My Chemical Romance - Death Before Disco Lyrics

Everybody pay attention to me
I got the answer
I got the answer
We'll rock it to ya with a capital D/G/T
So get your hands up
So get your hands up

Ain't nobody gonna dance tonight
Ain't nobody gonna get the best of me
Saint Peter come and save my soul
I've come to show you how we rock and roll
Come and see what sinks and floats
Jumping up cause everybody knows

Wanna party
Get on the dance floor
You wanna dance yeah
Up on the catwalk
You do it alright
You got the answer
And all the good times
Will give you cancer

Alright do it again
Or maybe kill ourselves but live again
With the lights off do it again
Cause it's always, always the same old trend
Blown away

How does it feel to be outclassed
So get your hands up
So get your hands up
Right after me you want to kick up you're dead (?)
So play a 5th note
Play a 5th note

Ain't nobody gonna take my life
Ain't nobody gonna get the best of me
Saint Peter come and save me now
Saint Peter gonna show you how
Everybody do the party theme
I am gonna
Show you what we've got

Get on the dance floor
You wanna dance now
Up on the catwalk
You do it alright
You got the answer
And all the good times
Will give you cancer

Alright do it again
Or maybe kill ourselves but live again
With the lights off do it again
Oh my god, oh my god, it's the same old trend
Run away
Run away
Run away

Oh oh oh

Kill the party kill the party tonight
We'll kill the party kill the party tonight
Let's go!

It's a party
Get on the dance floor
You wanna dance now
Up on the catwalk
You do it alright
I got the answer
You have a good time
Get it get it go

Get on the dance floor
You want to dance now
Up on the catwalk

Alright do it again
When we kill ourselves but live again
With the lights off do it again
Come everybody get down (everybody get down)
Till the party breaks down (till the party breaks down)
Everybody get down (everybody get down)
Till the party breaks down
Till the party breaks down tonight

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My Chemical Romance Death Before Disco Comments
  1. Apple Chip

    So many comments from 10 years ago... it bet life has been exciting...

  2. cole {rocksalt}

    when you saw the title and was LIKE WTF DID I MISS?! oh never mind, its just Party Poision...

  3. Steph H.

    When u get excited for once because u never heard this title for a song and u think its a song u never heard of. Then when u listen to it. U already heard this song a thousand times before.

  4. beth

    so it was renamed party poison¿?

    Ouma Apologist

    beth yup

    zachary wonder

    gerard liked the name of his character (party poison) so much that he was like can i rename this party poison and everybody was like i don't care sure

  5. Frank Iero

    Right after this, me and Gerard had gay sex on stage.

  6. bob joe

    I've never heard this song in a live version

  7. Woody Sims

    they will be missed.


    They're back :p

  8. ken gonzales

    Party Poison now.

  9. Miles A López


  10. emvyme3333

    Their last album was not good. What could have been...


    emvyme3333 this song was in Danger Days... It's Party Poison

    Jesse Figueroa

    Danger Days was their greatest album.

  11. Alexa Chavarria

    To know this song became party poison lol

  12. LizzieLiz

    aww bob was still in the band then

    weed sauce

    aww they were still a band then

    (I'm so sorry please don't kill me)

    Madi Faith

    bob is a snake

  13. bayi159357

    @kittygrl8k I am not, in any way shape or form implying that Bullets was crap! I have many favourites on there! What I'm saying is that the fans don't seem to like the songs from Bullets as much as they do for the others. Which I think is a real shame considering that Bullets is basically their foundation... MCR would not have reached ther stage they are at today if they did not make that album.I know people that HATE bullets, but love TBP. I was just making a statement. I'm a big MCR fan.

  14. revalioli

    @bayi159357 WHAT! Bullets does have favorites! everyone loves the song Vampire Will Never Hurt You! and Headfirst for Halos and Skylines and Turnstiles were extremely popular too! so dont go talking about Bullets like it was a crap record!

  15. revalioli

    i wonder how many people freaked out when they saw the title of the video thinking "OMGee!! a new MCR song! YEAH!" but when it came on they were like "wait a minute... Party Poison!! :( "

    Thomas Gladwell

    yeah this song was originally ment to be the opening track for Conventional Weapons, fun fact

  16. Sarah Holden

    Damn... its party poison(:

  17. Jewy Caramel Center

    Every mar fan has a favorite album. It's what sorta divides us. I'm a Danger days fan, my friends is a black parade girl, and I have a three cheers one too. But, in reality, it's all fuckin awesome

  18. maxinecarvajal

    @daisy61357 it was Death Before Disco before.

