N2U - I Miss You Lyrics

Gave me life
Gave me all my hope and dreams
Oh sweet mama
And now I realize
All the joy you've put inside of me

I miss you
And I want you to know that
I miss you
I really miss you mama
I miss you
Deep in my heart I'm lonely without you mama
I miss you
I want you to know

Ever since you've been gone
I'm feeling so alone
All by myself
I need your help mama
So many days
Memories of your face
Play a song oh...

I miss you
Want you to know that
(I miss you)
Sometimes the world feel like it's on my shoulders
(I miss you)
I still remember the day you said,
'son, you've got to be strong'
(I miss you)
You've got to hold on, hold on
Now I'm holding on
(I miss you)
You put the joy in my heart
I don't mind telling the world
(I miss you)
Everywhere I go, you always in my heart
Oh when I
(I miss you)
When I look in the mirror I see your face
And all I do is see reflections of your eyes
(I miss you)
Oh Sunday morning no,
Sunday morning make us breakfast in the morning
Oh used to sit at the table
Say our prayers together
Ohh, oh mama
(I miss you)
The tears run down my face
Cause there's no one to take your place
(I miss you)
Oh mama, oh I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you
I miss you

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N2U I Miss You Comments
  1. Crystal Rae

    I always listen to this R.I.P momma died easter sunday 4-24-2011 lung cancer and had myotinic dystrophy many passed before her with same her side with myotonic dystrophy but yea 2 months after biopsy gone with cancer diagnosed . hate cancer! She was ok before she went in! This song is so meaninful!

  2. No Name

    Song still brings me chills 💯

  3. Tiny Tiny

    My dad died today. I really miss u daddy.

  4. Monica Ivey

    Amazing song

  5. Aaron Taylor

    Sensitive thugs!!gotta love the 90s

  6. Sabrina Body

    Reading these comments and listening to this song makes me wanna cry....
    I most definitely remember this song

  7. Lynn _1338

    December 8, 2019 and still listening! I'm over here trying to harmonize with them like I can sing lol. Beautiful song. ♥️

  8. Danni-Cheree Lee

    I miss you mommy!!

  9. REBEL

    My mother is 71 yo and still kickin, but I really love this song.

    Lynn _1338

    My mom just turned 70 last month! Love this song ❤️


    Lynn _1338 ❤️❤️❤️ Tell her happy belated birthday. Bringing tears to my eyes, I LOVE MY MOM SO MUCH‼️

    Lynn _1338

    @REBEL me too! And Happy Birthday to your Mom as well 😊

  10. KIZO B

    Miss u Mommy....

  11. Buddah Raw

    Mama Corine I miss you. RIP. Whenever life gets tough , I just remember you and your strength. Damn wish you were here. Love you.

  12. Greg Dodson

    Craig Hill where you at bro?

  13. Sophia Love

    This is my first year without the last time I was withher was Thanksgiving and this song was sent to me and I've been blessed with it ever since

    Sophia Love

    so I made it through year one this song has been a pure blessing for me it hits home directly I can't stop listening to it it keeps my hopes and dreams up knowing that this is how my mama would have wanted it and how she left to go home

  14. GSGExtreme44

    Mom - I had most beautiful dream about you last night - I love you and miss you, always -

  15. Tracey Mitchell

    I cry every time I hear this song I lost my mom Jan 12 2018 laid her to rest Jan 22 my birthday was Jan 20 so you know January is a hard month for me

  16. Tam Dawson

    I miss u, granny watch over me it’s a tough cold world you left me in... I Need U...♥️♥️😢

  17. Shay Wildn


  18. Kristen Olivia

    Who’s listening in 2019????

  19. Charles Jennings

    I Lost my mother & grandmother 30days apart while in prison this song breaks me down I'm shaking as I write this then a aunt same year then my older sis & brother in 2014 so I Kno pain...

  20. Anthony Rupert

    This song STILL tears me up, and my mother is alive and well.

  21. Sabian Hubbard

    My mama died on September 27th 2014. 3 days after my birthday. She died of cancer I miss her so much. I wish she was here on Earth to see the things I'VE done LOVE and I miss you

  22. blacp3arl gemini

    Lost my mother in 2008 then 4 month later my daddy passed.

  23. Stephanie Bush

    No matter who you lose, it hurts so much . I lost the love of my life and everyday hurts so much. Memories of his face...memories in my heart...how do I go on???

  24. MrKrazyKraig

    Today would have been my mother's 52nd Birthday. She passed at 28 years old after a battle with Multiple Sclerosis. I was only 13 years old, she had me very young. I now have my first child and I wish she were here to watch her grow. I even named her after my mother...Rachel. RIP mom, until we meet again. 😔

  25. Raymund Hollins

    I miss my mom baby sister in heaven Rip. Love you'll .

