My Bloody Valentine - Soon Lyrics

Wake up, don't fear
I want to love you
Yeah, doll of pain
I let you get to me

Come back, don't be
Afraid of me soon
That I'll harm you
Your eyes are blue, blue jewels

Come back, have faith
Someone like you
Can find the reason
Of what I did to you

Wake up, don't fear
I want to love you
Yeah, doll of pain
I let you get to me

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My Bloody Valentine Soon Comments
  1. Sparky Bonehead

    the landmark album.

    often copied....never duplicated.

    the starting point for countless bands.

  2. line picasso

    Comeback to Spotify please
    Or I will comitt suicide soon

  3. Doing Business With The Chinese

    Currently writing my last minute essay late at night, let's do this.

  4. Jonathan Whitfield

    One of the greatest songs ever.

  5. Davey McCall

    This is what heroin sounds like

  6. Stranger Cat


  7. Daniël Van Barneveld

    Apollo embraces Dionysus, Dionysus embraces Apollo, and they become one. Pure bliss, this.

  8. Marcos López

    Does somebody gets that Lennon vibe too?

  9. golfwang

    I miss her.

  10. Irwan Hammadi

    A beautiful and timeless song

  11. Mad dog Conlon

    Love this


    Love you

    Mad dog Conlon

    @sam love you more x


    Mad dog Conlon love yall

    Mad dog Conlon

    @gregotheus_ we them boys pimp forever and ever x

  12. SkrAp

    I think I am the only Mexican that loves these guys.


    No eres el único...

  13. i'm not cyborg


  14. frankie saenz

    every fall i play this record, something about it seems to capture the transition of some sort. well any transition really

  15. sabrosa is cool

    I swear to god this could be in a spyro game

  16. Yuuppp Dre

    Listening to this song high off my ass.... perfect

  17. Annette Stephens-Smith

    Is it sounding warped on purpose??


    Do you mean the parts where the guitar part weaves slightly in and out of tune? That _is_ intentional! Shields used the tremolo arm on his guitar to slightly lower its pitch, the technique's called "glide guitar."

  18. Weltschmerz


  19. Rei

    God damn sound quality here is off


    Wait maybe it's my headphones

  20. Aimee Thomson

    She will get one

  21. Topper Hardcore

    if you like M-B-V, try to listen Slowdive, both a truly great bands, and similar, okay?

    Diego Balaguer

    In my opinion they're not that similar

  22. John Maskell

    Once upon a time I worked in a post production studio and I created the CD master of this album along with Colm the drummer and the only interesting thing I can say about said session was that he was perfectly amiable and a nice guy and all we did was to make sure that when the CD player started a new track it would be in an uncomfortable place, given that the album was a constant from the start to the end one could argue that it did not matter anyway, moving on I think this is one of the most beautiful soundscapes ever created and fair play to them for doing that, Loveless, Yes Oui Si

  23. zer0 95

    ahh yes

    i too have depression and im in love with someone who doesn't love me back

    haha haah hah ha ha... ha... h... :(

  24. Angela McCoy

    Thank you * My Bloody Valentine * & Thank you *woasjoei* Cheers

  25. Charles Flynt

    All kneel at the alter of Kevin Shields. The record that defined a genre

  26. Cargus Bralem

    Most representative song for the album.

    Obscene Distortion? Check
    Incomprehensible Lyrics? Check
    Repetitive Percussion? Check
    Simple Song Structure? Check
    Orgasmic Whammy Bar Usage? Check
    Long Repetitive Outro? Check

    Masterpiece? Check

  27. yes myn

    I'm having a terrible headache but I just wanna listen to music.

  28. Johnny Trash

    My B. V and Sonic Youth=Velvet Underground cousins. One living in Ireland the other in N.Y State.


    second cousins

  29. shawn6669

    Oh, Nadja....

  30. Jake Meh

    sickest leap and beat ever

  31. Andrew Phipps Phillips

    Logical progression with this.....Cocteau Twins....My Bloody Valentine....Garbage..... all four, with one influencing another, then the last two getting influenced by MBV

    Stephen Tovey

    How about Curve? Particularly the Doppelgäenger album,

  32. Frédéric Martin

    Vus sur scene. Deux amorphes (Kevin shield et Bilinda Butcher) et deux excités , la bassiste et le batteur. J'ai eu des bourdonnements dans les oreilles pendant trois jours.

  33. Killkor

    0:44 So tasty

  34. B.B fan

    It rocks

  35. Chris Daly

    memories of being in my own world while a student at Manchester uni 1990s tuuuuune

  36. Patricio MC

    the inestimable my bloody valentine

  37. andydufresne87

    Podsjeća me na jebeno proljeće u Rijeci i ljubav....

