My Dying Bride - One Of Beauty's Daughters Lyrics

Your name will walk the years of shame
Your hands, my face, the look, the taste

To gaze how fondly on thy beautiful face
To fold thee in my great arms, my dark embrace

In my arms I comforted her, and she looked up at me
Weep did she and tried to escape
My mind she did read
I held her face in my hands and winked my eye
Whispering into her ear "now your min"

Her eyes, her cries, my thoughts, she dies
Walk away, she can try, and if she does, she dies

She lives behind her golden shell
It's glow does bind me to her self
And I will walk the endless miles
To hear her talk and to bask in her smile
And rain it comes, I knew it would
My tears don't run but I wish they would

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My Dying Bride One Of Beauty's Daughters Comments
  1. mikmantis

    its amazing darl lover song

  2. SoberNostalgia

    The ending is pretty eerie, I love it.

  3. Isaias Valverde

    great song!!!!

  4. Tripticket

    It's depressing how no one's commented on this in two years.

  5. Sapsie

    Thank you very much! :)

  6. Sapsie

    No, I'm not. The lyrics at the end of the song aren't printend in the booklet, so I just guessed it.

    You could be right, I don't know. ;)