Rule The World"

    Vonmico Floyd

    How could you like if I ruled the world but not like rule, smdh


    "A ringtone beat"😂😂😂

  47. Kadeemspade

    why did Mary J want this joint pulled from the album?

    Batuhan Okten

    She was going to use the chorus part for her own album and instead it was taken without her permission, so she requested that it be removed.

  48. Angelo West

    Mary j blige wanted the song pulled from the album because of the Nas/Jay-Z beef I think


    Angelo West Nah she wanted it removed because the song’s an embarrassment to everybody involved.

  49. Angelo West

    Banned tune 🙌🏼

  50. Akono Miles

    This Fisher Price ass beat lmao


    the beat is funny as fuck

  51. Tone P

    I remember this...I.was.mad they ain't put it on the album


    +Antonio Price This song is on album..."Braveheart Party" was removed from later pressings of "Stillmatic" at Mary J. Blige's request.

    Kxng Po

    +YukmouthRap facts

  52. Ltown Dan

    I have stillmatic on CD and this isnt on there?     kinda glad tho

    Kxng Po

    +Ltown Dan it was only on the 1st pressing on Stillmatic


    Mary J is the one who requested them to remove the track from the later pressings of the album. i dnt why

    Steven Jacob

    @Kadeemspade cause shes embarrassed to be on it

  53. jmaal2345

    Funny how niggaz complain that Nas don't make club songs, but hate this one. Just stfu.

  54. tochiRTA

    BANGER. Can't wait to drop this at the next party.

  55. shizz reed

    I still like it

  56. Matty

    I know this track was on the same album as Ether, but Jay-Z must've been laughing his ass off when he heard this.

    Fear Resides Within Us.

    Smooth Criminal Overrated ass diss that sounded like it was written on a playground lol.

    Emmanuel Mosoti

    Funny. One of my better tracks on the album. Mary's allowed to be Mary.

    Jarrel Ely

    Matty was Jay-Z laughing when he heard will Smith big Willie style?

    Chez Blunts

    It was only on the first pressing.

    CHAOSIUS גוים

    Fear Resides Within Us uuuhhhh how? Just because people respect it cause it is fire as fuck doesn’t make it over rated

  57. Chocolate Don

    I actually like this song when it came out

  58. Skeje snisks

    the only reason Nas works with Bravehearts is because Jungle is his brother and Wiz is a childhood friend. Deep down, Nas knows they both suck

    joseph Ivernel

    I really hope tho, because they really suck

    Anthony Powell


  59. Everything Makes Sense

    it actually did make the cut originally. many people like myself own a copy with this on it. they pulled it off pretty quick after it was released though.

  60. That Dude Name Son Goku

    this shit never made the cut in Stillmatic Album


    It did initially, but then they removed it from later pressings from 2002 onwards.

  61. Bobby Ewing

    Nas should stick to 1 braveheart song per album lol.... I know they're Nas' crew and Jungle is his brother but none of those dudes can rap.... I'm sorry but I've heard cyphers on street corners that contain better lyrics than the nonsense they spit.

  62. The Boxing Scholar

    I have the album that has this track. It's pretty sub-par, but I tolerate it. Kind of wish I had the second pressing.

  63. phrsh293

    Word, niggas talking bout this is wack and sounds bad, but come on. I mean it ain't a five star track but let's be real, Jay-Z had wack tracks too. Blueprint 2 was horrible, a whole bunch of wack beats...that's just one example

  64. rob love

    Club banger!!!
    Nas is the DON.
    Sometimes you do stuff like this, either way, Nas is one of the realest out there.
    Get a life and stop complaining.

  65. George Galazy

    To Me This Aint Shit ..Am STILL FEELING IT,,,

  66. Ilyasha Kling

    My jam! I used to get ready to step out listening to this! All night!!

  67. bizzyboiee

    dis shit gay

  68. wr513

    Sing Mary J!!!

  69. Jose Rebeiro

    @ThisMyShit4Real Ya Nas is real, but i bet being like that and not for the cash has gotta be like peer pressure sometimes. He says everyone with millions on millions for wack shit, but he stays strong and thats why we respect him.

  70. MrBurgundy76

    this wasnt on my version of stillmatic wow, it was such a classic too but this is bad...soulja boy bad

  71. nwagate7

    real rappppp

  72. prodigychild324

    @ThisMyShit4Real lmfao!! idk why but that comment was funny as hell man...smh

  73. Mr. Nelson89

    I see why this song was removed, it sucks! Plus it doesn't sound like it would have fitted on Stillmatic

  74. Desperado Life

    them boys goin hard on this jawn but... the production aint that tuff or the hook... wiz went the hardest

  75. Desperado Life

    them boys goin hard on this jawn but... the production aint that tuff or the hook...

  76. jayseo

    the hook makes me angry