  38. Alê

    The best song!

  39. James Bell Jr

    MBV is my MVP

    Scottie Lambert

    James Bell Jr clever

    James Bell Jr

    @Scottie Lambert Thank you Scottie....

    ferger derger

    Damn straight bro

  40. Adventures Reunion

    Madchester revisited !

  41. Scott Hubert

    Close your eyes and remember Hells kitchen, the Bowwwwerrryyy f***** you Yuppie Scum !!!

  42. pintopplx

    Time travels sensations wake me up. Felt transported to another place, another time. Not the 1st time but the best time. This was mine. Even if it was for just a few seconds until I woke up. And I felt...

  43. Elaine Rosefelder

    one of those words that's either a threat, or a has wings.


    Cos you can't wait

  44. ChubbyChecker182

    Great tune. Garbage copied bits of it for nearly all their tunes

  45. Stephen McManus

    Loveless is a pile of wank. This is the only decent track on it. The album is virtually unlistenable. It makes Lou Reeds Metal Machine Music sound like Abbey Road. Tuneless and Turgid Trash.

    Thierry Almeida

    Look, a person who thinks his opinion on something is the absolute truth. Nothing new under the sun.

    Guns and Games

    I really like Loveless, i just think its at the very least a bit overrated.

    Steven O'Henries

    Stephen McManus should have been an abortion

    Agung Wahyu Setiawan

    Of course there's going to be people like you. I'm not surprise. This is the kind of record that you either really love it or really hate it. Your opinion will only show how MAGNIFICENT this album is to people who loved it.

  46. Eduardo Perez

    I play this song when I'm running late to class


    same <3

    Work In Progress

    It is an amazing feeling

    Dom Fletcher

    Personally I'd explain to the tutor that I had OCD and couldn't attend until the track had finished. Then play the track to the tutor, I'm sure they'd understand!

  47. James Kelleher

    remmber when galch playd this bad boi

  48. Mike D

    Here's a great album that I grew up with. First time I heard this tune I was in another galaxy

  49. Mike Lehman

    My Bloody Valentine big influence for rock and roll in the 1990s and grunge also

    Scottie Lambert

    Mike Lehman nope. Zeppelin was the influence for grunge. This shit is otherworldly derived and backhandedly delivered.

    ferger derger

    Yeah? Pretty sure neither MBV nor LZ were that influencial on Grunge.... maybe Soundgarden were influenced by LZ, due to Chris Cornell's vocal register being similar to Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. Maybe a few other bands liked LZ; but the Melvins, Skinyard, Green River, early Soundgarden and the U-Men were MUCH bigger influences on Grunge... however, MBV and LZ were influencial to Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins; especially MBV. But oh well 😀

    ferger derger

    I'm glad you seem to enjoy MBV! But I kinda disagree with your comment that MBV were an influence on Grunge considering the "Grunge" related artists that talked about their influences in interviews openly name checked early Metal, Punk and classic Hard Rock groups. however, MBV were highly regarded as an influencial band for many alternative bands of the 90's none more than Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins! Cheers!

  50. Paul

    Quite an underrated and extraordinary band with a fascinating and potted history. And this, their second album, defining a genre, yet it’s place at the time being relatively short lived with grunge and brit-pop taking a stronger hold soon after. But Loveless is timeless and it endures. The sweeping wall of sound guitar effect layered with the haunting vocals in Soon envelopes you and is arguably one of the best shoegaze tracks ever produced.


    Paul I don’t even think we should limit it to being one of the best shoegaze songs. It could honestly be one of the best songs ever produced as well.

    Milo Cooper

    Third album. Isn't Anything was their second.

    Eamonn Kane

    Alright mate

  51. Luka Balić

    reminds me of Spyro the Dragon so much.


    What the fuck same

    Jairo Ortega

    Can someone explain me why?

    Glaucio Matheus

    Sounds like Wizard Peak in the first game

    Scott Harrison

    now I have to dig the PS2 out. played the fuck out of that game and this album and never heard it

    u cookin?

    stewart copeland must have been a fan

  52. LaughingMan0960

    How could anyone NOT like this song?

  53. bruhhh

    Acid memories oh man

    Rodolfo Escontrias

    bruhhh I like your playboy carti icon

  54. Martín Goñi

    Ana Beatriz Di Toro

  55. richard herbst

    What time travelers listen to while teleporting.  Good thing too because it takes around seven minutes to complete a cycle.....or so I've heard.