  19. rpattz4eva96

    @daisy61357 it was originally named "death before disco" and has since been renamed to "party poison"

  20. Ras Sprouse

    ohh¡¡ me mueroo this is paty poison¡¡ por dios ahi no se llamaba asii que lcuraa loco¡ jaja

  21. bunny0liver

    i love it he moves around alot n looks like happy more energetic

  22. bayi159357

    @redangel1718 To be honest, I'm not that old a fan. I do like the old album a lot, my favourites on it are Honey, Vampires, and Our Lady of Sorrows.

    But they don't seem to be the general favourites, that's all I'm saying. The songs such as Teenagers, Welcome to the Black Parade, Sing, Na na na, Mama, Famous Last Words, Helena etc. all seem to be the favourites generally in the band, that was the point I was trying to make :)

  23. bayi159357

    @redangel1718 Yes, I suppose I can see your point of view, it's probably the most controversial albums, but to be honest, if I hadn't got the album, I wouldn't know it even exsisted. The songs don't seem to be the most popular amongst the fans in general, which yes, tend to be younger people. :)

  24. bayi159357

    @redangel1718 The Black Parade was probably thier best album, and I have all four. I would have to say that their worst would be I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love, simply because it doesn't have any songs on it that are everyones favourites.
    For example, Na Na Na and Sing are the favourites on Danger days, Helena and the ghost of you are the favourite on Three cheers for sweet revenge, and the black parade is difficult, I would say Famous Last Words and Teenagers, though.

  25. Nacho

    Party Poison!

  26. Stanky2000

    @XxJLJxX its on their new album, its renamed Party Poison

  27. aliassylvie3

    I thought Gerard said that they had to change this song a lot to turn it into Party Poison. I expected to hear something barely recognizable but all that's missing here is the Japanese lady xD

  28. diana

    omg mikey is so cute here =D

  29. jayhoppus

    I love it how they like "come back" to I brought you bullets... and 3 Cheers for Sweet Revenge. That agressive punkrock i've missed.
    I mean, Black Parade was kick-ass-AMAZING but this fast, dangerous MCR just R.U.L.E.S hands down!

  30. sodomy101

    nooooooooooooo! thats it i just gave up! ='(

  31. Holmesssss

    the best new one they played

  32. Holmesssss


  33. AshamedLau

    I prefer The Black Parade that 3 cheers...the sound is better :) But 3 cheers have this good song too :D

  34. gerardwaysayshey

    I love this song, but the lyrics is kinda... bad.

  35. lildarkness92

    O.O they all grew out their hair

  36. bambifromhell

    This is why I hate youtube, people are always bitchin' at each other in the comments.

  37. InsanePoet314

    I was just about to make a comment saying the same thing haha. I wouldn't say that's a bad thing.

  38. ByronleeS

    grows on you

  39. Dante Johnson

    sounds like they're biting off the hives

  40. Mithos Moon

    like this new Somg very much :) sounds a lot like the original Alice Cooper Band on "Killer" or "Love it to Death"

  41. Al Poehlman

    I started listening to MCR in early 2007, but I don't think I'm a poser by any means. I really agree with you. I think Revenge was their best by far. Just my opinion.

  42. Jime MC

    haha Gerard is acting like in Bullets age, (just not so drunk) but this is definitly not bullets...
    I miiss Bullets and Revenge times so freakin much :(
    But I love Black Parade :] and I'm sure Im gonna love new album :)

  43. GinjaAleluva

    i miss old mcr..

  44. Arielle Kerrault

    i cant wait

  45. iluvtreefrogs

    MCR is back!! Yay! CAN'T WAIT for the new album!!

    Hobi Gambar - Digital Art

    you know what? they broke up after that, im guy from 2019 Lol

  46. containerlyds

    Personally, I like anything that My Chemical Romance does music wise. Unlike some of you guys, I am happy that they are trying something new instead of making music about death(even though I liked that too.) Besides, whats wrong with this song anyways? Its pretty fuckin awesome!!

  47. Victor Anleu

    yea again with the post hardcore. you obviously dont know anything. there was nothin post hardcore about Revenge. & sorry im not emo, usually people who listen to "Punk Core" are emo. =)

  48. FallenKane

    I know that doesnt exist, but the album is a mixture of Punk and posthardcore songs, so the first thing I thought of was "punk core"

    and about killing myself... no thanks, Im not a fucking emo like you.

  49. trappedinasylum

    I never though I would say a guy holding a tamborine was sexy....

