Naked, Bif - Spaceman Lyrics

Spaceman, oh spaceman!
Come rescue me from this!
Calling all aliens!
Come rescue me!

I see your face on television, almost every day
In magazines and on the big screen
Close yet far away

Remember that night at my window
When I waved at you?
I must have been only five, or so,
But I never forgot you.

I wonder why you choose those others
And you never come to call on me.
When I'm the one who's waiting for you
I really need you - please pick me!

Spaceman, oh spaceman!
Come rescue me from this!
Calling all aliens!
Come rescue me!


Remember that night at my window
When I waved at you?
I must have been only five, or so,
But I never forgot you.

I wonder why you choose those others
And you never come to call on me
When I'm the one who's waiting for you
I really need you - please pick me!

Spaceman, oh spaceman!
Come rescue me from this!
Calling all aliens!
Come rescue me!


Spaceman, oh spaceman!
Come rescue me from this!
Calling all aliens!
Come rescue me!

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Naked, Bif Spaceman Comments
  1. eric dietz

    For some reason i've always wanted to see bif naked and gwen stephani do a song together. Maybe it's just a black hair/white hair contrast but it could be pretty wild to see the 2 of them come up with something.

  2. Kris

    aw the good ole days :(

  3. Rick Therrien

    Watching this back in the day on Much music, which was a big thing back then cause I lived in a little Hamlet (ya it was so small it was called a hamlet lol)
    And we got a satellite from Starchoise and I watched much music all the time.
    Bif was big back then and they played this a million times which I did not mind.

  4. Gay Kid

    This song used to make me cry 🤣

  5. LaRaNaThA

    I Bifficus. I have a lot in common with this chick. Super ultra Christian background whilst being uber NOT mainstream. Totally a chick I feel I relate to big time. She has my respect.

  6. Michael d'amico

    I remember posters pasted on light poles at yonge and steeles  in Toronto way, way back.

  7. Gage23

    Found I bificus in a thrift store last weekend

  8. Haleigh Anderson

    2019 still like this song 💕

  9. Dillon Campbell

    This song just popped in my head.. why

  10. frank bachem

    The best!

  11. S Singh

    Should be the theme for SPACE X

  12. Trevor Mievre

    Holy cow, I used to look for this version quite often and could never find it. I remember it from when I bought the CD so many years ago.


    90's? We are like 30 now

    Cris Phaesant

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhh it wasn't that long ago....shhhhhhhh

    Denial..what? Oh my yes I am enjoying the river cruise thanks.

  14. Kazuto Kirigaya

    Man this brings back memories. Early teenage years w
    For me when this song came out. Not much of a fan for her other music but this song had that pure 90's - early 20's dance sound.

  15. Diego Kapfenberg

    so Eurodance love it

  16. Lilith Leigh Lakusta

    Yup finally gonna but a stick of red lipstick and get my Lip Pierced oh yah ima copycat lol

  17. Janice Hayashibara

    Just saw her perform at Winnipeg’s Red River Ex and it was worth the wait in the rain 🥰🥰

    Diego Kapfenberg

    DID she played this one?

  18. Sean Scrivens

    I went to Bifs party at her Vancouver apartment

  19. George Hatworth

    I used to listen to this back when I was wasting my life away... in grad school.  This, and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, kept me sane.

  20. vince bear

    pretty good tune;).....66

  21. Cth Ulhu

    Ahhhhhh...the real video. Thanks all. Love you Bif. One of my favourite canadian Artists. Loves. Peace.


    Wow 90s or what

  23. chichi Chailfoux

    I love this song chi chi whwn i was a kid love it

  24. Rick Therrien

    This song reminds me of a fucked up childhood lol

  25. Richard Cox

    Who's jerking off to this in 2019?

  26. Will Kelly

    Hun. No one knows you as Amazon model. Should create a bif naked you would be well over the follower count & view count. Your music is amazing 💚

  27. Jamie Macphee

    Saw her live it was awesome

  28. London England

    December 27th 2018 this song is awesome still who's with me

  29. Perrierin Californicatin

    2018 ❤️❤️

  30. AlanD

    That's some pretty stiff hair control product, upside down Bif.

