Napalm Death - Repression Out Of Uniform Lyrics

Phobic - eggshell-walking on a brink.
Camera sensor eyes pierce.
We excuse stone-set normality.
yet send tremors through morality.

Frozen optics,
traction for outspoken heads.

Fuck your badgeless, rankless dirge
and bizarre take on community concern.
Division is your vision.

Cajoled - jostled into position
where we can't ascend or defend.
Funny how you're moulded by perfection;
Which visionary told you so?

Curse our influence,
traction for outspoken heads.

Your true colours make us reel - scab
Garish hue with bilious sheen - scab
no dressing up to the nines - scab
It's permanent under the skin.

Policing the detritus - unclean!
Policing the benign?

Fuck your badgeless, rankless dirge
and fuck assumptions that we're dirt
This derision builds a prison... for you!

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Napalm Death Repression Out Of Uniform Comments
  1. Tomasz Niemiec

    Fucking Awesome !!!

  2. 30SecondDogWalk

    This album should have been nominated for best Death Metal/Grindcore album of all time. No one really did something like this. Please, do not dispute me with some crappy metal band that YOU think might have deserved recog. What I say goes. The end.

  3. greattoseerobinscore

    An underrated favourite. Thought about uploading it myself a few years ago. Never seen/heard them playing it life though.

  4. tarchalin

    This song is fucking unbelievable!!! Even by Napalm Death standards, this one is truly outstanding! Chapeau bas to Jesse Pintado...