My Bloody Valentine - You've Got Nothing Lyrics

Touch me in the morning
I will touch you in the night
Raining down inside my head
Unburden me with my life

It's the secret in my ear
I never thought you'd care
Cut my arms and bind your legs
(Fluffed) up in her (hair)

If you're wondering why
Look into my eyes
If you can understand
Take me by the
Come follow me
'Cause I've got something
and you've got nothing
Hey hey hey, I never loved you that way
No no no, something that I could say
Look at your eyes 'cause you said something
About how I feel it means nothing
Hey hey hey, something that you will say
No no no, never liked you that way

If you're wondering why
Look into my eyes
Does she not understand
Take me by the hand

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My Bloody Valentine You've Got Nothing Comments
  1. sonetlumiere12345678

    What's TPOBPAT

    Muhammad Syaugi

    sonetlumiere12345678 it's TPOBPAH actually, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.

  2. Simón Hoyos

    i love this and i live in colombia

  3. Fetish of Death

    probably the best band to ever exist

    One Vast and Ecumenical Holding Company

    when they're playing like this, yes . it's all about pre loveless for me .

  4. jesuzzah

    The "Fluffed..." line always sounded to me like, "Put petrol in our hair."

  5. hollywood

    Sounds like the TPOBPAT listened to this album quite a bit, coolness!

  6. Bane279

    @mickeyt86 True! Best EP and one of best memories of my high school days.

  7. asibinov

    The best MBV song IMHO

  8. talktal

    it's funny... but when this ep was released it was dismissed as just another indie album, but there's an awful lot of bands today that have this noisy indie pop sound