Napalm Death - Unfit Earth Lyrics

Looking from outside inwards
A view to dumbfound the most outspoken minds

Silent screams from an unfit Earth
Battered and bruised with nowhere to hide

Disasters man made and natural
Gradually pushing to absolute imbalance
On the scales of survival
Soon to tip in favour of extinction

An unrelenting dioxin cloud
Propelled to dispel our oxygen
Slowly seizing up our lungs
And choking the ground we depend upon

Silent screams from an unfit Earth
Battered and bruised with nowhere to hide

Transforming aquatic inhabitance
Overcome by cocktails of sludge and chemicals
Interfering with life on which so many rely
Then dumping our shit to economise

Wanton destruction
Environment in regression
All reverse into decline
Kiss this unfit goodbye

Silent screams from an unfit Earth
A future of provocation with nowhere to go

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Napalm Death Unfit Earth Comments
  1. Djun IA78 Zamo

    Allez Meli the winner !!!!!
    Al Muqtadir !!!!!
    Fajr 01-05-1441
    Bisous Nahashghun ☠️ Djun SAA 😇

  2. Antonio Ramon Concepción Vidal

    Lo que hace Napalm Death en la actualidad aun es bueno , pero este sonido Death Metal lo han perdido mucho .

  3. charasza

    Najlepszy zespół

  4. Candice Kundelius


  5. Djun IA78 Zamo

    Allahu akbar !!!
    Allah le génie !!!
    Al Muhyīy !!!

  6. 666rogdog

    Best featuring from Napalm Death. Benton, Tardy 🤘🏽

  7. Djun IA78 Zamo

    Allez Meli !!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Le 01-02-1441🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. kasper rieberg

    Still gives me goosebumps 🤘🤘
    Riff so heavy, that a couple of bodybuilders started bench pressing my speakers 🤔

    Kelvin Meneely

    Kicked ass when it came out, Leathal!

  9. Djun IA78 Zamo

    Je t'aime tellement Natü💮💮💮💮💮💮💮💮💮💮💮💮💮💮💮

  10. Michiel de boer

    One of the best! My favorite!

  11. Sofia Sevilla

    Nice john

  12. Dave K

    Gotta be one of the best ever. This song is the sick truth, we fucked mother Earth past the point of return for some God damned dollar bills. Your not supposed to shit in your own bed, foolish humans.

  13. Piotr Gadowski

    4:18 - great! Sounds like preparation to execution! Ready! Aim! Fire!

  14. brayitohhh SBA

    RIP JESSE, gracias x tu legado

  15. Johnny Wheels

    Masterpiece! No new death metal can move me like this! These are the classics! I'll fuckin say it again, 1989-1994 were the Golden years of death metal and can never be duplicated!

  16. COOPS awright

    tardy sounds cool at the end

  17. Aaron Kuruppassery

    Napalm death is what Cro Mags would sound like if they played death metal

  18. Aleksander Čok

    Teodora, večno boš v igri,kot na koncertu v udinah z nami.misel nate ne zbledi nikoli....ciao

  19. Arturo Castano

    yo una vez desafíe al hijo de pura y se me Arrugo me echo el hijo y Nos dimos golpes pero le Di más pata al malparido y tiestasos ala latajajajaja

  20. Arturo Castano

    recuerdo cuando empecé a escuchar metal esta es 1 de mis bandas favoritas y que escuche con mis parseros de barrio que Nos iniciamos escuchando metal y recuerdo que 1viejo malparido Nos jodia y vivía al lado de 1amigo mío y Nosotros le poníamos el sonido a todo dar cabron

  21. Laveyan Pride

    Barney was awesome here as well as benediction.

  22. kii MII

    Master piece..the best album ever from ND

  23. Ruger 44 Redhawk

    Who’s voice is actually singing the lyrics? Tardy? Benton? This song kills it.

  24. Robert Grenier

    old school

  25. Cody Evans

    One of their best tracks EVER,!!!!

  26. Rareş YT Morar 1980

    Was that John tardy at The end of The song? Kind of sounds like him

  27. my love songs

    The awesome lyrics to this song should make people WAKE THE FUCK UP, and to pay attention to our fragile environment!!! The lyrics are so intelligent!! They make so much sense!! Quit destroying the planet wih chemicals!! Companies dump chemicals in the oceans, because they don't wanna pay the price to have it legally disposed of. WE ALL PAY, in the long run. Then oil companies like B.P. and their toxic oil spills, killing off the precious marine life of the Gulf Coast. It is horrible! Ok, i am off my soap box now.

  28. alex fernando Huenten

    exelent song.

  29. GJS666

    The obituary influence is great

  30. Michiel de boer

    Awesome lyrics!

  31. ricky mop

    killah riff vrom Jesse Pintado, my elementary school days while everybody listen to nkotb

  32. Fernando Metal Old School

    Extreme brutal and extreme technique at the same time = Best Death Metal album.

