My Chemical Romance - Common People Lyrics

She came from Greece she had a thirst for knowledge
She studied sculpture at St Martin's college
That's where I..
Caught her eye

She told me that her Dad was loaded
I said "In that case I'll have rum and coca-cola."
She said "Fine."
And then in thirty seconds time she said

"I want to live like common people
I want to do whatever common people do
I want to sleep with common people
I want to sleep with common people like you."

Oh what else could I do?
I said "I'll see what I can do."

I took her to a supermarket
I don't know why, but I had to start it somewhere
So it started there
I said "Pretend you've got no money."
But she just laughed an said "Oh you're so funny."
I said "Yeah?
Well I can't see anyone else smiling in here

Are you sure you want to live like common people
You want to see whatever common people see
You want to sleep with common people
You want to sleep with common people like me?"

But she didn't understand
She just smiled and held my hand

Rent a flat above a shop
Cut your hair and get a job
Smoke some fags and play some pool
Pretend you never went to school
But still you'll never get it right
`cos when you're laid in bed at night
Watching roaches climb the wall
If you called your dad he could stop it all yeah

You'll never live like common people
You'll never do what ever common people do
You'll never fail like common people
You'll never watch your life slide out of view

And then dance, and drink, and screw
Because there's nothing else to do

Sing along with the common people
Sing along and it might just get you through
Laugh along with the common people
Laugh along even though they're laughing at you
And the stupid things that you do
Because you think that poor is cool.

Like a dog lying in a corner
They will bite you and never warn you
Look out.

They'll tear your insides out

'cause everybody hates a tourist
Especially one who thinks it's all such a laugh
Yeah and the chip stain and grease will come out in the bath

You will never understand
How it feels to live your life
With no meaning or control
And with nowhere left to go
You are amazed that they exist
And they burn so bright whilst you can only wonder why.

Rent a flat above a shop
Cut your hair and get a job
Smoke some fags and play some pool
Pretend you never went to school
But still you'll never get it right
'cause when you're laid in bed at night
Watching roaches climb the wall
If you called your Dad he could stop it all, Yeah.

Never live like common people
Never do what common people do
Never fail like common people
Never watch your life... slide out of view

And then dance, and drink, ...and screw
Because there's nothing else to do

I want to live with common people like you.
I want to live with common people like you.
I want to live with common people like you.
I want to live with common people like you.
I want to live with common people like you.
I want to live with common people like you.
I want to live with common people like you.
Like you..ah ah.. you.. ah ah.. yooou!

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My Chemical Romance Common People Comments
  1. ireallylovemcr

    Anyone else here after the reunion?

  2. Beetlejuice_broadway_666 __


  3. Carrot

    Can we petition to get this on itunes I hate having to switch between apps

  4. Citta Tresnati

    Legend covers legend

  5. Isaac Richmond

    this is so fuckin good

  6. Elijah Senter

    no mikey the entire time wow

  7. Alfredo Nino

    cómo suenan estos pibes

  8. kendall

    every time i hear this cover i expect this is how i disappear and then its just weird synths and i die

  9. Jeanne Séguineau

    AHHHHHH THAT'S SO HUGE!!! Mcr is such a great band... can someone seriously deny their ability to do what they used to do? And they picked Pulp which is pratically uncoverable... i love it so much

  10. Rosali Sori

    He doesn't have that sass that Pulp has :(

  11. RockNRollChick

    I just love them

  12. Velin Van Sande

    hey, does anyone know how i can filter my vocals to sound like this?

  13. new jersey

    i like the cover more than the original because i like gerard’s voice better. I’m not saying the cover is better than the original, it’s just my personal opinion and you all pulp fans should learn what an opinion is before bullying someone for saying something that you don’t agree with

  14. Its Kuya Mo Kevin

    I can't see Mikey there .

  15. gwin

    Why am I in tears


    Seriously impressed by how good this cover is hahaha

  17. Kasia

    I always come back to listen to this. This is such a great cover.

  18. eliza lel

    This was posted on my birthday!

  19. LarryThePigeon

    This is making me giggle.

