N-Dubz - Secrets Lyrics

Dappy turn my mike up

Today is the day that I'm gonna tell
Just a little 'bout myself
All of these haters they don't understand me
They can't touch the pain I felt

I wish I could show them all of my secrets
And they might see through me
But if I tell my secrets or expose my weakness
I can let 'em tear through me

Mummy had problems, daddy couldn't solve them
Won't stop they just add to her pain
Daddy it's okay, I still love you
Because you show me love in every way

Mummy I'm sorry for not always caring
I got so lost when you weren't around
Since I was a young girl I kept us related
I don't trust so I won't get let down

So who could be behind my smile
I'm crying out and I'm left without a hand

T, no you ain't, you can tell us anything
We'll advise you in every way
One more thing, for those who don't know we is family
We've known each other since we were babies

So I guess it's just another one of them days
I got bills to pay, studez to rent
Girl problems plus an album due within nine days

Stress to the brain, mumsie's going through so much pain
Every time I get paid money to Elaine
One more and you'll open you eyes to a blacked out range

Gunshots, knife attacks
Seems like I'm living in a life of attacks
Government bills, dogdgy deals
Leads to another life, crime on wheels

I'm so broke that it's no joke
Surrounded by addicts who be on coke
If I really wanted to I make money off them
Block in the morning on the move by ten

I write them hits in my head
Don't need no time for paper and pen
I sell my demos in boxes of ten
Won't stop me unless you're a dirty bill

It's like yesterday
Fifteen hooded up thirteen years olds in Westie
Were the bester days can you relate
Young black boys from council estates

Rolling around the ends twenty man strong
Pour some Hennessey for every man gone
I know I ain't sent no letters but still
Free hash, free deal, I'm not for much longer

Ever since I was a young and I found it hard to find my way
Thats why I don't trust, so I won't get let down

So who could be behind my smile
I'm crying out, I'm left without a hand

T, no you ain't, you can tell us anything
We'll advise you in every way
One more thing, for those who don't know we is family
We've known each other since we were babies

Oh, I went from not wanting to live life no more
To appreciating every breath I take
If it wasn't for the music I probably won't be here
That's why I pray to God every day

Dreaming of days when I could just fly away
I'm trying to stay strong but after today I'm feeling down
So who could be behind my smile
I'm crying out, I'm left without a hand

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N-Dubz Secrets Comments
  1. Harley O'Rourke

    Listening 2020 been listening since 2003

  2. Layla Louise

    The only reason why ndubz split up is because they let money control their mind 🤨

  3. Charchar2492 Natalie

    i used to love this song love n dubs

  4. Brinsley forrester

    Still listening in 2019 n dubz killed it!!!!

  5. Kayley Obrien

    Listening 2019 ❤️

  6. Prosha Doski

    2019 Yh cool

  7. Kayleigh Birch

    2019 still a banger!

  8. Aamila Miah

    Im still here. Loyal fan for ten years

  9. Shaira Joy Naval

    2019 :)

  10. Matthew Lewis

    11years old remember playing this on my Sony Ericsson Walkman what happen to my Teen days this song still rocks hard

  11. Demi Lyus

    December 2018 anyone? 🎧

    Alex Housley

    Demi Lyus 👊🏻

  12. Joshua Lee

    10 years later

  13. Trudy Parker

    Wishing I was 15 again

  14. Chloe Wallace

    Still love these tunes. 2018!!

  15. Kali Wilkie

    One of the best N-Dubz songs. 2018 anyone?

  16. Georgie Robjant

    jeez who is still listening to this in 2018

  17. Daniel Knight

    2018 oooosh woop woop

  18. Mello Jello

    Damn this takes me back some years 😯

  19. karl gunter

    Listening to 2018

  20. Sarah Tenaglia

    this song still gets me through don't no bout anyone else

  21. Semion Walker

    One of my favourite all-time N-Dubz songs. Absolute tune! Uncle B was an absolute masterpiece

  22. Trudy Parker

    2017 December

    Merry Xmas every one

  23. Aoife Ward

    best tune xx

  24. Bailey Leigh

    Listening in 2017🤤🤷‍♀️

  25. ell ell

    Who's listing in November 2017 like if you's miss N dubz 👍🎶 🎶

    M W

    ell ell I’m listening 2019 and I miss em like crazy much

  26. Liz DeStefano

    2017 still strong! Love ndubz! Reunion going to be legendary!

  27. Rebecca Wilton

    love n dubz still in 2017 can't beat it brings back good memories.

  28. Ellie Harvey

    N-Dubz are the best

  29. Haven Burrell

    who the fuck is cutting dam onions

  30. char x

    love ndubz

    Paige Higgins

    They good

  31. Elena Kozlowski-lloyd

    who's sill listing in 2017

  32. Hollie Anna

    They need to get back together NOW!

    Aishah Jackson

    Hollie Anna aggred

    Fall3n S0lharer

    This is before they let money get to there heads

  33. Lauren McBride

    listening in 2017!!! 😅


    Its a classic

    Jon B

    Lauren McBride daily!

    Shannon Latham

    2018 over hereeee

    M W

    Lauren McBride 2019!💛

  34. Violet B123

    mic not Mike. thx. Mike is short for Michael. whereas mic is short for microphone

  35. BBK BOI

    adulthood anyone?

  36. Paul Sumner

    n dubz need to get back together dappy good solo

  37. Vinny B

    yea still big

  38. Cartèlea Howell

    Tulisa had some vocals on her.

