Mya - Fugitive Of Love Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I've always said that I would never love again
I'm dealing with a heart that won't mend
And shut down and eventually hardened
Until you came around and loved the way you do
You're wondering why I don't see
And I wont let your love take over me

I'm just looking for ways
To keep from falling
You get close everyday
But I just run and try to hide
I really need to get away
But I keep stalling
And you just keep on keep on
Pushing me closer to the edge

Give up..
I gotta surrender
Can't stop running like a
Fugitive from your love [x2]
Times up
I'm a breath too late
I'm caught running like a
Fugitive from your love [x2]

[Verse 2:]
Blame it on countless lies
Deceit and disappointments
Somehow someway I tend to believe
That you can't heal that part of me
Maybe you're something special
Making you seem unreal
So I go out my way to make sure
You don't know how I really feel



[Verse 3:]
Now you can steal me with one tender kiss
Or heal me with your touch
You can mend my broken pieces
And wont say that it's too much
So even though I'm running from your love
I can't go too far
So lock me up in chains & shackles
Surround my heart with iron bars


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Mya Fugitive Of Love Comments
  1. She-Ra Princess of Power

    Love you Mya xx

  2. LouWeEv7

    She went HAM on this one. Sing it Mya