Myka, Relocate - Revolve Lyrics

These will not be the parting words
This will be everything
That we're fighting for
So while your head's down
We'll turn the tables around

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Myka, Relocate Revolve Comments
  1. Kyle Anthony

    It only sounds like MMF because their producer mixed this record

  2. danteisbrutal

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh siknezz

  3. iZiahs

    Fkn Sick

  4. NoHope7

    They sound like Memphis May Fire. Fine by me


    Yeah, the guitar is highly Memphis may firey 


    yeah don't even deny that screams sound like matty's too.

    Eyes For The Blind: Project Love

    true. with better lyrics in my opinion.

  5. steven aaron

    Friend I can upload your video on my channel and share with the Peru so this song will be liked lejosles eschuchado more
    deacuerdo? ......... whether or not

  6. .::METAL.MATT::...:

    Sounds like MMF

  7. Billy Mulligan

    Aww yeah!

  8. Venelin Iliev

    One of the best bands in the world here!!!