Nancy Sinatra - Paris Summer Lyrics

Walking down some cobbled street
The sound of water near my feet
I found her

A hundred thousand flashes hit my mind
Soon my arms were all around her

We lay and let our heart take wings
And fly across the Seine
Love came for us from the sky
Pretending it was rain

Oooh, Paris summer

Standing on some cobbled street
The sound of water near my feet
You found me

I took the wedding ring off of my hand
Before he put his arms around me

I lived my lie and dreamed his dreams
And lay beside the Seine
When I left the tears I cried he though were just the rain

Oooh, Paris summer

Walking down some cobbled street
The sound of water near my feet
I found her

I took the wedding ring off of my hand
Before i put my arms around me

We lay in and let our heart take wings
And fly across the Seine
When she left the tears she cried he thought were just the rain

Oooh, Paris summer

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Nancy Sinatra Paris Summer Comments
  1. hengky souisa

    2019 and still love this

  2. fatdaddyog Gaming


  3. fatdaddyog Gaming

    Air France brought me here

  4. Antonina Virduzzo

    Thanks all of you to share love music, to love Nancy and Lee and my cute cute love TLSP

  5. jesus puello

    la mejor canción del mundo <3

  6. Frauke De Winter

    can someone please explain me the difference with Paris Summer and Summer Wine? I'm so confused, i know summer wine starts different but it sounds almost the same to me. Yet when i look up Summer Wine, the first thing that comes up is Paris Summer..

    Daniel Allan

    Both have A minor and D minor...but this diverts off to to Em and Dm later in the verse where summer wine retains the A minor to D minor's a very nice trick!

    robert phillips

    2 different songs that are very similar.

  7. Debasish Basu

    This reminds me my college days,very nostalgic.

  8. Dionisio Neto

    Lovely! <3

  9. Harmony Man

    I like the way the song is done in the style of the classic "Summer Wine" By, Nancy and Lee.

  10. LittleJoannah

    It's not because they covered it that they put no emotions in it... Personally, I think Miles Kanes' voice is more expressive, but that's just my opinion :)

  11. watwillwedonext

    Miles Kane & Alison Mosshart's cover is better <3


    because you have no fucking taste

    Jimbo 505

    Makhnoviste nah He have a good taste , because they made it better

  12. Julio Adelso

    both versions are great, really great!

  13. Wavy77

    I don't understand how one can say that Last Shadows Puppets version is better than the original. It's good, but Lee&Nancy is such a fantastic combination, and the melody is sung in a more straight forward way, which this song commands IMO.

    Guido Ahsam

    yes. last shadow rubbish jus doesnt do it for me

    andreea valdrost

    Yes. It's Lee Hazelwood, people should have more respect.


    maybe cause of the instrumental and vocals of a younger duo

    Tassos Paraskevopoulos

    it's called personal preference. Just listen to what YOU like and stop bitching around about what others like

  14. 12ab3x

    sve pjesme od njih mi se svidjaju

  15. iluvjackwhitemost

    Alison Mosshart + The Last Shadow Puppets= the best version

    Nicholas Sans Pasty

    Perhaps you heard it first that always seems to cause a bias but for me TLSP cover is style over emotion, the original is the real thing, it's felt not designed.

    Matthew Seddon

    Love Arctics and TLSP but this statement is just downright rediculous .👆

  16. iluvjackwhitemost

    haha he really does

  17. pabloplato

    the cd is a recent reissue that couples most (if not all) of the tracks from nancy & lee's first album together, titled "Nancy & Lee", along with some tracks from their sophmoric "Nancy & Lee Again". the LP version , from 1968, is essentially just a reissue of their first album, the only difference being the addition of "the hits of" to the title.
    if you want paris summer on vinyl you'll need to get their "Again" LP or the british issue, "Did you ever?" (same tracks, different order)

  18. jujucavalier14

    Yes, puppets bring strong

  19. Patrick von Krienke

    The Original is wonderful, indeed. But the Puppets gave it much tsronger and more expressive outlook.

  20. Deep Society

    the most beautiful and touching love song i ever heard...

  21. Mel M

    love the last shadow puppets cover of this song..but that rosie chick wasn't as good as the allison chick..

  22. zmov1

    Yep. Many indeed.