Napalm Death - Circle Of Hypocrisy Lyrics

Talk of unity - a far cry from the slander and rivalry
Why should we encourage what in fact is a circle of hypocrisy

Impulsive jealousy
Where;s the so-called harmony?
Internally untrusting
Externally inspiring

Assume your place above the rest
The wisest of the less
The knowledge you'll never possess
Compensated for with single-mindedness

Bored with life you turn to test
Battleground for pettiness
Pick at flies to justify
Temper's raised - You wonder why?


Supposedly Accessible
Come support our scene
Just another target
Harassed to the extreme

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Napalm Death Circle Of Hypocrisy Comments
  1. calculus bregas


  2. Modern_Retro Современное_Ретро

    2:55 Жесткий Йогурт трогать,разве не экстрим:)))))
    Русские поймут Funny Metall\m/

  3. Joe Cantu

    Wen I was a kid I would jam 2 n p in inhalimgb stuff!!!!!!!!!! It was. .besutifill

  4. Alfredo Cristovam de Souza

    Napalm o pai do grind.!

  5. Kelvin Meneely


  6. ga suka pamer

    Great album!!!!