NAO - Intro (Like Velvet) Lyrics

Feels just like velvet
A touch of the wind, then it's gone
Wish I could help it
Into my window of calm
Want only to take the flame to the bridge of dawn
Feels just like velvet
Touch of the wind, then it's gone

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NAO Intro (Like Velvet) Comments
  1. monet

    Love nao

  2. ACE Mikki

    This hard 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Brionne Davis

    This need to be longer!!!!!😩

  4. Zaho SanFran

    I entered A Whole world I was missing for years . So grateful I am

  5. Jared Greathouse

    I'm not exaggerating when I say NAO has the voice of an angel. In 37 seconds, she manages, with the backing of a small choir and some strings, to sing a sad yet realistic song about love and attraction

  6. Shawntal Yarbrough

    Oh my glob.... Tear to my eye! Girl this needs to be a whole song or make another part to this intro! Its so Angelic

  7. Paulo Neto

    Hinoooo de intro

  8. Muzick Ol'chers


  9. clinton shamis

    🙌💖🎤🎶 one of the best intros ever

  10. Andrea Shore

    this is what angels must sound like

  11. Deniselove channel


  12. Taylor Trice

    This shoulda been a whole song wtf

  13. Hannah Long

    can u please make a whole song of velvet cuz this is bomb


    Stormzy made a version of this song.

  14. the rare bare

    This almost brought me to tears

    katelyn lilley

    Yes...yes it did

  15. Vadly A

    Velvet should be a whole song


    Agree 100% this should be a whole song.


    Listen to Stormy's version of Velvet, he samples this song

    Khaliyah Amatulip

    This feel is my aesthetic. I need 2+ mins

    katelyn lilley

    Vadly Alume I promise this is a good intro


    Velvet by Stormzy