  26. LY JJ

    Tears of great memories and love from you. RIP to my Grandmother Marguerite Warner-Young. You are missed so much!

  27. Victor Kaunda

    i used to love this song , still have those sweet memories of my mum

  28. Mike Midi

    Damn,I miss you,pop.

  29. Really Simple77

    AMÉN! Nothing else needs to be said.

  30. Adub nostalicking

    RIP Princess Diana the mother of Prince William and Harry if this song had been played at Princess Diana's funeral it would've been a huge hit

  31. Adub nostalicking

    RIP Afeni Shakur 2Pac's mother

  32. Cola Man

    I have been searching for this song for so many years. .Oh God I'm so happy now

  33. Average Jones

    Song hit harder when it happen to you. Miss you momma #RIH

  34. Ralph G.

    If u here in 2019 like please!

  35. fatima eaton

    i lost mom on may 27 .2019

  36. Ebony Strother

    2019 stll listening

  37. nbattle1999

    2005 I was 27 when I lost my best friend and it still hurts... and i just ran across this song at work... and now here I am sitting at my desk with tears running. I miss you mommy

  38. Tough Shit

    I remember watching this on the box..0.99 a video...

  39. Queen Beauty KametraG.

    When you lose thw love of your life, you lose your better half... When you losw your your mama you lose grip on life... I need you and miss you both. #KingAce/Grandma/Mama I don't mind telling the world. Besides my faze5 y'all ar2 and will always be the 💘 if my life. The babies miss you both.

  40. Aleatha Jeffries

    I think this is the most beautiful song ever, it gives me joy when I think about my mama cause I know she is smiling down on me , chuckie thank you for making this beautiful song! You are a great singer, songwriter & producer!

  41. Valerie Sloan

    I love this song. Thank you!!

  42. Shameka Thomas

    Love this song 2019

  43. Jason Johnson

    Damn this song gets me every time 😢

  44. Laquechia Morris

    I lost my mom November 10, 2018 the worst time of my life 😢 an what hurt the most was I was locked up. A year later an I'm still hurting 😔😢 it's like my heart was cut an stomped on... please pray for me

  45. Dee Martin

    I remember the first time I heard this song MANY years ago... But with my mom gone now it means so much more. #beautifulsong

  46. carletha wells

    Rip Carrie Doherty my mom

  47. Lance Richardson

    RIP Barbara Nutt imu

  48. D'ciple Lieutenant

    To my grandmother's Fannie Tucker & Mattie Whitehead

  49. Meghan Williams

    I haven't heard this song since the 90's, and I remember how good those background harmonies sounded...I send peace, love, light, and healing to all of you in the comments, living life without your beloved mothers. I have a heart for you all.💜💜💜

  50. Teetee

    Thank God everyday for mines while I have her... it’s a blessing I will not take for granted to those dat lost theirs I’m willing to share mines she’s a jewel..

  51. Dwop 1971

    Blessings. Damn this song deep

  52. Nathan M.

    Love never dies. That love you're missing right now, it's still there, just open your heart and feel it.❤

  53. Courtney Williams

    2k19. Im trying to hold on mama

  54. desiree moreno

    RIP momma 11-59~5-18 I hope I make you proud everyday

  55. #Here's Your TRIGGERWARNING

    They look like the nigga turtles after Raphael got beat up

  56. Blac Boi

    To everybody who commented that lost their rock, their soul, their mother my deepest condolences.

  57. Gabriel Gee

    Wow this is my first time hearing this song and it's hard to see through my tears. My mother passed away 4 months ago. Long story short, her drs told me almost 9 years ago to start planning her funeral. I'm her oldest son and she was not only my mother but she was my father too as well as my best friend. The drs called a meeting between myself and hospice. During the meeting, the hospice lady told me that they would make mom comfortable in her transition. That word transition stuck in my head. I resigned from my computer engineering job and brought my mother home. Mom couldn't walk or talk. She had a trach in her neck. I learned how to clean and maintain that and she was on dialysis. My mother lived 9 years after being given 2 weeks. God is a miracle worker and she is truly missed. Thank you for that beautiful song. Blessings and love, Gabriel

    SouthSide Bankroll

    RIP ta your Mom 💔🙏 I can't imagine losing my Grandma I'm very scared but I can't show that I am when I'm around my family. Especially my siblings they're still young and my daughter is only 4 she's all we have. God bless you sir

    Gabriel Gee

    @SouthSide Bankroll God bless you as well and it's truly ok to cry. Stay encouraged. My prayers are with you. Blessings and Love

