My Favorite Highway - They Tried To Kill Chivalry, But We Brought It Back Lyrics

Let me know if you want to be alone
Can't find your heart, whoa
Improve what you aren't
And fake what you can, whoa

Take this, baby, embrace this
I need you like I hate this
Why can't you face this?
Who said that we were over?
You call it closure
But you don't even know her
Pulling me closer

All my friends are sinking slowly

Take me, bend me, no, break me
I need you like your love
I need your love, I need your love
And you should know by now
You need to take a deep breath before you let it out
Hey, there you are
You want to talk about devotion
Keep this in motion
It's easy when you just drown out the lights
And use what you ignore

You'd say anything to get inside my head

Debut the situation and beg me to wait for this
But you refuse me
'Cause see, I am not your family
It doesn't matter if we're closing all the doors
If you can stand for anymore

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My Favorite Highway They Tried To Kill Chivalry, But We Brought It Back Comments
  1. Emma Molenaar

    I'm not crying you are

  2. LurkNo More

    He has some major talent. He does all this singing while playing keyboard!

  3. chowcat15

    Best song ever!!! Bigger than Love and this song are their best ones! -3 :)

  4. Jamie Rule

    I am so sad that they broke up :(

  5. Meghan Shea

    im soo happy i randomly came accross this song !
    its like my favourite song now :)

  6. whatev53

    Ehh, I don't like this o_o Their latest album is much better. I like their songs with softer melodies. Bigger Than Love was the best song by them. This, uh I don't know what to say. It doesn't sound like them at all and like they're trying too hard. Eek.

  7. Krypikins

    damn ive been trying to find tabs for it on the internet and there absolutely NONE! i love this song too

  8. Koemal Akhtar

    to be fair they dont sound like the jonas brothers and they couldnt as the jonas brothers came out after my favourite highway so if anything it would be the jonas brothers sound like y favourite highway!!!! even thoo they dont lol
    so just take the jonas brothers out of this convo lol theyre lamee

  9. Alexandria Calopiz

    Compare this to Bigger Than Love and its just like 0_o

  10. Elicia Dewhirst

    i met him at the the cheap date tour concert in st.paul he is so cute pat is so sweet he gave my friend a shirt that was 20$ for 15$ that so nice there adoriable amazing in concert add i love the way he says baby

  11. Lizzy Dalling

    i Love this song!!

    ps: whats the font you used?

  12. mariexox15


    and yes i love this video good job Daveeindeed

  13. mariexox15

    yeah exactly!! I think its an honor to be signed onto a major label.

  14. arcune

    i don't understand how they sound like the jonas brothers. i see no resemblance, honestly.

    i love how he always has a tone of voice while he's singing, like there's actually emotion and energy which is hard to pull off without sounding ridiculous. and i love how he sounds on those higher notes <3

    great song, and good job with the video! nice to see a unique, better made lyrics video than just some basic windows media player title slides (:

  15. amimizee

    ahh, can anybody tell me where i can find this song for downloading?

  16. Lilly Fee

    they are amazing. I listened to the songs one day and bought the album :)

  17. Steven Begando

    I enjoy the font! Someone should put "Counterfeit" up.

  18. Khan Beebee

    mfh are so amazing i have everything relased by the expect the pre realase :) and there is not a single bad song by them anywear :)

  19. heyiplaypiano

    i keep playing this song.

  20. sixx

    Pete wentz plays in a band called Fall out Boy. Hope that helped:)

  21. T.J. Fonatine

    God, Ya'll suck something fierce. Like soooo fierce. Like OMG. Seriously, take the clamp off your fucking testicles and sing in a normal octave.

  22. Cullen Lea

    i mean you can tell these dudes are talented. the leads gotta good voice. i wish they came up with a slightly original sound...instead of emulating that crapola

  23. Cullen Lea

    kinda sounds like every other band: Panic at the Disco/ Good Charlotte / and that other band with Pete Wentz. i cant think of the name...because i dont listen to them at all. i dont know, they just sound pretty boring to me. candy-coated sound that's gonna be played in hot topic or something, mehh....

  24. ilubyu101

    Fucking love this sonnnng

  25. Christian Alsup

    NICE VID. >?

  26. Athena P.

    I LOVE this song!

  27. ilubyu101

    Amazin =) Good video, love the font XP

  28. Carley Cotner

    omg, cant even describe how in love i am with this song♥♥

  29. Ethan Morford

    thts rele rele rele rele rele rele hard to read!!!!

  30. crayolakidd

    dus any1 kno where i can find their cd i cant find it anywhere i go im getting frustraited

  31. strongsouth

    I have this song ^_^ Hah. They're a local DC band I've seen numerous times.


  32. tinnytintinman

    off topic, but what font did you use lol

  33. Daveeindeed

    Yeah, YouTube's conversion is to blame for that :(

    Ah well, the song's good though ;)

  34. Rina Mendoza

    u cant even read the lyrics this sucks

  35. Junior Guzman

    the best!

  36. Daveeindeed

    Wrong my arse.

    - David

  37. Lauren Stav

    wow...this is a great song. im surprised ive never heard of them before. im going to download this now!

  38. Jostein Miyamoto Nordmoe-Jansen

    Awesome band. How come this song ain't on their new EP?

  39. alistercat

    id never heard of this b4

    but its awesome

  40. Amanda Swagner

    Never heard this song, but its pretty good D: Scratch it, its pretty damn good. it is a little hard to read but its decent. =]

  41. Daveeindeed

    Yeah sorry about that.

    - David

  42. Bajan182

    neva heard this song but it sounds really good :)