  20. Sunken Eyes

    there's more footage of Mike Pedicone the fuhking snake than Mikey

  21. Sunken Eyes

    i stan pulp and it makes me appreciate this cover even more than I used to

  22. Andrea GP

    this cover is the best thing that ever happened to me

  23. Peachy Waffle

    ha ha ha look at me, im gerard im so cool, i wear sunglasses inside i'M geRard

  24. Jaime Santana Herrera

    Comeeee Baaaaack Geee pleaseeeee u.u We neeed yoouuuu :'(


    Pulp's "Common People" came from a song by Mecano titled "Los Amantes" (The Lovers) and I myself think that's the better version. This is also by far better than Pulp's version

  26. Sophia Golding


  27. Sophia Golding

    This is beautiful I'm dying

  28. Frank iero fans击The neverenders 击

    How are we all not talking about the fact frank just stood there like "we don't belong here, Gerard whyyyy?!, Gerard we're to emo to be here. Gerard?"

  29. Frank iero fans击The neverenders 击

    Dem shades though

  30. Lilxgremlin Yeet

    This is awesome

  31. Stephanie PTV

    I'm obsessed with this cover

  32. coven

    the original is always best of course, although, i will admit i love how this cover sounds.

  33. Imran Ruslan


  34. Paul Jennette

    This may have the only point in the 2010-2011 Gerard felt like he was doing something he wanted to do, because he didn't want My Chemical Romance anymore. He wanted to do something that he enjoyed, he loves Britpop. He doesn't look happy in this clip, but maybe this is the closest thing he to doing Britpop (Along with the Millions and Zero Zero Demos). Maybe this cover made a bit more bearable. So happy he's much happier now.

  35. frank iero

    I cried cause I'm from Greece

    Katerina Som.

    oh im kinda l8 but hey fellow greek emo

    frank iero


    Katerina Som.

    Frank Iero YAS

    Ava Grace

    Επιτέλους κάποιος Έλληνας που ακούει mcr!

    Ava Grace

    frank iero σε νιώθω.. Κανείς απ'τους δικούς μου δεν ακουει..

  36. May Bettesworth

    This cover is sickkkkk. I remember borrowing different class from the library when i was like 9 and it blew my mind.MCR is one of my favourite bands and i think the do this song with total respect.

  37. angel iero


    friendly ghost

    In my bed

  38. Felipe Rodriguez

    Gerard way is so savage he wears sunglasses inside!

    friendly ghost

    Blocking out the haters

  39. lmao


    Frank iero fans击The neverenders 击

    lmao yassssssssss it's so cute

    Nat Nyx

    I do that all the time. I thought everyone does?

  40. Lauren Gibbons

    Absolutely love their covers! And that a few of them are really wanting to rock out haha

  41. V Xx

    If I had a penis it'd be hard rn

  42. Lauren Gails#1fan

    his voice sounds so good :) i love gerard

  43. Lucía Bonilla Cañero

    I want Gerard Way to take me to a supermarket

    Ava Grace

    Me too, we can shop for some.. Milk together

    Oliver Harris

    He'll only take you to the Starbucks inside the supermarket.

    jaii cee

    I want him to take me to bed and lose me forever...😉


    @jaii cee wOAH THERE BUDDY

    jaii cee

    @FairTailLover hahhahahaa

  44. Willie Phimister

    high energy version of pulp classic. what a great voice. always great song to hear or play.

  45. Sarang Hey


  46. My Autobiography A Fanfic

    Super nooby question, but I'm supposing most people here are actually more nooby. How do you produce vocals like that? I mean obviously a high pass, and gain but... it seems to be in a sweet spot.

    My Autobiography A Fanfic

    +My Autobiography A Fanfic Perhaps some of the qualities are in the mic.

    Count Emilio

    +My Autobiography A Fanfic yo theres several ways you could do this. shelve off the high and low end, add fuzz/clip/dist lightly in the mix or if you have an analogue desk you can overcook the gain but take the fader down, which is how people like jack white do it i think - beatles did it too. hope this helps :D

    My Autobiography A Fanfic

    @Count Emilio Haha thank you. I must have worked it out at some point, cause I'm finding it hard to believe I asked that. thanks though.

    His vocal talent probably has the most effect on the sound.

