Napalm Death - Mentally Murdered Lyrics

Your aspirations, unable to stretch
Beyond the barriers of what's expected
As the free thought you were born with
Becomes externally polluted

Lose sight of your ideals
In their brainwashing institutions
Predetermine your values
To befit your substandard existence
Discouraging creativity
To aim for empty ambitions

Living up to others' expectations
Takes hold of your assiduity

Mentally murdered!

The will to succeed
Overpowers the will to resist

Mentally Murdered!

Always up to the mark
Set the wheels in motion
A fake sense of security
From your invariable position

Sinking in the crowd
A face minus expression
A mouth that echoes words
Recycled from tradition

Your only contentness
Is in living a lie

Mentally Murdered!!!

Do you possess the strength
To re-create your own life?


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Napalm Death Mentally Murdered Comments
  1. Chiristian Benavides

    Increible sonido grandiosos N D.

  2. Бизнес Non-Stop

    Это моё советское детство :)

  3. Boone Pharm

    When you find pure gold...

  4. Yarg

    Bill's riffs are perfection on this.

  5. paul dainton

    their finest moment, i still have the 7''/12''

  6. Cesar Mejia


  7. Void Droid

    The peak.

  8. Gackowski

    \m/ \m/

  9. mmancilla

    Grind and raw!!!

  10. Kriskristoff Kriskristoff777

    Not forgetting 8:30

    Justifiable Treason

    That riff is so fucking hard it cracks sidewalks

  11. Kriskristoff Kriskristoff777

    7:12 walls of confinement...classic cheers lee

  12. Natrogrii


  13. Heimo Lenzbauer


  14. Anderson Morphis

    Que maravilhoso EP!

  15. Hermann der Cherusker

    Best ND Album. None ever reached its perfection far beyond all standards. Timeless magic Masterpiece.

    jon wcs

    true. its iconic


    Perhaps the sickest release ever, and I enjoy a casual listen to Dead Infection, Lymphatic
    Phlegm, Brutus, Enmity, Queef Eater, Dave Wang, CharmCharmChu to name a few bands.

    Antonio Cp

    Lee dorrian last nd rec....