Myka, Relocate - Darker Lyrics

My eyes attempt to focus impending form. What would you have me say?
My eyes attempt to focus on something more than this.
And you find this hard to believe
That somethings living inside of me
And your speaking only of bravery
While holding their tongues.

You find this hard to believe, what would you have me say?
They scream and curse me dead, unless I follow.

My eyes attempt to focus impending form. What would you have me say?
Now your speech is finally over
Over when this all seemed so real to me.

You hold your place while they take hits at you
While in a form they seem so used to.

My eyes attempt to focus impending form. What would you have me say?
Now your speech is finally over
Over when this all seemed so real to me.

They watch you anchor me to them, they’re calling my name
Anchor me to them, they're calling out.

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Myka, Relocate Darker Comments
  1. Myka Kinsinger

    I love this song!!! Best band ever!!! Even better that we share the name Myka makes its 100% better!

  2. Zach Good

    Michael Swank's voice is amazing. He's a talented guy.

  3. Harry Potter

    Fucking love this song 😍

  4. Lou

    Easily their best song

  5. Ethan Cooper

    Don't question me but sounds like A Skylit Drive back in their Fearless days..

  6. Matthew Urie

    Why didn't this song make it to the album?? :( it's honestly their best

  7. Ryan Nelson

    It bothers me so much that they didn't put this song on their album. This was my favorite.


    i agree it bothers the hell out of me >.<

  8. SilversteinRescue

    Why didn't they rerecord this for the album?? I knew something was missing but I couldn't put my finger on it......I always liked this song better than Cold War so that baffles me why they wouldn't put em all on there

  9. Taylor King

    2:35 my gawwwd!

  10. Daniel Perez

    Those highs...fucking outstanding at 2:13...

  11. Dylan Andrews

    I hate how just because this singer hits high notes, they're compared to SWS or ASD.. I hear no resemblance whatsoever.. I hear Myka, Relocate.

  12. Jonny Cabanossi

    you're not i heard it too haha

  13. Kratos The Antichrist

    Which MMF? Make Me Famous or Memphis May Fire? O.o

  14. dcbcballer24s

    This is no where near MMF or ASD, lol.

  15. Matt Gillespie

    this is better than A Skylit Drive.

  16. Jake Rankin

    Oh my god O.o

  17. Collin Mitchell

    how do you do program those effects in the beggining?

  18. SilversteinRescue

    no where really they took it off everything

  19. xihaddreams

    where can i listen to their old stuff? :O

  20. xihaddreams

    1:57 anyone else hear the "hey"? lol or am I going crazy

  21. A little salty

    this sounds like myka relocate good job lol

  22. xihaddreams

    Alright band but their name is kinda lame.

  23. SilversteinRescue

    it is unoriginal. theyre old shit was really original, but since theyve replaced vocalists theyve been going for a really generic sound. oh well, i still like this song :D

  24. Tristen Walthall


  25. SilversteinRescue

    to be honest im a much bigger fan of their old stuff. and of monsters ep was the shitttt

  26. SilversteinRescue

    john ritter screams exactly like the vocalist of miss may i

  27. Anthony Cotogno

    You guys rule, hurry with the album please :)

  28. Nick Blake

    near the end it sounded like MMF. so sickk!!

  29. Nick Blake

    2:21 sounds like kellin :)

  30. Christian PlaysGuitar

    @Greatdevil55 Oh yeah I listened to them and I didn't like them as much as this band, not nearly as much.

  31. The Loading Bar

    @AGuitarPlayer777 did you listen to skip the foreplay? i kinda just went the merch table thats when i talked to john lol

  32. Christian PlaysGuitar

    @Greatdevil55 Sorry it took me so long to reply. Yeah man Oh, Sleeper, Falling In Reverse, and Myka Relocate were all freaking amazing. I love this band.

  33. The Loading Bar

    @AGuitarPlayer777 i was there!:D, talked to John and hes pretty damn kool!>:D

  34. Christian PlaysGuitar

    Just saw this band live last night, they're so AMAZING.

  35. Jake Jones

    This sounds like A Skylit Drive so much, good job