  47. juice x

    this is so gOOD

  48. Parker Jane

    This is one of the best covers I have ever heard

  49. Ziggy Stardust

    And his fucking tiny teeth and his sunglasses and his fucking voice and his firetruck hair and I just 

    MYE MO H E A R T

    that swift fangirl

    Ziggy Stardust me too

  50. smokeandmirrors26


  51. Tom

    As much as I like Gerrard Way and MCR he has possibly ruined one of my all time favourite songs. It doesn't have anywhere near the power the Pulp version does, especially when tainted with an American accent.

    Mims Mere3

    The way Gerard sings it, it's more like he's just telling a story. Still, I don't see how this ruins the song...

    m t

    +Sarah Dicus the song was written by Jarvis to tell a story? Gerard didn't improve the song to make it like a story


    +utdminiman Exactly

    marquee moon

    +Hadid Ziegler I agree. Jarvis sings it like he's telling a story. Not only in Common People but a lot of other Pulp songs. And Gerard's singing is really flat and emotionless. I think everything in this cover is good except the vocals... And I'm a fan of both bands, Pulp and My Chemical Romance, but I much prefer Pulp and anything they do. Lol sorry

    Rosali Sori

    Tom I 100% understand what you mean. Most people enjoy this cover because it appeals more to the music of these times but Pulp has that emotion and sass that just can't be duplicated. I died inside when I started hearing Gerard's voice because it doesn't sound like the story Jarvis is telling at all...

  52. Wendy Neverland

    Such a nice cover. Could listen to it all day

  53. Carla Salinas

    FUCK THIS SHIT, PULP RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    straight quavers

    Your profile pic is my laptop wallpaper :D

    evi p

    +straight quavers /your/ profile picture is my phone wallpaper!

    paranoid android

    Muse fam, whaddup?


    be open minded.

  54. Camila T

    nailed it.

  55. kobrakidsdead

    i literally was like "mikey probably looks hot in this" aND THEY DIDN'T EVEN FILM HIM THE WHOLE TIME AND WHEN THEY DID IT WAS JUST A FLASH IM DISPLEASED

  56. Anya the lost girl

    gerard's ah-ah-ah's made me melt

    Yes I like MCR

    You just gave me destroya flashbacks

  57. GetBusyLiving27

    Where's Mikey?

    Legos Hurt Like Satan

    GetBusyLiving27 He was there, the camera man just didn't film him for some reason.

  58. Sheepy 16able

    And my question again is: Where is Mikey???

    Well I guess it`s not their best song. sorry


    This is a cover of Common People by Pulp.

  59. CoUrTnEy _ LUFC

    I actually like it better than the original... :p

    Frank iero fans击The neverenders 击

    CoUrTnEy _ LUFC same

    Jorge Octavio Martinez Tovar

    it´s good but it does not compare to Jarvis dude

  60. Sofia López

    i love it 

  61. Kirsty Wilson

    Favourite song, covered by my favourite band. COULD MCR GET ANY MORE PERFECT?!?


    They could still be together

    Frank iero fans击The neverenders 击

    Kirsty Wilson they could still be together

    I'm sorry

    Frank iero fans击The neverenders 击

    Not O F***ing K lol we said the same thing

    Alexa Jaimes


  62. Carorolinna León

    I like more the original but this is good, a lot. 

  63. Maria Cheska

    i love the fact that a lot of people love this cover but of course no one can do it better than pulp obviously. including astro zombies by misfits a lot of mcr haters love that cover. 


    @MIvarsson99 thats personal preference no need to lash out hun

  64. Sheena Bryson

    And mikey is there he just isn't shown

  65. Sheena Bryson

    He says 'fine' in such an English accent. It's nice.


    funny because he's from new jersey usa

    Sheena Bryson

    yeah, i know. i guess he sang it that way because it's an english song

    Kirsty Wilson

    Gerard's said that he was influenced by Britpop a lot, and loves British music, plus I think he's part Scottish. Guess cause he's singing a British song here he's picked up a bit of the accent

    Jonathan Tayler

    until he says "anyone else smiling in heeaaare"

    Frank iero fans击The neverenders 击

    fergalicious it's beautiful

  66. April - Lily Xx

    No way is it better then the original, but it love it too bits and if any band should cover a pulp song. Or any song for that matter is my chemical romance. X

    May Bettesworth

    i agree with all of this. They have nothing but admiration for this iconic band.

