Nancy Sinatra - Arkansas Coal Lyrics

Not so long ago just outside Paris Arkansas
A young lady had a mountain to climb

Gonna climb up this mountain
Cause there's one thing I know
My daddy's in this mountain
Digging Arkansas coal

Yes I hear my mama calling
I'll let her wait ten minutes more, she'll be sold
Cause I like to lay on the ground
And listen to the sound of my daddy digging Arkansas coal

I was born in this mountain
Went down here since I was nine years old
And I know some day I'll die in this mountain
Digging, digging Arkansas, Arkansas coal, Arkansas coal

Married me a good man
Back in '59
Knew he was an Arkansas coal miner
And that suited me fine
Got us a little daughter
She's only eight years old
Wishing she was a man like her daddy
Digging Arkansas coal

Billy, get off of that mountain
Billy, you got to go to school
Billy, your mama and daddy
Ain't gonna raise you no natural fool
Ain't gonna raise you no natural fool

Mama, why's the earth shaking?
Mama, is the world coming to an end?
Mama, why are you crying?
Is it another cave-in?

My God, the rocks are falling
Ten thousand tons on my head
I knew someday this would happen
So this is how it feels to be dead
So this is how it feels to be dead

Gonna climb up that mountain
Cause there's one thing I know
My daddy's in that mountain
Digging Arkansas coal

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Nancy Sinatra Arkansas Coal Comments
  1. Joe Postove

    Nancy is great! But I wait for the Lee parts!

  2. Nikki Kreuzer

    1972 'Nancy & Lee in Las Vegas' (Swedish TV) (60 minutes). Filmed at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas and aired on 13 January 1973 by Swedish TV 1. The documentary was made by well-known Swedish film director/producer (and friend of Lee's) Torbjörn Axelman and Lee himself and is historic and unique especially by the sometimes humoristic treatment of the subject by Torbjörn Axelman and gives not only outtakes of the show but also interesting background information by Lee, Nancy, Donnie Owens, Billy Strange, Nancy's mother a.o.

  3. Joe Postove

    So fine. Lee Hazelwood constructed mini operas on many of his songs!

  4. reuireuiop0

    Classic performance. It is said Nancy is limited as a singer but I find her totally convincing in this.


    Who cares? Many other singers have a limited voice too.

  5. Grandpa the Grey

    Got acquainted with Lee Hazlewood when we worked on the set of "The Moonshine War". I was just out of high school and got a job serving food & washing dishes. He of course was a famous singer & this was his first movie. Really nice guy except...he kept bumming cigarettes from me.

  6. TheDivine MrM

    Merci! <3

  7. Donna Gerhard

    Thank You for the memories. Love this song..