Napalm Death - Opposites Repellent Lyrics

Blank canvas laid invitingly
As if by the (common) contrived proxy
Developing: the giant misnomer
Enhance land and then strip

Accelerant on, stragglers wiped off
Opposites repellent

It bottomed out
Scavenge deeper
Featureless stumps
- what reparation!
Modernizing: the giant misnomer
Homogenize and strip again.

Accelerant on, skeptics wiped off
Opposites repellent

Opposites repellent
Right after the enticement
That they are integral
That they'll prevail at the forefront
That they're yielding for
the windfall that never, ever fails

Instead they are ineffectual
Instead they fold to the omnipotent
Instead they forfeit for the windfall that never ever falls their way

Accelerant on, stragglers wiped off
Accelerant on, skeptics wiped off
Accelerant on, reproach wiped off
Opposites repellent

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Napalm Death Opposites Repellent Comments
  1. DerPafferfish

    My bad, it is. I just checked to make sure and my files are named wrong.
    Happens with special editions.

  2. napalmfred

    What is it?

  3. DerPafferfish

    That's not Opposites Repellent.