  33. Dave K

    best damn song ever.....kiss the unfit earth goodbyyyyye. Benton and Tardy are also fuckin awesome on this....great time for real metal when this came out.

  34. Shirokuma Otaku

    Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer - The Weekenders

  35. Bruce Slaughterhouse

    Melting more faces than the sun itself. NAPALM DEATH !!!!

    Kelvin Meneely

    Melting my face as we speak!! Lethal power!!

  36. ricky mop

    fuck britpop, a bunch of wankers suckling royal imperialist scums

  37. tarchalin

    No words in dictionary to describe how perfect is this. Part 2:11-2:26 is so powerful...

  38. Henry Exhume

    John Tardy Vocals!!!!!

  39. mmancilla


  40. armgo

    Kiss this unfit goodbye, goodbye...

  41. Tejano Ray

    i guess this guy finally slowed down and did a duet....

    Stefano Revilla


  42. Przemysław Sperski

    Powerfull drums and lead riff!!!

  43. Al Gebra

    That double base hits like wall! just brilliant!

  44. zAiDiBoY

    #eLoNmUsK #sPaCeX

  45. Michel Lieferink

    are the guitars D standard?
    or a quarter step below D standard?

  46. Frank Lefebvre


  47. my love songs

    Speed kills!!! But who's dying? Love the speedy parts of this song!

  48. Rune Jørgensen

    the best song from that album

  49. Christopher Lynch

    My jam!!!

  50. grindcrusher74

    the glory days of thrash and death metal

  51. Rannyer Schuldiner


    juan garcia


    Kelvin Meneely

    Massive step forward in metal,lived the changes.......loved the changes!!

  52. Joan Perez Gimenez

    Napalm fucking death!

  53. Mano Saarinen

    One of the best songs ND has ever written! Also this is probably my favourite ND album alongside Fear, Emptiness, Despair \m/

    my love songs

    I'm partial to Utopia Banished.


    I was 16 years old when i got this album on in 1990 and it still sounds better than any of that kiddie shit that comes out now


    Gentlemen, SCUM and FETO

  54. KungFuPasta

    1:53 what the inside of my head sounds like...

  55. Drachman Zaldy S


  56. Rod Alvarado

    All hail Barney!!!!!

    my love songs

    Barney Greenway is fucking awesome! i heard a song from benediction and he was awesome then, before joining ND.

  57. Murphy Somerset

    I actually used this song in a college class in 2003. Hey, ass long as it was "environmentally themed" The TA looked at me the entire time shaking her head, "Why?"

  58. Steel Dragon 93

    yeahh imi napalm

  59. DeathrasheR1987

    Everything touched by Jesse Pintado is gold!

    my love songs

    may he R.I.P.

    Henrik Huber

    Written by Mick, Mitch and Barney. Jesse and Barney did write Inner Incineration on the album though wich also is a killer track.

  60. Scott K

    memories from age seventeen. the good years

  61. Christa Truter

    I saw them live in South Africa in 1993, Barney still had a bloody nose donated by an overzealous fan!

    gingerdread bocklandt

    that's nice of him :)

  62. Elvin Rey

    I love the drums beats on this song.

  63. Joe Ala


  64. Edosardo73

    Looking from outside inwards
    A view to dumbfound the most outspoken minds
    Silent screams from an unfit earth
    Battered and bruised with nowhere to hide
    Disasters man-made and natural
    Gradually pushing to absolute imbalance
    On the scales of survival
    Soon to tip in favour if extinction
    An unrelenting dioxin cloud
    Propelled to dispel our oxygen
    Slowly seizing up our lungs
    Choking the ground we depend upon
    Silent screams from an unfit earth
    Battered and bruised with nowhere to hide
    Transforming aquatic inhabitance
    Overcome by cocktails of sludge and chemicals
    Interfering with life on which so many rely
    It's dumping our shit to economise
    Wanton destruction, environment in regression
    All reverse into decline, kiss this unfit goodbye, goodbye
    Silent screams from an unfit earth
    A future of provocation with nowhere to hide

    my love songs

    yep! awesome lyrics right there that tell it like it is. people just don't care anymore. the government surely doesn't care. now there is talk about abolishing the EPA. Here in Las Vegas, Nevada, there is natural asbestos in the desert lots. the city doesn't give a shit. that stuff causes cancer if inhaled. incurable cancer, too. The environmental dangers on this planet are in abundance but our leaders don't care enough to remove them and make things safer.


    Earth is safe like always. It went through much worse disasters than humankind. Humans might be fucked up due to pollution, but Earth will survive in good health. Song should be called Unfit Human.

  65. Ane Dijitak

    uh goodbyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeggrgrggghhh!!!

    D. corpsegrinder17

    @Ane Dijitak john tardy trademark

    Andreas Kofler


    Cicada 3302

    Best part of the song

  66. norton sampaio

    Agradeço ao irmão marco Hoffmann​​ !!!!