  31. ToylandChairman666

    UNIVERSAL SOLDIER II: BROTHERS IN ARMS (1998) brought me here. Seriously underrated TV movie. Overshadowed by the Van Damme sequels.

  32. jbuck566

    I used to play this on my boom box every morning before school 😂😂

  33. Dogmo Satchmo

    I was 15 years old when I, Bificus came out...And it helped me through some tough emo teenage stuffs

  34. Burfie Burf

    Amazing then, amazing now! Long live Bif!

  35. Allye Meszaros

    Awesome back then, and still awesome now.

  36. Billy Jaggard

    Seen her in thunder bay ont .at the out post 😆

  37. Lunchbiz

    Seen this bitch spit on a bouncer for not letting her take her drink upstairs.

  38. C P

    When music was great.....

  39. Bijinius Cross

    Wow, this hasn't aged well. Jesus. What the FUCK is this song about, anyway? It's about a spaceman? A celebrity? Someone she saw out her window when she was five? Seriously, I'm baffled.

  40. dar gen

    Brought to life

  41. Envoy

    Remembering those great days and the days of tuning into A View From Space with The Spaceman Gary Bell before it got kicked off the air.

  42. DarkSoul 18

    Great song !!!♡

  43. KingDennisJensen

    These were the days.

  44. brendan balanced

    Alain, predictor and Biff..the answer..three things that we will be dancing to in space!!!

  45. X_Xjoseph

    Did i hear this song on fifa game ? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  46. Desean Newman

    i like the song but i just fond out about the song like a year ago

  47. babybean2019

    Hope she sings this Nov 21st 2017


    Bif Naked is Canadian so am i!! Lol I wish she got more airplay on the radio.

  49. Unity Oneness

    ok ok, i get the message. i'll come and rescue you shortly. right now, i'm caught up in this stupid timeline loop bubble!! you know? the mandela effect? once i finally beam out here, and regain my cosmic powers, i'll make sure to add you to my list. now i wonder how many other gorgeous women need rescuing too? :D

  50. Hazed 100

    Calling all aliens , please come and rescue her , take her away before her signing drives the cat out with her terrible voice. Do us all a favour 😂

  51. Tracy Dee

    You would think she was singing about me when she sings this song. I can relate. Please, pick me.

  52. Stan Bart

    damn she looks so much like my woman..

  53. Stan Bart

    wow! lol

  54. Christopher Mastronardi


  55. Christopher Mastronardi

    Yeah i just look @ people as really far out they die and forget the person are not aw look it's already.. they not able to do it?***

  56. Co M

    This song is terrible!!!

  57. Bobbie Bees

    Why the hell does this video only have 166k views?

  58. mr. alpinebob

    one hot lady.

  59. Clint Girodat

    just saw her in waterloo ontario still fucking got it. she is an awesome human being


    Is she still cool though?

    Clint Girodat

    Not bad

  60. Rick Demention N-613

    I am so upset I had to work when she had her free show in Vancouver... I'd have done anything to hear this song live, or even have the chance to have her See me and make me feel real. It's not a stalker thing, just love how she empowers those around her. Gay boy loves you Bif!

  61. Tammy Knitter

    your awesome

  62. Sarah Masak-McMillan

    I think she is a nice person and has done so many lovely things for the community, but I really don't think she can sing very well, or at least her voice is not at all pleasing to me :/

  63. Nico Anhedonia

    Bif is a beautiful woman inside and out. I was so fortunate to have her come to my town and perform. She is super nice and doesn't have a huge ego. She's totally kick ass! ✌🏻️🤓❤️😺🌸🦄

  64. andrew ant

    Just like somebody did a "Doctor Doctor" remix with 11 of the Doctors, someone ought to do this song with all the companions. I can't cause I don't have the program to do the edit.

  65. Eric Dietz

    I met bif naked once 15 years ago. She's a very sweet, cool and interesting woman.

    D Gunn

    Same, met her 8 years ago, she was super cool

    Jay Howse

    She's old now

    George Hatworth

    Oh my God... me too!!!  .... No, seriously, I met her around the same time.  She is the sweetest person, absolutely.

  66. harry Hand

    My name is Jamie, I would love to go into a time machine so badly. I really miss the  90s era. I was thinking of this song own the radio last week for od reason. Today is my  lucky day.