  50. trappedinasylum

    Yeah well I used to really like them, but I HATE 'new divide' it is bad enough that I absolutely have to turn the radio/TV off when its on. LP used to be my 2nd favorite band, of course I used to worship Brittney Spears at one point to lol

  51. Victor Anleu

    haha all of linkin park's songs are shit.

  52. Victor Anleu

    haha the fact that you use the word epic tells me how much of a failure you are. that album was awful, theres like 2 songs on that album that were good & the rest were shit. & dont get me wrong, i love MCR, theyre my favorite band but i know they can do so much better than the black parade.

  53. shannon murray

    OK.... The first line has made me love it already! i cant wait!!!! I love the sounds! i love how MCR change it every album! im soooo excited! yay!

  54. The Dael

    Im glad MCR have gone back to being more punk. In fact whats extra great is that it should piss of all the Black Parade worshiping Emo girls!!

  55. trappedinasylum

    I am sure that I will love it cuz it is MCR. but ever since Linkin Park's new song. 'new divide' Ive been worried that all of my favorite bands are going to start putting out shitty music lol. This audio is bad quality and I bet the new album will be awesome. :)

  56. FallenKane

    Every album is different, that's what I love about MCR, you dont get bored listening. Bullets was Emotional/Post hardcore, Revenge was Punk core rock, Black parade was Punk-Pop, and this one... they says is a "love letter to rock and roll"!!

  57. trappedinasylum

    'dancefloor....came to party tonight.....everybody get down.... 'OMG this doesn't sound like MCR!!!! Well I do like it though, its just a little unexpected, I hope the album will be really awesome. *fingers crossed*

  58. Gabriel Camilo Coy Gonzalez


  59. Victor Anleu

    this sounds so much like MCR. not that bullshit they did with the black parade. =)

  60. danny devito

    Sounds amazing! I really can't wait for their new album!! ^-^

  61. MissForgy

    Mikey the rebel, he says NO NO NO with his head =D
    Can't wait !!

  62. Moet The Amateur Drummer

    i cant wait to get a copy of mcr latest album man hahaha.....

    this sound rockin and rollin yeah !!

  63. Sophie Spital

    It says 'Mikey Fuckin Way' in Japanese :)

  64. Meralies

    Awesome song, I'm soooo exctied for the new album, its gonna be amazing for sure

  65. Ixchel Carbajal

    ahhhh can't wait!!!!!

  66. MickieB

    holy shit holy shit holy shit!!!

    amazingly overly excited!! maybe a little too excited? yes, do i care? NO because i love them. they are willing to take risks, a lot of bands wouldnt do that. i love them soo much! this sounds amazing.

    keep rocking mcr!!
    Kepp on keepin on awesome mcr fans!!!

  67. Olivia Mattick

    it's coming out next year! I can't wait that long!

  68. Cas

    What did Mikey do to his hair? XD

  69. Jess Ward

    This is very very catchy for their songs. Kind of - well, I agree with Gee about it having a Springstein sound sort of - catchier-Sex-Pistols? Its a bit Def Leppard 'Sugar' in the whole repeating the chorus and having a boppy beat, but still more punk... Man, I dunno. I cant think atm - too distracted by catchy awesomeness.

  70. JazzMaverickx

    im fucking excited.

  71. sehunsskinnyjeans

    but we still cant quiet figure out that one damn line..... XD

  72. Vicky Miller

    OMG *-* I loved it *-*

  73. Deurakyul Kwon

    omfg!! so fucking awesome!

  74. Jess Dowd

    this sounds fucking AWESOME!! im sooooo syked fer the new album!

  75. dixiem


  76. mcrluvr4evr09


  77. Haley Robison

    These songs have fucking swagger!
    New MCR, it's about fucking time!

  78. stantheman

    it sounds good but its definitely not clear enough to be rated on the spot soooo , we're just gonna have to wait for the studio version arent we? O:

  79. Kazuya

    dear sweet goodness this is absolutely terrible in every way. damn and i thought the black parade was garbage.
    i was almost excited when i read on ultimate-guitar about how this supposedly sounds like their first album.


  80. Yuriko Herrera

    OMG!!! This is so fucking amazing!! :D....thanks for posting the videos!!!

    MCR forever!!

  81. bunnymcfoo

    bless your heart for uploading this, holy shit. jesus christ, i could not love them more if i *tried*

  82. SammySh!tPeas

    AMAZING! Very different from there old stuff, but who doesnt mind change! They are going be huuuuuge this time around.

  83. konservierungs stoff

    OH MY GOD! Thank you soooooooooo much for posting this!