Nancy Sinatra - Down From Dover Lyrics

I know this dress I'm wearing doesn't hide the secret I've tried concealing
When he left he promised me he'd be back by the time it was revealing
The sun behind a cloud just casts the crawling shadow o'er the fields of clover
And time is running out for me, I wish that he would hurry down from Dover
He's been gone so long, when he left the snow was deep upon the ground
And I have seen a spring and summer pass and now the leaves are turning brown
At any time a tiny face will show itself 'cause waiting's almost over
But I won't have a name to give it if he doesn't hurry down from Dover, from Dover, from Dover

My folks weren't understanding, when they found out they sent me from the home place
My daddy said if folks found out he'd be ashamed to ever show his face
My mamma said I was a fool, she did not believe it when I told her
Momma, everything's gonna be all right 'cause soon he would be coming down from Dover

I found a place to stay out on a farm takin' care of that old lady
She never asked me nuthin' so I never talked to her about my baby

I sent a messgae to my mom with a name and address of Ms. ol' Grover
And to make sure he got that information when he came down from Dover

I loved him more than anything and I could not refuse him when he needed me
He was the only one I'd loved and I just can't believe that he was usin' me
He wouldn't leave me here like this, I know it can't be so, it can't be over
He wouldn't make me go through this alone, he'll be coming down from Dover

My body aches the time is here it's lonely in this place where I'm lying
Our baby has been born, but something's wrong, it's too still, I hear no crying
I guess in some strange way she knew she'd never have a father's arms to hold her
So dying was her way of tellin' me he wasn't coming down from Dover, from Dover, from Dover
Down from Dover

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Nancy Sinatra Down From Dover Comments
  1. Martin S

    I had this on a 45.

  2. Dave Vance

    This is horribly tragic.I may put a gun in my mouth....

  3. John Robertson


  4. bobwarboat

    Wow. I never realised they got do deep. I adored Nancy, she was an absolute siren. Lee and her singing together was a partnership made in heaven.

  5. Gabi Coll

    agradezco a boyd rice y rose mcdowall por introducirme en estas encantadoras canciones <3

    Mark Easton

    Me too. The originals by Nancy and Lee are better. Much better. Have a listen to big red balloon........


    you would have to be high on drugs in the 70`s to like this version! wonder if Parton could have this horrible redition pulled! no wonder the baby died! their voices killed it!!

    Wayne A White

    You are just bad, bad, I am not sure I am sold on it, but you killed teh comment by saying their voices kill the baby. I saw Dolly doing this song and she poured so much REAL RAW Emotion in it that you can just see the scenes in front of you

  7. Marvin Thayer

    Really Martin Ward, better than Dolly. I don't think so. Dolly did it better considering she wrote it.

  8. Martin Ward

    Couldn't hold a candle to dolly

  9. iamahorsenut

    great song, brilliant, just it is so so sad!

    Traie Payne

    dolly part

  10. Filep Motwary

    an emotional masterpiece!

  11. Jacquelyn Outlaw

    Yuck! And especially the man's voice. Wow, please let me find some good music to wipe this out of my head.

    TheDivine MrM

    @Jacquelyn Outlaw Clearly you are deaf.

  12. Oded Fried-Gaon

    great duo.

  13. Mohsin Ikram

    this is the best version of this beautiful song...

  14. TheVimtoMoustache

    I came here because it's sampled on The Go Teams "Ladyflash"

    pete 0161

    3:16 me too

    TheDivine MrM

    I'm so hipster that I found the Go! Team because of this song

  15. LarS1963

    Dolly Parton wrote it.

  16. jimsradiomusic

    Although I prefer Dolly Parton's original version of this song I find Nancy's emotional performance first rate.

  17. hojuhankook

    anyone else click this link after reading Annals of online dating, hahahaha dumbarses!

  18. nick4alex

    GOD,i LOVE this song and this duo..they're a golden duo :-)

  19. Graham Hall

    Absolutely amazing track, I bought it as a single, only to be surprised it was the b side. It was played quite a lot on BBC Radio Birmingham's Ross & Henry show on Saturday mornings. Anyone else remember Ross & Henry??, a great 90 minutes listening!!!

  20. coxhoe789

    were nancy and lee lovers

  21. Hugh Lundy

    This works perfectly as duet certaintly with Lee's deep dark tones intoning his part like a storyteller totally removed from the tale.Dolly's version is equally perfect of couse. By the way Marianne Faithfull also does a brilliant version of this supberb warning song.

  22. dolly love

    Did they sing this before Dolly, or did she do it first? Anyone know who wrote it?

    Wayne A White

    Dolly Parton wrote it and did it first, she did this song in her HBO Dolly Live From London special

  23. kcdonald

    I always liked Lee Hazlewood's voice. Love this song.

  24. Ciro Rizzitello

    my brother thinks this could be the saddest song ever


    I think he might be right.

  25. fpngan

    Love dolly's version...These two have the weakest voices

  26. ferlenarab

    Great rendition of a great song.

  27. Elisabeth Larsson

    i dont agree that it was ment for two people, but it is possible to change it(like nancy and lee did) so that it will fit for a duett. but in dollys original version it is astory told by a young girl.


    In Dolly Parton's original version, Dolly sang the whole song, including the male part. I like Nancy & Lee's version better because this song was meant to be sung by TWO people. Listen to the lyrics and I'm sure you'll agree.