  67. Bill Hampton

    I know you're older than me , I was a teenager when it came out . And Bif and I are both from Saskatchewan, Canada .

  68. Bill Hampton

    Only 21 years old lol what are you 50 now?

  69. Feroze A.

    This really brings back some great memories from my 20's getting stoned and enjoying life!!!

    Billy Hill

    life was so much simpler then!

    Marco Freeman

    How old are you now

    Josh Daviault

    he's old as fuck

    Patrick L

    are you still enjoying life tho?

  70. mrStraker888

    this song is good but I prefer the one without the remix .. originial version if u can call it that..




    @Casey Christie ;) Thanks Girl 

  72. EnderBrah The Ender Man - Join The Ender Pack

    Love this song
    Blast it Loud...earphones.<3 :) lol.

  73. Paul Abbott

    Branson  are you a spaceman^?    still waiting

  74. Andrew Joseph M. Maheux

    She is a wonderful artist, saw her perform this song in a slow version a few years ago in Ottawa, Canada

  75. harry Hand

    My name is Jamie, I really love this wonderful song from the 90s. I was only 21 years old when this song came out.

  76. HeavenlyMakeUp

    I remember when this song came out, this is the version they played on the radio. I went down to my local music store and picked up the CD and was very shocked to hear what her other songs were like. Years later I still love her and can't wait to see her this summer. <3

  77. Kareena Wrathall

    dike  wow lmao

  78. Glenda Langowski

    Partied with them way back in Portland... Wedding same hotel.. Great group,,

  79. mariehansler

    My sister met Biff about 4 years ago. Said she was cool, not stuck up or snobby like some other artists. Its been like that for me with all the Canadian Artists i have met :)


    I met her back around 98-99 here in Detroit. Yup..she was cool as hell. It was one of those what if moments. See..there was a line to get her autograph and I was like third in line, she kept leaning over and seeing how many people were lined up and after the second time..she looked at me, no big deal..but then she kept looking at me even while the girl in front of me was talking to her. I was like..dang, this is kinda cool. When I came up to get the CD cover signed she was like.."hey, what's up man. Thanks for coming out..enjoy the show?" Yea I did..I really liked it, good stuff..Bif, if its cool to call you that? "Yea man..that's cool. So what's your name?" Rob. "Nice to meet you Rob." So she signs the CD cover hands it back to me and says.."So what are you doing now? You wanna hang out tonight?" I was thinking in my head, whoa..shit. Long story short, I didn't because I would have had no ride back home. But yea..definitely a "what if" or one of those times you could go back and see an alternate situation. But just the way she kept looking over at me and asked if I wanted to hang out..I think she kinda liked me. Or at least was attracted to me? I dunno..but yea she was cool lol

    Gareth Vers

    Chester Copperpot haha, neat story dude. you definitely missed out.

  80. Raven T


  81. BCPR

    Oh, the 90s... I feel 15 again.

  82. KPAX236

    My kids absolutely love this song.

    fauque you're Monitering systems

    My unwanted children love this song to.

  83. Abadaba Babadaba


  84. samuraibineshi

    LOL you do not know how true this is

    fauque you're Monitering systems

    There is some degree of life, everywhere we have ever cared to look.

  85. Elysia Starfield

    lol love this song used to know someone whos parents named him space man in elementary.. his parents were russian and he was the first born in canada and thought it was a canadian name lol :D :D its awesome song

    Hazed 100

    Elysia Starfield BORING

    Cara Elliott


  86. MrDJG666

    Only in Canada: an alternative track of a pop-rock act gets massive as a dance mix! :D

    John Crilly

    and it works awesome especially speeded up a bit (which is how i first heard this)!!!!

    BASIL!!!!! The pumpin' Seagull

    Roland Pizzicato FTW!!!

  87. Markus Grind


  88. Shade Slayer

    I love this song... it is an awesome workout video... She is hot and totally do able.... I would tap her forever...

  89. Monkey Man

    You're right ! !

  90. Kristie McDonald

    Oh man, I remember these 90's videos. Something so low budget yet so awesome about them.

  91. CeaserTJ

    Under rated song. This remix is great :)

  92. Sally Brewer

    eat a dick

  93. kruno45

    the tats and the makeup make me I'll she might be a good looking girl if she wasn't to busy trying to dress up for halloween