Napalm Death - Extremity Retained Lyrics

You come to us and criticise
Without prior inspection
Judge us as a waste of time
An incorrect perception

Just a noise - your shallow view
An opinion I find misconstrued
There's probably more thought in what we do
Than a large part of what appeals to you

Why should we? - Why the need to justify?
Only in others' presence are you motivated to jeer and jibe
Everybody has the right to opinionise
But to us your pettiness is used to occupy your tiny minds

Extremity retained - never fall into your line

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Napalm Death Extremity Retained Comments
  1. Cereza En Auge

    Son verdaderos falsos ahora sí ahora no le den morcilla si tontas esas tipas JAA pasan por tu lado que te rozan les dices hola y te giran la cara jajaja si luego no te lo pierdas te ven otro día y te hacen caso mas falsas te miran con rabia que asco de gentilicio, la próxima vez les digo Alejate alejate

  2. Cesar Castro

    aprende cacatuary

    Michael Gomez

    John tardy tiene la media voz \,,/

  3. Erik Striker

    >:( \m/