Naked And Famous, The - The Water Beneath You Lyrics

I'll be right here with you
Every step of the way
Don't be afraid, it's not too late
To make this into more than just the
(Bones to keep you braced)
Through every angle of your pain

I can't fill the emptiness
But I will find a way (to be the)

Palpitations remind you
We're made in simple forms
We falter fade
We dissipate
We break the things we swore would never change us
Or undermine the promises we made

I can't fill the emptiness
But I will find a way (to be the)

The water beneath you
The waves to catch your fall
The love that you needed
It was never here at all

Just don't let go, just don't let go
Just don't let go, just don't let go
Just don't let go, just don't let go
Just don't let go, just don't let go

I hear you, defeated, and calling out my name
The guilt that is forever mine
To know that I'm to blame for every
(Tear and every sigh)
And every moment of your grief
If you can forgive my rotten deeds
I'll find a way (to be the)

The water beneath you
The waves to catch your fall
The love that you needed
It was never here at all

Just don't let go, just don't let go
Just don't let go, just don't let go
Just don't let go, just don't let go
Just don't let go, just don't let go

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Naked And Famous, The The Water Beneath You Comments
  1. atruska

    Vamos yaaaa!!!!

  2. atruska

    Ole manolo

  3. Hombremaniac

    Anybody got a feeling, that this is sorts of an apology to the person we love? Great song 3 years ago, now and possibly also in the distant future. Thanks!

  4. Ramon Cuevas

    Wow! The Naked and Famous!!!! Where the hell have I been to not know of this band? Glad I found 'em!

  5. Craig J. Davies

    @0:18 Erin Richards, is that you?

  6. La Dramstars

    Énervé le clip!

  7. Sterkleton

    I'm not going to lie. This song deeply affected me. At the time I just left a toxic relationship and was in a very dark place (depression and suicidal thoughts etc). I was really down and went through a rabbit hole on youtube for music to deal with my angst. I found not just this song but a whole album that spoke to me at my lowest point. All I can say is, Thank you.

  8. Craig J. Davies

    @1:48 Erin Richards.

  9. Stephen Ewen

    Fantastic band,just started listening Tae them,Faultless,great tunes,great lyrics and Alisa has the voice of an Angel 😍,Massive Respect YOLO 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  10. Cecile Ward

    This is one of the only bands that enables me to like ALL their songs.

  11. Joel Müller

    Started using this song as an alarm in the morning and nothing takes the edge off a horrible morning like hearing "I'll be right here, with you, every step of the way" as the first thing when you wake up.

  12. eyewazear

    'Never go full man' otherwise you won't win an Academy Award... Best to have some 'tropic thunder' to keep women happy and Mother Nature satisfied...

  13. Ericka Kida

    The camera movement panic me

  14. Sheepy 16able

    Unfortunately I`m not in love in someone at the moment. So this would be the perfect song to listen to while thinking about this person. It`s a pity. but still beautiful song <3

  15. Tim Toe

    want the minus

  16. cucu sugiono

    Lagu penuh kenangan

  17. apothe6

    I saw this live, it was incredible

  18. GryndStone

    The buildup on this track is so damn tremendous

  19. Cass Marshall

    @0:54 is 2
    nnn @2:06

  20. Rebellious Refinement

    They never stop amazing me!

  21. Christian Boyd

    Fuck. This song is the shit. I thought Higher was awesome but this is just another level of amazing.

  22. Miodrag Milenković

    Nikada niko nece biti uvek sa tobom

  23. Michael Dornelas



    Insane... keep up the great work!

  25. Michael Gass

    am I crazy or do the sound, lyrics, and vibe of the song remind you of something 30 Seconds to Mars might do?? Anyways, great hypnotic song and quite inspirational.

  26. Danny

    this is by far the best track on the album

  27. Hemi *

    I listened to the album today. Love every song, well crafted. Candy for the ears.

  28. sara anderson

    Can't get enough of this! It's completely epic!

  29. Sourcedrop

    who is the blonde girl? she's only in a few videos and she seems to sing. did she used to be in the band?

  30. homonovus6

    sempre con voi

  31. Black Swan

    This is what heaven sounds like, right? Tell me this is what heaven will sound like and I'll start going to church.

  32. Toxologie II

    never start listen to their songs when you have school tomorrow, you can't stop.


    When I can't sleep song is my anthem, this song is my heart and soul.

  34. Michael M

    wow they're still at it STRONG! i can't remember the last time a kiwi band was this good for this long

  35. suthobay

    Why are they using models in their videos?
    People want to see the band; not cliches

  36. Thiago Paulsen

    Nice Album, but not too alternative, all songs sound mainstream, comercial...

