My Bloody Valentine - When You Sleep Lyrics

When I look at you
Oh, I don't know what's real
Once in a while
And you make me laugh
And I'll see you tomorrow
And it won't be long
Once in a while
Then you take me down
Then you walk away

When you said 'I do'
Oh, I don't believe you
I can't forget it, no
When you sleep tomorrow
And it won't be long
Once in a while
When you make me smile
And you turn your long blond hair

When I look at you
Oh, I don't know what's real
Once in a while
And you make me laugh
And I'll see you tomorrow
And it won't be long
Once in a while
Then you take me down
Then you walk away

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My Bloody Valentine When You Sleep Comments
  1. sasha

    This song was like a theme song in my life when i was an emo kid back then, around the age of 15,16 sth… I’m 21 I really miss the person i was…

  2. Luna Luna

    this was on spotify but it isn’t anymore, LIKE WTF AND WHY THE FUCK ?

  3. n o s t a l g i a

    I know all this won't matter in the future. But i still just don't want to lose you.

  4. Daniel Flores Fernandéz


  5. T f r

    Hi we are T f r from the Philippines, We have some Shoegaze stuff that you might want to check!

  6. Tao Jones

    Harassment Architechture : )

  7. Blackmage Young

    2020,still loveless

  8. ➫♫【kаlцмдsтɛʀl】 ♪♫

    Steffy <3

  9. emicrowave

    « when I look at you, oh, I don’t know what’s real » I know that this song isn’t real, just an awaked dream 💖🦋🌈

  10. cat in a tree

    listenin to this song tajes me back to when i was like 12-ish i th ink ? my mum n her friend were drunk as fucj in the living room n i had ran to my room n loxked the door . porn was weirdly like this big comfort thing for me back then , idk it jus felt like if i jus catered to my most raw , primitive needs everythin else wohld jus disappear . so i just sat on my bed , bawling my eyes out watchin some weird ass porn til i ended jp cryign myself to sleep .
    'dunno why this song reminds me so mhch of that moment but it reeally really dpes haha

  11. Wuzzy's Electronic Album Picks

    Sounds familiar, not sure where I heard it but its sick!

  12. Soggy Saggers

    the greatest song ever recorded

  13. Никита Смольянинов

    *What '00 series is that song from???*

  14. Matheus Santos

    Sujo melancólico som de qualidade.

  15. Alex Forbes

    Love this album so much, one of a kind ❤️

  16. R. Michael Duttera

    Like Sonic Youth there's bits of gems in their music, but too often surrounded in a mire of a lot of junk that;'s little better than noise. Have Loveless album but I rarely play it.

  17. Davide Celani

    Mi fici scantari

  18. Binary Astro


  19. Simon Webster

    Laying in bed this on 4.30 in morn wrecked, perfect:)

  20. Richo

    Putains y a un truc ! ça marche toujours ; Merci

  21. Norman Pagan

    Chain smoking all night

  22. Leticia Strugala

    dio. ♡

  23. JD Cisternas

    This song makes me feel nostalgic for something that has not happened

  24. MapleMilk

    This will forever be known as "Eric's Song" to me.
    Rest easy, man.

  25. Randy Marsh

    🇺🇸 Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  26. Omar Novela

    This song reminds me of a lost love that you reunite with and realize it was just a dream...

  27. Fooji Boi

    Thanks Jack.


    We love you for this one jack <3

  28. Albert Barbarul

    High school crush described in one song.

  29. gustavo cerati


  30. Tarina The Llama

    First time I heard this song was on my 20th birthday. I was an Airman in the Air Force stationed overseas in Japan. The drinking age in Japan is 20 rather than 21, so you can imagine how I spent my birthday lol. Me & some wingmen went out to get shitfaced, & that’s exactly what happened. That night was great, I’ll never forget it. The night was coming to an end & we had to get back on base before curfew, so we decided to call it quits & head back. When we got back on base, my buddy driving (the only sober one amongst the four of us) pulled into the parking lot of the dorms, & we just sat there. Me (the drunkest amongst the four of us lol) decided to pour out into my friends & vent. They say the truth comes out when you’re drunk...I told them how I had thought of taking my life. The car got silent. I told them that there was no point in my existence & that death shouldn’t have such a negative connotation because, honestly, it’s the easiest thing we’ll ever have to do. I felt like death would’ve been better for me. I told them that it wasn’t depression, but boredom. I felt that I didn’t have much to live for, & that I wouldn’t be leaving behind much. My sober buddy (the driver) was trying to talk to me sensibly, telling me to think of my family & friends, how they would feel if I had taken my life. He also told me that he himself would personally be affected too because he was my friend. My other wingman in the back (also pretty buzzed) she became teary-eyed. She tried to comfort me, but I wasn’t sad...just numb. My last buddy in the backseat was silent, kinda as if he knew exactly what I was talking about. He didn’t say much, but he started playing music on his phone. This was the song he played. I had never listened to this band before, but when I heard this song start playing, I couldn’t hear my friends talking anymore...I couldn’t feel much either. It’s like my soul left my body & I went into so sort of astral form. Idk. Even now when I hear this song today, I think abt that night & how this song maybe saved me.

