My Morning Jacket - Picture Of You Lyrics

I've got the ocean blue
I've got a picture of you with green green eyes
And a cocaine smile
And a little worry anymore

I've got a house in a court
I've got a car and a door and a big left arm
And a little worry anymore
'Cause I tried, I did

Sorry, you know I'm sorry
You know I'd give you anything on a dime
Sorry again, cut your little head
But sorry don't mean nothin' on a dime

You don't say I'll wait up
You don't say I'll wait up
You don't say I'll wait up

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My Morning Jacket Picture Of You Comments
  1. BG Cane

    I’ve had the original vinyl of The Tennessee Fire since I first saw MMJ at Bonnaroo in 2003 and Jim and Tom were the only ones that played on this record but what makes Jim’s lyrics so great are the way they were recorded!! In a old hollow still in Kentucky!! Great album the debut Lp

  2. Andrew Marrer

    good song. it is big black dor right?

  3. Shyra M

    I like this song

  4. Debbie Herring

    my most favorist of all

    Paul Pearson

    mine too

    Brad W

    Debbie Herring the word "favorist" is a inside joke with me and my uncle it cracked me up to see someone else use it😁

  5. Eric Jackson

    It shouldn't even take reconsideration. "At Dawn" is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

  6. Christiaan Vanbergen

    you should at least reconsider 'at dawn'.

  7. JamieBarnes11

    The only album by them I like... However it may be my favourite album of all time

  8. mu gen

    yay zero dislikes!

  9. Blu-Tube

    Easily their best album. Picked it up on vinyl a couple of months back. So great!

  10. koltan gerrard

    @purphanz Dunno bro...

  11. Bryan Bahantka

    Why would a girl keep a picture of me after all the times that I've said that I like her, and all the times she turns me down?

  12. Naomiel

    Love this song!

  13. boatsandplanes

    thanks for posting this