    Ariel Barría

    This is not Mainstream, all this is subjective. Mainstream is making repetitive beats of Rap, Trap, Latin Music while you see Naked and Famous people twerking, girls showing their butts. Rich men with money, cars. You hear lyrics of sex, denigration to women, of meeting a girl or boy, saying to them I need you and make me your favorite object.

  37. Jonny Five

    Those dolls though.. creepy

  38. Rayan Jansen

    Se essa música fosse um perfil no Tinder, ganharia um superlike

  39. Rayan Jansen


  40. Mitchell Masefield

    Listen on 1.25x

  41. Rayan Jansen

    My favorite song from Simple Forms

  42. Zlatko C

    This is one of the best bands in the world at the moment. Everything they do is magical.

  43. iwktwom

    Love the album....but damn that girl is hot!

  44. The Horror Fanatics

    I love this group,so so much

  45. Jay A

    Saw them a few weeks ago in New Orleans and just happened to meet Alixa while she was walking to her bus for dinner. She is adorable and so nice.

  46. Farang Abroad

    Whoah! Powerful! so intense and sadistically beautiful. I don't have enough energy and guts to go back in this kind of pain. But I would like so much that this girl who left me behind would have had this humility to soft land like this with me. I would have probably recovered faster, save a hole lots of time and pain as well instead of repeating in my head where I god dam failed. Love & Passion ~> You fly or crash if love is misunderstood. (Keep reading ~>)

    Alisa Xayalith and Thom Powers have lived somehow a disturbed environment (all band living and travelling together) enough to be impossible to make the Cathexis landing softly toward true love. Love is not a feeling, it is an activity and an investment. Love is, "The will to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth". Love is primarily actions towards nurturing the spiritual growth of another.

    We have to differentiate between love and cathexis. Cathexis is what explains sexual attraction, the instinct for cuddling pets and pinching babies cheeks. However, cathexis is not love. All the same, true love cannot begin in isolation, a certain amount of cathexis is necessary to get sufficiently close to be able to truly love.

    Once through the cathexis stage, the work of love begins. It is not a feeling. It consists of what you do for another person. As Peck says in The Road Less Traveled, "Love is as love does." It is about giving yourself and the other person what they need to grow. It is about truly knowing and understanding them. Now I truly love my partner and it's unconditional, true and way more comfortable. Good luck!

  47. Maarten Toors

    Your music is AWESOME! But the written text over the clips is not. please don't do that anymore.. X

  48. XxwhosrightxX

    This is the music that evokes the soul. It illuminates the way to the truth that we all yearn to see and will of we ONLY listen.

  49. Mihkail Shaun van Rooyen

    The number "2" in the center of the screen at 0:53-0:54 and "nnn" (center of the screen again) at 2:05-2:06.

  50. Rarirama

    alisa is mai waifu

    Natalie Mae

    I just died laughing.

    Quaidworks Entertainment

    Shes cute and has a damn beautiful voice.

    Rich Bordoni

    Yup 😁

  51. Vivian Vick


  52. TNAF Vaccination

    So good. Are those ceramic cake toppers that Are in the suitcase and shown repeatedly?

  53. maddoggnick96

    "2" in the center at 0:53

    Billy Dobbs

    "nnn" at 2:06, dead center.

  54. Adam Levon Brown

    My favorite of the album so far. I love the lyrics and her voice is so calming.

  55. patiodee

    This fucking album. Unreal. Thank you so much.

  56. Tiago Silva

    what is the name of the girl?

    Ariel Barría

    Tiago Silva Alisa Xayalith

    Ariel Barría

    And the model is Zoe Elyse

  57. David isBrosif

    Fantastic I'm getting this album:)

  58. Lee Foy

    I Love Naked And The Famous So Much They Have Such Good Music And Every Album Is Better Each Time Love This Song So Much

  59. the videos that funny Imanni

    you fucking kidding

  60. Rayan Jansen

    So, in this video, we see the couple going to a trip that means they are going to a new life together as a real couple. Then, the video gets agitated but we can see the girl when she is blue becoming red in another words, when she falls in love by complete for him, and then, she is walking by a desert lonely meaning him. She is walking in her feelings for him carrying a handbag that is filled by memories of her girlfriends and the couple, but she still burries herself when she was single in a red light. And then, we see Alisa, and I felt in love (OMG, she is so diva). Later then, we see a blue road shaking with a car going back to the place where they left meaning that she is confused by starting this new life with him.