  31. Eddie Caplan

    Rest in peace eric,

  32. Балыска Федора Михайловича

    Goodbye Eric

  33. Marcos Martinez

    Amor creo que tienes un auricular malo

  34. Ephemeral S o u l

    Konekay and his sad love story BROUGHT ME HERE

  35. Freddie MerkYaKnees

    Oh lord I'm crying! I still remember those days and still remember the lyrics to this off by heart. Poor Freddie, poor Charley, poor Matilda omg the memories! oh why'd I come here, to cry again?

  36. Andrew Jonathan

    loveless tracks all removed from spotify, I was like now I have to listen it from youtube

  37. kaz huntso

    ONE of the best bands hands down LOVE my bloody valentine!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………………………………>>>>>> check out ' THE SILKY SHITS' ON SPOTIFY AND OTHER STREAMING APP THINGS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  38. Detuned GD

    this song just.. makes me wanna hold someone tight, and let all my pent up emotion out..

  39. Seb Web10

    RIP Eric

  40. Aline Affonso

    My music with my boyfriend

  41. Michael Miller

    People with living wages have to listen to me die

  42. i'm not cyborg


  43. Sally Caulfield

    Spotify please I'm suffering

    Nicolás Riveros

    I'm constantly listen the "Shoegaze & beyond" list but without this album is not the same...

    stephen huang

    iTunes plz also

    ale mer

    *deezer enters the chat*

  44. Paul Norman

    fast fast fast fast and just fast
    In the brink of drowning in the wall of sound
    but yet, its beautiful, untouchable, hopeful
    Beautiful noises. Yes beautiful noises is the correct way of describing this Album

  45. ThatXoneXguy

    Makes me nostalgic for summers and for teen high school experiences ive never had

  46. Juan Perez

    vtertn vtueuetq qnrt
    teluet nq nlhelr.

  47. 06hatter

    upload sounds like ass

  48. GeN Yoshifmi

    This album I like very much and many people listen in JPN.

  49. karsteny0

    Why did most of their music get taken down from Spotify?

  50. thewaronPR

    The only reason they're not earth's best band is that they aren't from here.

  51. 0075667 2

    i remember how this song shocked me to the core of my being the first time i heard it. the feeling was so surreal, so pure, so freaking intense. almoust seems funny. wish i could experience that again.
    yeah, discovering my bloody valentine really was a change in my life.

  52. Woross Worossio

    tfw no gf

  53. DeathFromBelow 11

    It was worth it getting tinnitus for this album

  54. brxnella

    vroom vroom

  55. Grand DeSade

    I love you Bella ~ when you sleep you are so beautiful

  56. LeoJohnGalt

    rip bnugia2, eric

    this video got me through my first breakup and got me writing my first novel, I owe you

  57. honkfathermax

    i dont miss my ex, however i do miss my foreskin

  58. isaac gillis

    rip bnugia2

  59. nancy boy

    i dedicate this song to my girlfriend.

  60. Alex Rey

    This music always makes me think about aeroplanes in the nightsky somewhere sometime

  61. Thomas Six

    This is the doomer song

  62. charles

    titiritititi tititi tiiiiiiii

  63. Roland le silence

    I have a gf but this song makes me feel single and sad.. why

  64. Benny Ruiz

    Can anyone recommend songs that sound like this. Kinda melancholic with this style


    Benny Ruiz heh... You want melancholic... Listen to slowdive

  65. dasdas dfjkf

    i love you carla

  66. Saladjones

    it is crazy how I could have a literally perfect day, and then listen to this song and get plunged into some kind of beautiful sadness

  67. Canal Lucho Taype

    Peruvian band " CARDENALES cover Spanish

  68. Matiss Smidss

    Why did this get taken off spotify??????

