Na Young, Kim - Maze (미로) Lyrics


Nun gamado iksukhaessdeon gil
Ijen nuneul tteodo huimihan i gireun
Bol su eopsneun miroe gathin geot gataseo
Heeonal su eopsneunde meoreojyeoganeun neol
Naega butjabeul suga eopseo

Eoduwojin naui gieoge
Nae hwanhan bicci doeeojwo
Jeomjeom heuryeojineun ni eolgul
Nareul michige mandeureo
Jogeumman nae gyeoteul jikyeojumyeon dwae
Ttaseuhan moksoriro eodun du nuneuro
Dasi arabol su issge neoreul

Sangcheo ibeun naui duballoneun
I miroreul ppajyeonagal sun eopsneun geol
Ilheobeorin neoraneun nalgaereul doechaja
Yeogil beoseonaryeo hae ppajyeonagaryeo hae
Dasi neoui bicceul boyeojwo

Eoduwojin naui gieoge
Nae hwanhan bicci doeeojwo
Jeomjeom heuryeojineun ni eolgul
Nareul michige mandeureo
Jogeumman nae gyeoteul jikyeojumyeon dwae

Jigeum nareul anajwo
Neol neukkil su issge
Meomchwobeorin nareul kkaewojwo

Jebal jebal

Naui soneul nohji marajwo
Yaksokhaessdeon geu gieokdeullo
Nal deryeogajwo neoui gyeoteuro
Dasi sumeul swil su issge
Jogeumman naegyeoteul jikyeojumyeon dwae
Jigeum naege malhaejwo doraol su issge
Negen na hanappunirago
Jebal jebal


눈 감아도 익숙했던 길
이젠 눈을 떠도 희미한 이 길은
볼 수 없는 미로에 갇힌 것 같아서
헤어날 수 없는데 멀어져가는 널
내가 붙잡을 수가 없어

어두워진 나의 기억에
내 환한 빛이 되어줘
점점 흐려지는 니 얼굴
나를 미치게 만들어
조금만 내 곁을 지켜주면 돼
따스한 목소리로 어둔 두 눈으로
다시 알아볼 수 있게 너를

상처 입은 나의 두발로는
이 미로를 빠져나갈 순 없는 걸
잃어버린 너라는 날개를 되찾아
여길 벗어나려 해 빠져나가려 해
다시 너의 빛을 보여줘

어두워진 나의 기억에
내 환한 빛이 되어줘
점점 흐려지는 니 얼굴
나를 미치게 만들어
조금만 내 곁을 지켜주면 돼

지금 나를 안아줘
널 느낄 수 있게
멈춰버린 나를 깨워줘

제발 제발

나의 손을 놓지 말아줘
약속했던 그 기억들로
날 데려가줘 너의 곁으로
다시 숨을 쉴 수 있게
조금만 내곁을 지켜주면 돼
지금 내게 말해줘 돌아올 수 있게
네겐 나 하나뿐이라고
제발 제발

[English translation:]

The path that was familiar even with my eyes closed
Now it seems so blurry even with my eyes open
I feel like I'm trapped in an invisible maze
I can't escape and I can't catch you
When you're getting farther away

Be my bright light in my darkened memories
Your face that is fading more and more drives me crazy
You just need to protect me a little longer
So I can recognize you again
With your warm voice and dark eyes

With my scarred feet
I can't escape this maze
I'm trying to find my lost wings that is you
So I can get out of here
So show me your light again

Be my bright light in my darkened memories
Your face that is fading more and more drives me crazy
You just need to protect me a little longer

Hold me so I can feel you
Wake me up from being frozen

Please, please

Don't let go of my hand
Take me to the familiar memories
So I can breathe again next to you
You just need to protect me a little longer
Tell me right now so I can go back
That I'm the only one for you
Please, please

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    Izamara Reis da silva

    Belíssima música A Love you.


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    I still like her character in dream high.

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    I'm sorry, I forgot which episode number it was! However, it played during the last part of the episode when Lee Jong Suk was shot in the pedestrian lane and Suzy ran to him and cried for help.


    Basically 1:38-1:49 in the video

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