  67. Hope Bateman

    I never thought anyone could ever pull of a Pulp cover... Until I heard this

    go away

    Fidlar does a dope cover of this song too


    There's a Jeff Rosenstock cover of "Dishes" that is amazing. I had no idea this MCR cover existed. It's great. <3

  68. SmileYouMake

    I don't like My Chemical Romance but the cover is pretty good!

  69. Jade Kerr

    Is it a crime for me to say that I actually love this cover?

    Bella Scott

    not at all

    Jason-Anthony Curtis

    I do too.

    marquee moon

    no its a good cover. Coming from a Pulp fan

    Frank iero fans击The neverenders 击

    Jade Kerr no I looooooove this cover

  70. felisha

    Love this <3

  71. tofuyan

    Better than the original

  72. yikes -

    Ray is so frickin cute though

  73. KittyMizuki

    Better than the original shall I say...


    +KittyMizuki I completely disagree but have your opinion.
    Nothing can beat Jarvis. Ever.

    paranoid android

    how? jarvis cocker is a legend, sorry, but mcr can't compare.

    Ryan Coble

    Gerald ways punk voice dosnt work with the vocals of that were intended for this song.

    morgan casey

    Agreed tbh I like this cover better

  74. Nicole Cruz

    william shatner's version is hilarious

  75. alex sasa

    william shatner version is better

  76. Monsterous Jazz

    I do Believe My Chemical Romance Is A True Fan Of Pulp, Of Course. The Album Called Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. And Pulp's Song Misshapes Has A line that states, "Revenge is Gonna Be So Sweet," Check Out That Music Video and at 3 minutes and 22 seconds into the video is when Jarvis Says The Line. But I swear Jarvis Sounds Like Gerard at that One Point.

  77. kevii21

    @charlotte ;) thank you for sharing this video with us fans . @the haters ! fuck you im wondering why common haters listening and bitchin ? anyways .............. thumbs up ! !! like the vid or this comment ? whatever you like LOL .. come on !!! thumbs up !!

  78. birchual

    it's a decent sound and everyhting , but i don't know how so many people are saying this is much better than the original. The original was a vocal work of art. Gerard might have a good voice, but jarvis actually told an important story with a perfect dose of cynicism. It was lyrically a masterpiece.

  79. Madison Taylor


  80. Jamie Francis

    this is how a cover is done!!! 10/10

  81. Happy Space Kid

    Amazing moment, actually.
    This cover is completely amazing.

  82. julia376

    Actually, you should learn what punk is before you label a band the wrong genre, but believe what you want to.

  83. ProfessorWimbly

    Why is it awkward. It should just be that moment.

  84. Chris Hamilton

    From a producers point of view the instrumental is drowning out Gerard's amazing vocals. If that wasn't the case it would be one of my fave songs.

  85. Raul Gtz

    cool bro

  86. oldphoque

    First of all. MCR WAS never a "punk" band. They WERE a bonified pop rock band which can be labeled alternative. My respects because they were awesome. I also like that they chose this little known new wave classic to cover. did it some justice and gave it some balls.

  87. eiddezepope

    Never been a fan of MCR, but this song lends itself almost too well to their sound and to feel of the punk genre as a whole. While I personally prefer MCR's energetic cover over the Pulp original, it would obviously be nothing without Jarvis Cocker's lyrics, which are so genius that any cover of this song would have an impact. To me, it's the same as Jeff Buckley's interpretation of "Hallelujah" (by the lyrical god Leonard Cohen). People in the comments should focus on just the song itself

  88. ssorryyyournnot

    assuming it's about the beak up, how would you know this?

  89. Saint Jimmy

    aaaaaaaaawwwwnnnnn meu deus *-----*

  90. Sarah Batty

    Now this is the best cover i've ever heard :o

  91. Katie Hendricks

    He has a really awesome voice

  92. Carolin Sardar

    Gerard has such a cute nose * faint*

  93. MyCaffeinatedRomance

    I love it!

  94. Charlotte Milton

    why would they do this :(

  95. Lauren Killjoy

    Gerard suddenly turns English when he sings 'Cause everybody hates a tourist'

  96. JacksTracks

    Common People is one of my favourite songs and Pulp one of my favourite bands.. however this cover is absolutely amazing - how can anyone not see that? I went in with so many preconceptions of how badly MCR would cover this yet they've surprised me so much!