My Dying Bride - Thy Raven Wings Lyrics

In fiery flight we would leave this hall
The Holy house, House of God will fall
To death they go with music and song
But our dread simply must go on

I feel our need to feed goes on
For our greed, watch them bleeding on
This hour's ours, with open arms go on

Crowned with thorns and pain was he
Raised our hands and slew him utterly
Crimson waves of the tears of war
This is what we were put here for

Eden falls, Mercy for life
I hear their calls
Stood and watched them die
Heaven crawls
Wings burn on high
Beauty falls
Beg unto me why?

Fold thy raven wings
'Tis our duty, darkness brings
If this day be our last
Our victims await
For they are vast

In fiery death we will crawl away
Content we lived for each and every day
Black and burned with a stench of decay

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My Dying Bride Thy Raven Wings Comments
  1. Nemo the Fallen Angel

    Requiem aeternum

  2. Jim Rydell

    Ave dominus nox!

  3. Mortician Ashes

    7 assholes disliked this.

  4. Matheus Hoff

    Anyone can tell me wich font is dat on the video? (Gothic?)


    Looks like Old English Gothic Font

  5. Thomas Carpenter Jr

    I wish my dying bride would come to Phoenix Arizona

  6. Chaplain Leverian

    Ave Dominus Nox Brothers!


    Ave Dominus Nox!

    Isaac Goeth

    Ave Dominus Nox!


    Isaac Goeth



  7. Diamond Profanation

    Mórbidas lembranças.

  8. CROGorgutz

    Ave Dominus Nox!

    Marios Kontopyrgos

    Yeah that's how I found this song as well

    Magos Ethericus

    +Marios Kontopyrgos this song fits the night lords perfectly

    Cody Richmond

    Ave dominus nox!

    Guardsmen Gunner

    Ave Dominus Nox! We Have Come For You!

  9. Shawn D. SoCal

    oh by the way, do you know what the font is called?

    Jackal Muldipulus CABAL

    Its called Shawn D SoCal child rapist. Get off the internet

  10. Shawn D. SoCal

    this song has power, i mean i felt some shit crawling through my spine as i listened. (951) 847-5032

    Shawn D. SoCal

    and your the pedophile thats interested

    Shawn D. SoCal

    @Azrimel Bloodfire
    you look like retarded fetus that just came out of a butthole

    Marc Messenger

    Says the guy posting phone numbers on the internet.

    Also; Evil is he who thinks it kiddo - Seeing sickness where there is none shows it's in you ;)

  11. SoberNostalgia

    This is the song that made me fall in love with this band.

    Jared Sutherland

    SoberNostalgia was the first song I heard and same here

    Wight sorrow

    My wine in silence.

    Marcel Oost Indie

    me too, in the mean time I learned that all their songs are from good to great

    Raven Lover

    My first song from them.

  12. Joe Grizzly

    my dying bride is true pure art

  13. Leona Luna

    I forgot all about this song 😱😱

  14. Wat mut dat mut


  15. Tommaso Moretti

    Black and Burned, with a stench of Decay ... \m/

  16. Robert Hoffman

    Very good song

  17. Cacaboy 300

    whats the song about because is the song talking about god but is a satanic song right 

    Amelia Byrne

    @Cacaboy 300gamer Songs don't have to be Christian or Satanic, numbnuts. There is a middle ground. My Dying Bride mention God and Jesus in plenty of their songs, but in a way that almost sounds more like desperation and less like worship.

    Lewis Carlin

    +Amelia Byrne I always got a sort of Pagan vibe from it, like its about the Vikings burning churches or something, but I don't know what the exactly meaning of the lyrics are.

    Nemo the Fallen Angel

    its a condrictory of both, he whom wrote it wad in drastic confusion and distraught with despair. do not assume

    CM Addams

    I read somewhere that it's more on confusion of belief. yes it does tell the story of a group of people burning down a church ( I think there were people inside, not sure) and how they have to live with that for the rest of their lives, but having the desperate confusion if God created them specifically to do that or if they acted out on their own free will.

    Alessa Faye

    as with all good poetry it can be interpreted many ways

  18. cinemacrazy

    Someone tried telling me these guys are a Christian band.


    I mean, they have a song called "Christliar"...clear proof of their beliefs about the bastard son hehehe.


    Stainthorpe likes the bible, but doesn't believe in the stories.

    rafael corvinus

    Ummm its actually about Vikings or Marauders burning people to death in a church. It's in the lyrics.

    For Sure

    Its actually a christian band, not in the typical american sense of such tag. They dont praise god but its clearly used as a device in their music. IF it wasnt "christian" they wouldnt be talking about killing christ or whatever. Sounds like the words of an atheist that have knowledge about christian religion because he was educated in it. This is a very common thing, at least in europe, they will teach you religion but you will rub it all over your ball's sack. No one but freaks take that bullshit seriously...

    Jakub Klinger

    As a Christian and My Dying Bride fan, I can tell you that they aren't Christian band in traditional sense. Aaron use a lot of references to Biblical stories as he finds them fascinating but don't necessarily treat them as real. That's all

  19. Trajan Fidelis

    epic in every sense of the word.

  20. VanityAtStake

    Slazem se.

  21. Gambara Dingospo

    Jebem ti zeno majku

  22. Ariel Cruz

    Never listen to this if you're already deppresed

    M M

    Very true


    Too late....

    Alex Ducharm,e

    Moonspell - to help with depression
    My Dying Bride - to help with anxiety

    hope this helps


    I don't feel depressed listening to MDB, I love it!

  23. Jesse Ryan

    Love the fuck out of this song! \m/

  24. Jeremy Huff

    not here

  25. Jeremy Huff

    yeah but in my country i have the right to listen to this if i want to but sadly all these xtians have different ideas

  26. Jeremy Huff

    best song and lyrics but their albums are hard to find here in Oklahoma. I can read the script perfectly

    Jeremiah Bear

    Jeremy Huff yep from Oklahoma as well

  27. Mortarion Curze

    i love this

  28. chronocrator

    Great job on the lyric video! :)

  29. ephemerales

    thanks :)

  30. Core Z

    simply well done! :)

  31. ephemerales

    @lilpooch99 yeah, you're welcome :)