Mya - Can't Believe Lyrics

You told me that you didn't love her anymore, oh
Then you turn around and you walked out the door, oh
Whether you go or if you stay babe
I'll still be loving you any way
I know I just can't stand the pain

And I can't believe
That she's the one you really love
And I can't believe
That she has your heart
Cause it seems to me
She's the one that you're thinking of
And I can't believe that he is gone
And she's the one who took your love away

I can't believe it's true
That you're not in my life, life
So tell me what did we go wrong, ooh baby
So now that you're gone
All I do is count the days
I'm sorry that you didn't wanna stay
But I will be loving you any way, hey


Sooner or later you're gonna see
The mistake you've made baby
And you're gonna run back to me
And you never should've made me cry
And boy let me tell you why
Cause you had the best, the very best
That's why I can't believe that you've gone away

[Chorus til end]

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Mya Can't Believe Comments
  1. Likedbymany

    this song just randomly popped up in my head while i was looking for my firetv remote lmao. I got through the whole song before i came to listen.good song.

  2. Othella Young

    I can't believe 💅😇

  3. Nadia Zenati

    Whos’ listening in 2019?

  4. Marlene Taylor

    zy war and your money

  5. Chasma Gourley

    beautiful song...never gets old

  6. Felissa Mchardy


  7. Cassie Cunningham

    i love mya 🎶

  8. Alyssa Wilkinson

    reminds me of my Ex . he Left me for my Friend . .

    Dumoh Nandi

    Wtf...both of them were foul sorry. I guess that's 2 traitors out of your life.

    Angel Johnson

    Dumoh Nandi yeah

  9. Angel Hannah1

    the first guy i ever loved turned out to love someone else. I suspected it all alone. That someone else was my ex best friend. so sad. this song is the right fit for that situation.

  10. Forever Crafted

    Kaait nice song you put up the lyrics for


    Another Anthem Hit!....Anthem/ Anthems Way wrote the song. Always was one of my favorites

  12. Khar Mellah

    damn, this is EXACTLY what happened... he left me to go back to her and then we had a son, and then 3.5 years later he married me and now we have a daughter and i can't help but wonder if he still loves her or wishes that they'd worked out, seeing how i will always feel like i'm just his back up... all these years later, even being his wife

    Naseema Sunshine

    Khar Mellah Wow that's deep... Look sis you got the better end off the deal.. Trust.... YOU ARE THE WIFE NOW.... Despite what may have ever happened early on. He could've just kept you as the girlfriend and never married you.. I wish I could've could've found your comment early on..

  13. Chinaedu Nwadibia

    @1strbttrfly im having that same reflection right now

  14. mizz archie

    this is my jam!..i remember listening to this since i was 17yrs old n now im in my mid 25's..ha! i cry everytime i hear this song..i remember all the bs i had gone through with 2 was when i was about to 17..he broke up with n went back to his ex.after a yr later i met my 1st love,date for 2 yrs..then he left me for something i didnt understand.2yrs later got back then broke up 2 months later..then he calls me to say he is married n got some hoe pregnant...i was heart broken for 8 yrs

  15. Rania Al-Kofi

    After everything that you did, how can I miss you?

  16. imalwaysjustme1

    i can relate this so much. he told me otherwise, but now i realize she's the one for him and not me.

  17. Sheka Riley

    luv this song

  18. Lique Her

    My Ex Told Me EVERTHING She Just Said In The Beginning of This Song ! Then Went Back To His Other Ex( Who Cheatd On Him &- Played Him).....Wonderful :(

  19. Leesa Bz

    I haven't heard this song in years. Fear of Flying was a great album, thanks for posting.

  20. Cierra F.

    samething happened 2 me

  21. bronzed Tone

    @TheJasminelove1 sad.... *frown*

  22. chris moore

    This Song Signafies Mya As A true Vocalist!!!!!!!

    Angel Johnson

    chris moore yes

  23. meejmom vang

    omg.. this song is so old.. reminds me of the old days.. love it..

  24. msbluey1988

    This song means so much to me x its so beautiful

  25. Myla Pope

    my fiancee and I just split, he wanted another woman over me... I gave him everything i had, dropped everything I was doing bc i loved him. And now, *crys* he's gone. I.... ty for posting this, its been helping me thru this whole week. Thank you so much, its gonna take me a long time to get over the void in my life.

    Naseema Sunshine

    I pray you are better now sister...

    Kaashima Mix

    I love this song💯💯

  26. Courtney Stanford


  27. Melissa Medina


    its just a song,,,dont take it so searious lol

  28. Sapphire Irie

    @sexysweet87 i fell yew

  29. beforrealyea

    check my rnb channel!

  30. Ladie Jae

    haha fanklitschko madee my dayy LOL funny shyt.

  31. Taylor S

    wOw i'm goiin thru thiss right now =[
    prettyy song

  32. andmixchick13

    lmao im goinq through da same thing !!!

  33. siempje

    reminds me of my ex :'(

  34. Amanda Holloman

    can anybody help me???
    ok my "best friend" supposely was "hangin out" with this dude that i REALLY REALLY liked. he calld me the next day&told me that he asked her do she like him&she responded that he was suppose to be hers but i took him from her (which did not happen like that.we were in class&he looked at me so i smiled&from there we had been talkin or whatever) so who is n the wrong&what should i do????

  35. Auriel Heath

    thiis song so so hot. iits hurts so much for ya guy to fall for somebody else. go head MYA

  36. wdedede brown

    i love this song

  37. daja crutchfield

    fear of flying

  38. LickMyHomo

    im so n luv wit disz song..Cam ii wish u understund how much ii reallii wanted u 2 stay..

  39. Anonymous

    1st tym hearin this song.Love it!

  40. dreamsrtru1

    this is the shyt to this day!!!!!Luv mya

  41. jessithehuman

    i was singing this song so hard
    and i was okayy til the last chorus and i just burst into tears
    apparentlyy im not as okayy with wat im going thru as i thought

    terance tarpkins

    jessithehuman omg right I'm going through it now

  42. oyinade125

    i need 2 put this song on ma ipod quickly sound similar to pain by jhene.

  43. oyinade125

    tru say

  44. oyinade125

    i heard this song sum wer.. maybe in a movie. i dnt kno
    buh i luv his song
    i can defiently hear it.

  45. deshae tucker

    I feel you man i swear!

  46. deshae tucker

    OMFG!!!! I thought i was the only on who felt that way!

  47. Cusp_Of_Magic

    Aww, I love this song, but everytime I hear it I be wanting to cry!!!:(

  48. brooklie Na

    this is a good song

  49. Tara S

    girls, your love is worth more.
    ive been through it all & it fukn sucks so do urself a favour and have som dignity, try to move on..
    they're not worth what we are, because were like princesses, & we deserve a prince who treats us right! :)

  50. Ty Beatz

    ilove this song

  51. Torrie Humes

    this i think everyone can relate to this at some point and time in their life.

  52. XxFlyyIndividualxX

    when I hear this song..I think of my ex.
    one week after our break-up he got new girl.
    obviously he was already talkin to her.
    but its over and done and ive moved on.
    im still by myself and he's still with her
    but Im not gonna dwell on it, but it bring back so many memories.

  53. Veronica Santana-Perez

    I love this song because I know who ever my ex-boyfriend ends up with they will be singin this song

  54. NatiBaby5671

    Dam my ex!!

  55. Honey Zee

    so sad///
    reminds of memories.,,

  56. erickgs3

    great song, thanks