  67. Henry D.

    Unfit earth...

  68. creedveins1

    featuring Glen Benton Deicide & John Tardy Obituary

    Erik van Doorn

    @Arcangel Deicide...


    @Arcangel hahahahahahahaha

    Billy S.

    Thank you for the info! I thought I recognized John's voice but wasn't sure!

    Gil Saraiva

    And the dude in Atheist, pussy !


    Silent Scream for an unfit Earth. Battered and bruised with nowhere to hide!

  69. Zoltán Deák

    The best!

  70. Edosardo73

    Pure rock'n'roll. Love it.

    my love songs

    ND is rock on steroids!

  71. David Jacome

    Napalm death!!!!!

  72. Darcy de Joux

    its a fucking sick song who care s about genre debates ?that's for over inflated intellects


    No genre debates... this is death/grindcore :-)

  73. Ricky Stewart

    Absolute class, brutal is the word

  74. myenilmez6469

    the riffs btw 01:34 and 02:10 must be taught at schools how the real death metal sound and melody must be ...


    myenilmez6469 vay be çarşı xd


    Actually I love part starting at 2:11 even better :)


    Slayer. Jeff and Kerry give birth to that kind of death metal riffs... and to death metal too.


    Best riff of all the fucking album, besides, the monstruous growl of Barney.

  75. JAIME

    Tardy's voice is brutal on this song

  76. JAIME

    Tardy's voice is brutal on this song

    Tom De Temmerman

    His voice is allways like that.....

  77. Mr. Moon

    "Armonía de Corrupción"

    Jorge .Azocar

    @Mille Petrozza Noup, literal translation is " Corrupción de la Armonía "

    Richart Avalos

    +Jorge .Azocar error.. es armonía de los corruptos

    Richart Avalos

    +Jorge .Azocar es broma jajaja

  78. Jim Lotus

    anyone lucky enough to stumble upon Napalm Death and this album especially has just found a treasure, the words, vocals or vocal wipe outs is what they call them and the guitars are so heavy and the rhythms so well done this is one of my all time favorite albums and I recommend it to everyone, the words are so true,  LOOKING FROM OUTSIDE INWARDS, A VIEW TO DUMBFOUND THE MOST OUTSPOKEN MINDS, I always make sure im looking from the outside inwards after hearing this as Napalm Deaths words teach a person a lot about life, and I remember a bunch of things i've learned from this group about life, what they mean is have an open mind and dont be trapped inside yourself but look from the outside inwards as that gives one a real perspective on things but it does dumbfound those who are hypocrites and have tiny minds, Harmony Corruption is one of the best albums ever made ;)

    my love songs

    about 1991 or 1992, i found this gem of a CD at a local pawn shop. Great find! I played the hell outta this disc!

    Jim Lotus


  79. Fredache Hammerhead

    1:21 "That's my baby, Nacho"

  80. Brian Reddish

    I definitely love it! My first Napalm Death album (the first of many!). When I first saw the "Suffer the Children" video on Headbanger's Ball(back in 1990) I was BLOWN AWAY at the sheer power of it. I later went back and got their first 2 albums and was even more blown away by them!

  81. Aaron C

    How can one NOT LoVe this GreAt AlbUm????? Best of the best!!!

  82. Hessel M

    That is because even Barney himself stated very often that Kam Lee is his main Vocal influence.

  83. Hessel M

    Tardy and Barney are better vocalists IMO

  84. Doug Doug

    You surely know how to rule your life.

  85. purseonal2010

    and the funniest thing, Kam's real name is BARNEY! How's that for similiarity!

  86. purseonal2010

    Many people say the same thing. Kam Lee and Barney Greenway sound sooo similar.

  87. purseonal2010

    "Slowly seizing up our lungs, and choking the ground we depend upon!"

  88. KostasJP

    Benton does the high-pitched vocals around 2:40 and Tardy appears at the end of the track - you can never miss his distinctive vocals. Benton has also appeared for example on ''Vomit The Soul'' by Cannibal Corpse.

  89. BooVIII

    This song just makes me want to break shit.

  90. antichrist7922

    Mick Harris is awesome!!!

  91. slayermanify

    It does sound like Massacres - "From Beyond" mainly because of Barneys vocals! What really makes this album that much better is Jesse Pintado's crushing riffs! & no annoying whammy bar solos from Rick Rozz

  92. cliffnboyzy

    best application of 'brought me here' :)

  93. Gergely Fliegauf

    amazing ending

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  95. Skullsplitter

    I swear at 4:34 I heard John Tardy. I mean I knew that Glen Benton from Deicide did some of the backing vocals but I had no idea John Tardy was in there two.

  96. Jorge Leitner

    Haha, thanks dude, i haven't heard all Napalm albums yet, i will check them all anyways sometime!