    Dray Hudson

    if know what i mean 😎

  39. MakeupByAbbie

    Who's still listening to this in 2016

    Talia Nichols

    abbieandherdogs what about 2017?

    Ellie Harvey

    Talia Nichols I'm listing is 2017

  40. lilbigz80

    Its Mic Not Mike!

  41. Danielle Farmer

    There's mistakes in this!!


    +Danielle Farmer nuff mistakes

  42. Man_lyk_ay Yacoob

    Like this song 👻💯💯

  43. J-Man88UK

    dappy and fazers bit is sikk!

  44. Trippy Hippie

    I love this song still to this day

  45. Zinco

    bare mistakes in this

  46. A Gray

    Bout time this song got a million views.... Been listening from day it land... To day youtube crashes!!!!

  47. Blush and Bride Co MUA

    So Look behind my smile

  48. Blush and Bride Co MUA

    Lyrics are wrong😂😂😂

  49. Krystal Fitzgerald

    love this song! stilling playing in 2015<3

    Matthew Mason

    Same <3 n-dubz

  50. Abby Norley

    Go ndubz wish they were back together they were such a good band miss em so much xoxox

    Fails channel

    Abby Norley init

  51. Megs Hardss

    These lyrics are wrong 😂

    Joyce Jenkins

    What are you going on about , she wrote this song about her mum that has mental health problems
    If you listen to it properly you might just understand that

    Chloe Stafford

    Joyce Jenkins I think they meant the person who made this video wrote the lyrics wrong.

    Rosie Hillier

    The spelling is wrong that's what they mean

  52. Austin Mitchell


  53. Louis Philippe

    Raw heart to heart sharing. It's great Tulisa used her pain to enrich her music like so many great singers before her. All the best for the future Tulisa my love, things are looking up now

  54. Jordan Sterling

    Still listening in 2014

    Bitchface Hopkins


    Jodaan Bhana

    Jordan Sterling 2017 😉

  55. seran Kerrison

    Love Tulisa's voice wish i could sing like her. 

  56. ilove mypants


  57. ilove mypants

    This song is so true<3

  58. Kelsie Buckeley

    Nuff luv for dis song x

  59. destiny carson-uchea

    Love this song

  60. Melanie Manor

    Theyre Getting Back Together Theyre On A Break

  61. Stares p

    repect that.

  62. Jeffrey Reid

    Love u forever N-Dubz, get back together, you guys are awesome and the US needs you to show them the great music that is out there, come to NY please, love you guys! :)

  63. Danciu Gabriel

    Tulisa, in my opinion, its one of greatest artists in music. She looks good, she got amazing voice and talent...

  64. jayde robinson

    my best song! the lyrics mean so, so much to me its untrue every time i listen to this song without a fail brings a tear to my eye. its so crazy how much this song reminds me of my life 'especially tulisa's lyrics at the start' exsacally what has happened in my life. tulisa is deffiently a role model to kids like me! my role model by far dont care what people have got to say! this woman, dappy and fazer are the most inspirational singers by far! i love them.

  65. kayla hicken

    no one knows alot about fazer mum so u cant say that his mum was fine when u dont know

  66. Imperial 025

    im guesing evry like faze aint it so that comment aint gonna go down well but if u think bout it it is true tho ---->

  67. Imperial 025

    "mumsie going thru lots of pain!" get real fazer your mum was fine y the fuck did she go thru pain,it was tulisa mum u only said that coz u didnt have any prob of ur own i mean dappy dad died tulisa had one mother fing hell of a life so no offence but wt happened to u fazer ....wer waiting serioucley tell me !??

  68. kayla hicken

    they r getting back together

  69. cutiee1999

    this song really touched me :'(

  70. Lisa Fisher

    T rote it when she was 13 yrs old really miss n-dubz

  71. Lisa Fisher

    Luv it soooo much lol

  72. Molly Butterworth


  73. Ariana grande

    amazing song:) xxxxxxx<3 but the lyrics are: '' I kept iscolated'' xxxx!<3

  74. Niamh Mulholland

    they getting back this year

  75. Imperial 025

    Her parents divorced when she was nine and her mother,with who she lived in a one-bedroom council flat,suffered an ilness causes extreme mood swings,delusions and paranoia.“I was 11 and my mum expected me to be her emotional support,”she said, “but I didn't really understand what that was.It was incredibly tough.Frequently shunted of to relatives whenever her mother was sectioned,she was a tense.withdrawn child and an unstable teenager who twice attempted suicide.“I don’t think I wanted to die”

  76. Tulisa Constavalos

    its im crying DADDY not out

  77. bryonyravenhall96

    relates to my life

  78. Sean Rolfe

    well siad.

  79. Ellie Jones

    friggin hell that is an emotional song but amazing at the same time xx

  80. kat sherred

    they are getting back together this year x

  81. Martina Bee

    thumbs up if you're listening in 2013 :)

  82. Jammyy :]

    2013 now haha ;)!!

  83. scar contostavlos

    it's : since I was a young girl I kept iscolated. ~ or however you spell it:)

  84. reece callow

    No... im listening to this in 2017 dipshit

  85. taylor carroll


  86. Calum G


  87. Rasmina Begum

    I miss n-dubz

  88. Michael Nolan

    dont worry, they soon b bk together :)

  89. Bethan Smallman


  90. Maribel Melendez

    I love NDUBS this song and NA NA Na is one of my ultament favs... 2 thumbs up

  91. xbox875


  92. Anisa

    Im gonna listen to this till i die

  93. Beth Grace

    its 'so look behind my smile'

  94. neka berisa

    love this song as well