Naked, Bif - Any Day Now Lyrics

anyday, now... it's gonna start - my real life.
and anyday, now: everything is gonna be all right...
anyday, now: life's gonna get real good.
and somehow: life'll be like i sed it would

anyday, now - mark my word!
anyday, now - i will be heard!
anyday, now - my ship will finally come in...
anyday, now: i'm gonna jump right in.

and anyday, now: my destiny will begin.
and until then i'll just be here
wasting my time...
but, don't you worry,
i'll be just fine:

anyday, now - mark my word!
anyday, now - i will be heard!
anyday, now - my ship will
finally come in...

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Naked, Bif Any Day Now Comments
  1. True Life Average Jane Vlog

    Wish shed come back

  2. Yuhboii Productions


  3. Ash


  4. Ash

    Still waiting for that day

  5. Cynthia Iracheta

    My high school song!! Awesome song to start the new year's! Happy new year's guy's!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  6. aaronvod

    I first saw them on Buffy years ago and loved them every since well this album

  7. Ziegour

    this is real music, not like that Despacito or shit mainstream music with awful lyrics.

    De Santis

    Ziegour although I agree with you and a lot of people do, who are we to decide what is and isn't "real" music ? there are all kinds of music for all kinds of people.

  8. Gretchen Thompson

    Her very own words too! She's one of the rare ones that writes her own songs!

  9. Gretchen Thompson

    So far my favorite album. Also second cousin related by marriage! 😇

  10. roguesirena

    Daria brought me here 😝 2015


    Daria + Shazam = winning combo ^^

    pin zo

    Daria brought me here in 2017

    Mr. Mister

    roguesirena Daria!

    Mr. Mister

    The beginning is the most beautiful part


    Daria brought me here :) 2019

  11. funkmasterjennyg

    this was  my favourite track on I Bificus back in the day when I would blast it on my discman.

  12. Anastacia Zhukova

    Thanks a lot for the song

  13. Daddy Fox

    this was always my favourite track on I Bificus. Yes, I actually bought it back then.

    Kim KarTRASHian sToP mAkInG StUpiD pEople FamouS

    Paddle Fyre when we bought cd’s for 20$ a pop. Those were the days though

  14. rideinmycadillac

    oh yeah , finally I found it <3
    daria brought me here too xD

  15. Ioana Molko

    Yup, I heard it on Daria too. Loved it, needed to post it :D

  16. Mina. C.

    I'm not a fan either but when I first heard this song on an episode of Daria, I LOVED IT :D The lyrics are exactly what I tell myself and everyone around me. Yup, aaaany day now ^_^