    Sheepy 16able

    Rayan Jansen this is so confusing 😁😁

  61. Ralph Schützenhofer

    A great song! Absolutly great Text & sound!

  62. The Left Panel

    Nnn?? 2:06

  63. OnexOne

    tnaf keeping the flame of real music alight!

  64. Javier Gómez

    TNAF 😍❤

    Gerardo Perez

    Javier Gómez she is so beautiful

  65. jacoubec

    They are coming to Prague, yaay!

  66. SmoothCriminalAaron

    Do they not make music videos anymore? just lyric videos?

    Zlatko C

    This is just for the initial release. To get out there, so they can control the viewing on YouTube and not some random channels. Real videos will follow.

  67. ChrisCS

    Another song to put on repeat again.... haha

  68. Alex K


  69. עדן אנטופולסקי

    With each new song I'm more excited for the album 😃

  70. Morgan Brittain

    I get the feeling that the girl is running away from a wedding or something.

    Farang Abroad

    Every comment is like me me me but you, you nail it. Thx good answer!

    Morgan Brittain

    I appreciate that man, thanks! Yeah, I've been trying to piece together the story that's going on here, the only problem is that I'm not an artsy person so my interpretation is mediocre at best.

    Farang Abroad

    No no, au contraire, you made it so exact in just couple words. That shocked me :) Cause in fact it's the real story of Alisa & Thom ~

    Morgan Brittain

    @nick nam Really? I had no idea that was the case

  71. 村瀬ゆうほ


  72. Warda Mati

    it's like every new song they release is even greater than the previous one


    mmm, better than "higher"? come on, guy.


    chill guys, music is subjective and these are all great tracks

  73. Warda Mati

    it's like every new song they release is even greater than the previous one

  74. Nizar Lamsiah

    u made my morning thank u ☺

  75. Xiao Lyn

    The next incredible song. How are you doing it?!
    Can't wait to see you in Prague!

  76. ZzTURBOzZ7

    Yehhhhhhhhhhhha I luv u keep up ^.*

  77. Mitchell Masefield

    Amazing as always <3

  78. Timmy Davis

    music to my ears

  79. Sergio Batz

    Awesome song, who's listening years from today.

  80. nico_rico


  81. Mathalamaple

    COME TO ST LOUIS!!!!!!!

  82. GingerSheep

    Higher is by FAR the best song in this album so far in my opinion.

    Justin Baugh

    That movie was awesome! On their Wiki page there is a whole section that lists where the song has been featured, I knew it got a lot of exposure but I didn't realize it had gotten SO MUCH. Good for them, though. I'd like to see these guys in more places in the years to come for sure. Love their style.

    Bryan Hess

    1. Higher 2. Last forever 3. Laid Low 4. Runners 5. Losing Control


    Laid Low is my favorite

    Anti Giraffe

    no love for Rotten ?

    Matthew Peluso

    This whole album is amazing

  83. AKBingo! Brasil


  84. Jellybeanstar674

    Hey um kid if your reading this I wanna hug you 😊

  85. melissa rachel

    I can't wait to see them live next month!!

    Zlatko C

    Where do you live. Can we all come there :)

  86. Daniel Fidelis

    I'm in love with these new songs !!

  87. Kevin Geng

    what songs in this album _don't_ have the line "we're made in simple forms"? love this song though.


    My Energy
    Last Forever
    Losing Our Control
    Laid Low
    The Runners

    Kevin Geng

    ok, got me there...

  88. Jo Miranda

    I dont have favorite song of the new album. But this song.. omg I freaking love it

  89. NodMan

    *_The beat to this song is glorious, and the lyrics are heavenly. Wuv it._*

  90. Carolina A.

    Fantastic! Just great. Thank you guys you're amazing!

  91. david de lima b

    Alisa xayalith you are my golden girl

  92. Llama Enojada

    The best vaporwave style for the best album of the year, thanks TNAF for this piece of ART


    vaporwave doesn't come close to this lol

    Luis Peregrina

    He is a verified account, this leaves the other option in which he is trolling.


    Try Simpson-wave

    The most nostalgic shit I've ever been hit with


    I'm drinking caption and vaping. This sounds great! (does that count?)


    caption LMAO captian? shit I can't speel, proof I'm feeling goood=)

  93. Vermithefirst

    One people has no water beneath :(

  94. Jerry Mendoza

    This album is the best of the year, I love every song ... Thanks a lot of all this beauty in every video, the lyrics and just everything!!!

  95. Shane Zuniga

    im so loving this album