    SouthSide Bankroll

    @Gabriel Gee If it's not too personal.. may I ask how do you get thru it sir? I've been stressed out

    Gabriel Gee

    @SouthSide Bankroll It's definitely not too personal. I had to constantly pray because remember I said that I resigned from my job so the bills kept coming. If I never knew that there were a God up above, I definitely know it know because it was hard but now that I look back, God always made a way. Learn as much as you can about your love ones condition and be that rock for them. I didn't know anything much about sick people but I learned how to take care of mom's trach, her medication (32 pills a day) her Dialysis and all 9 of her doctors. In about a year my mom walked again. The drs were amazed because they counted her out but God had other plans. Every day past those 2 weeks that they gave mom was a blessing. Don't get me wrong, I still cry because my heart is hurting but I know that she is in a better place. She thanked me before she passed away for taking care of her and not putting her in a nursing home. I told her that it was my pleasure and if I had to do it all over again, I WOULD. She smiled and closed her eyes.

  58. Watching TESHA


  59. BigRice79

    I’m dreading the day...
    Losing my father, last year, has me STILL in an emotional whirlwind. When moms passes. You might as well throw m in the dirt

    SouthSide Bankroll

    I feel da same if I lose my Grandma I would lose it but I can't show my siblings that

  60. Rashida Hankins

    That's too bad.

  61. Michela Carter

    RIH Carolyn I love you and miss you so much mama 1961- 2019

  62. ivory Warner

    If I can have 1 more day moma😢

  63. Michael Young

    This song is a little odd, but it does reflect my feelings pretty hard. My mom passed june of this year, and it hurts so much

  64. gerardo sandoval

    Man my heart is still heartbroken and i love all my family till end of crossroads and i miss my grandpa who passed away b4 i didn't even get meet him and i still crying

  65. love and peace cooltimes

    2019 still listening to this

  66. Amina Danlami

    Love this song

  67. keturahlove4500

    I’m trying to start my day off NOT crying lol

  68. a anaya

    Touched my heart😢🌹

  69. Curtis Evans


  70. K3LLZ215

    I miss u

  71. amanderson1979

    8 years post mom...I still can't deal💔💔💔

  72. Christopher Quan

    Whatever happened to this group??? By the way I love the meaning of this song.

  73. Derrick Vann

    Lost my mom October 2018 been ruff they say you never get over it but we just keep going I loved my mom so much ... thanks for this song I pray for you all ....

  74. Rashida Hankins

    Anything for attention

  75. Kenshiro Fist

    2019 still listening

  76. Tracy Booker


  77. Seldom Seen

    Beautiful song!

  78. Sydney Allen

    Love this song but makes me sad about my mom lost her in February 2019

  79. Gemini Shade

    Makes me cry and I still have my mother

  80. Bradley Ramsey

    It brought tears to my eyes, my mom passed on my wife and I anniversary May 3, 2011 R.I.H Mama

  81. Maria Griffin

    Love you mama miss you so much I do I cry for you I'm so lonely with out you mama now I'm holding on you put the joy in my heart miss you mama oh mama tears falling down my face love you mama Maria

    Sinn walker

    Hold on and take the blessing she taught you... and shine


    These boys from Jerz, we got mad talent for such a small state

  83. Love Faithfulness

    I miss my momma my heart long for her😭😭😭😭💔💔

  84. sunset moonlight

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋Forever I miss you mama deep. ❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕😔😔😔💕💕💕

  85. Bully Free

    2019 STILL HURTS💔💔💔

  86. Jevon Williams

    I wanna decated this song to grandma and my aunt who aint here

  87. Mike Storey

    Whew...this song brings on the tears still...so glad I found this...

  88. Edgar Avelar

    Very very very Beautiful words and song

  89. Tauvaga Poialii

    Boy when you step out that front door. You know how you represent? Yes pops and you of course. She still live Cuz I'm still here Strong and blessed. Thought by Queens and raised by Kings. That's what makes me the man today

  90. Leshell Thomas

    Beautiful Song , My Grandmother just past away and when I listen to this song I think of her.😖 RIP 🌹

  91. dartanya gilmore


  92. Kresha Sivils

    Lost My Mom April 25th 2017 and My Granny March 21st 2018.. God Knows how Much I Miss Them..😢😢

  93. Kyle Watson


  94. Nicole Oneal


  95. Antwain Brown

    YOOO 2019 who with me 💕💕💕


    Yes I do .... miss you terribly Momma.

  97. Olivia-m _k Tarantola

    Been in the same position..
    Hurts still..peace.