    Trav L

    End of contract I guess, that annoyed me too

    sam or xjawz

    it’s still on

  69. Afonso Gonçalves



    Very cool shoegaze track

  71. Open Eye

    This song makes me want to take the biggest shit right after I sleep... Called I wake up!!!


    best comment in this entire comment section tbh

    ily hserp


  72. Matt Downer

    I crank up my bloody valentine to 11, it reminds me of an amicable breakup I had—and she didn’t know about it.

  73. Skyla Messenger

    pls help me
    i used to listen to a song that sounded like this but not quite
    the album was a light blue liquid with orange liquid drops on top
    i am struggling to find it and all i can remember is the color pink or the word flowers
    help me find it

  74. a w

    reminds me of my shoe shining daze...

  75. Eliza Brito

    The beginning of this song sounds like when you hear bad news that you didnt want to hear or when someone hurts you deeply and you feel that emptiness in your heart. Idk if it's just me lol

  76. Emiliano Villalobos

    R.I.P My bloody Valentine music on Spotify (In Latin America)

    Oxen of the Sun

    In Israel too.. Fuck this bullshit. Where am I supposed to listen to MBV now? They're not on Soundcloud too

    Jared Hawken

    Oxen of the Sun buy the actual record???

    Oxen of the Sun

    @Jared Hawken No. I'm not going to change the way I listen to my music only because of some record label dispute

    Jaz Jupiter

    and in the UK!! :(

    Michael Björk

    Sweden too, and we own this Spotify thing. Must be some rights/money bullshit 😁

  77. mauropso

    I don't know if every comment here feels optimistic or they are all just depressed.

  78. shemar smith

    Thanks Matt

  79. Gary

    i adore this song but i can't listen to it, some kind of weird nostalgia hits me and makes me cry lol EVERY SINGLE TIME

  80. OSLO Zeimantz


  81. TheAnalPunisher

    I'm feeling serious Dinosaur Jr vibes

  82. karl

    I've become increasingly certain that the "when turn your long blond hair" lyric is actually "when you turn your backwards head" which makes this song feel 50% more like a drug trip than it already does
    Although I suppose the intent is probably that each person listening can project their own lyrical interpretations/perceptions onto the vocals. I wouldn't be surprised if the different vocal takes used to record the song actually had different lyrics tbh

  83. Nick Mulae

    Wish there was some way I could see how popular this album from My Bloody Valentine was when it was released back in late 1991 and forward through the 90s. Was it popular with kids, teenagers, adults or all of the above? Was it played frequently at popular locations, friend hangouts, roller and ice rinks, parties, radios, etc.? For some reason I’m just so curious!! Was born around that era however though wasn’t born till 1993.

  84. Shammo Hamid

    Boss album.

  85. Djordje Todorovic

    dobra pesma dbi

  86. Leticia Strugala

    And I'll see you tomorrow
    And it won't be long
    Once in a while
    Then you take me down
    Then you walk away

  87. Jussara Alves

    Ai papito estou sofrendo 😭😭😭

  88. Jordan Safari

    Goddamn. I cannot believe how many years have gone. I am still here isolated up late floating drifting loves lost loves forgotten loves half remembered blurred like always ... I may be down but in love with the near despair that flirts with painful hope, boundless pangs of mysterious longing for nameless formless lovers I invent and kill in the echoing chambers of my insides peering out...sleep fails I feel too much or soul has been seek to thirst for something

  89. Nelo

    It sounds like a memory of her.

  90. Forrest Gray

    This song makes my guitar pedals horny.

  91. sheepyg

    Have no idea what the lyrics say but I don’t really care because I feel it anyway

  92. diablogenial

    Después de llevar más de 20 años escuchándola no puedo creer que lo que suene es una guitarra. Grandioso

  93. Nga Man Lee

    Can anything tell me what instruments are involved in this song, besides guitar, bass, drum?

    Richy12_M ,

    They also used a digital sampler synth, which played a sample of a flute and Butcher's voice.

    Nga Man Lee

    Richy12_M , thanks!

  94. badlydrawnlove

    Infinite sad power!!! 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶✨

  95. Gonzalo Flores

    Bad Bunny biebeee

  96. PaganShagger1488

    I experienced teenage love back in the year 20000000000000 BUuUUuUuuuuuullllLSHiiiiiiEt