    S. Troise

    richard herbst This is the best comment in YouTube history.

    richard herbst

    S Troise       Thanks my dear!

    Chris Tagliaferro

    I feel Ive travelled 78,238,440 miles after listening to this track.

    Sulung Koesuma

    The guitar kicks in 0:45, the exact moment when your body starts to dissolve.

  56. Wiktor Studziński

    Nadja ;]

  57. Anna K

    Heaven times 10million.



    Felipe Tapia Álvarez

    don't fear

  59. agdgdgwngo

    If you listen closely near the end Kevin is doing a lovely funky bit of scratching there

  60. liv dream

    One of my dearest tracks EVER. ❤ Bilinda.

  61. Paul K

    Shoegaze it up!

  62. low ceiling

    I feel guilty for hating this song whenever I heard it on MusicChoice in 2011

  63. Medicenjavi

    this album was so memorable, it touched my heart

  64. Nootch

    Stayed for the tambourine

  65. htownshawn

    thanks to Shazam app I finally found this! what a great track

  66. Heibel Carvalho

    I tried so hard to find this song and now here I am!! I Love it. 😍😍😍

  67. Zali Becquerel

    Best album cover ever.

  68. Big Steve In Charge of the Soul Cages.

    Thankyou Annie nightingale for playing me this when i needed to hear it. 53,483 agree with me.

  69. Cherry Vega

    Beginning sounds like my lovers box garbage

  70. Phyllis Grant


  71. That One Guy

    Loveless is one of my favourites LPs period.

    Most Vertical Productions

    Sandy Grungerson >classical musicfag
    Opinion dismantled.

    Sandy Grungerson

    OK, Dick.

    Scott Dennison

    It's perfect. Wouldn't change a thing.


    I think you're partially right, Sandy, in that the distorted guitar obscures the pop elements. But I and many people think it's an above-average pop song, and we love the distortion. I think the song would still sound pretty good without the guitar.


    The Slip is a very solid album too

  72. Taylor Taylor

    1 of the best albums of 1991 (soundgarden badmotorfinger being THE best)

    Andeez Anderson

    Heaven or Las Vegas

    Joona Rantala

    That's from 1990 innit?

    Andeez Anderson

    yeah you're right, my bad. Great times for music though!

    Logan Palmer

    What a random comparison. Honestly, idk. I love both albums, but they're too different. Plus, I've always thought Superunknown is Soundgarden's best album anyway (yeah, I know "boo that's the mainstream one" or whatever, but I don't care.)

    Joe Mama

    @Joona Rantala you forgot Gish

  73. Jim M

    one of the best guitar tracks ever...haunting
    right up there with JD's Dead Souls

  74. Jefrejtor

    I am ashamed that I find good music through wikipedia ;__;

    Kostya Slesarev

    my entire music taste is /mu/ so dont feel bad

    Totino's Other Boy

    It doesnt matter how you found it, as long as you found it

    Topper Hardcore

    Jefrejtor , i finding truly good music because of movie sndtrcks and youtube cmmnts, heheh

    Maria Tejada

    How is that shameful?

    Harry Burrows

    @Nic Probably the article on Shoegazing, it features a MP3 recording of this song

  75. Lori Krauch

    really the only mbv song i've been able to enjoy wholly, the dance groove really sets it apart from a lot of shoegaze (esp that violin [?] loop)

    Ralf Nuggs

    Lori Krauch it's such a great song

    Camarade Fido

    Maybe you should try The Stone Roses then, if you don't already know them. The dance drums really reminded me of them


    I think it is a sound he obtains by playing the harmonics on his guitar and muting them at the same time.

  76. raythenation

    this song also reminds me of Caroline ... ( in response to another posting )

    Russell Noe

    raythenation lmao not at all Caroline is so much different

  77. tulllguy

    boring and tiresome...grunge sucks ass.


    shugazi you plebian

    Trumpy Cat

    tulllguy nah , you suck arse

    junk bot

    not grunge moron

    Slave to Darkness

    Boring and tiresome... just like your comment.

    Steven O'Henries

    Gr8 b8 m8

  78. raunchy el ronk

    "Automation" by "The Mandelbrot Set" is just as good.


    raunchy el ronk it certainly is just as good - because it came out like 3yrs later and is clearly directly inspired by mbv and this song.

  79. raunchy el ronk

    A fine track. Loved by many. Emulated stylistically by many. Never bettered. MBV.

    Mr. Cifuentes

    What would you consider to be the best records?

    raunchy el ronk

    Are you asking me Saul?

    Psycho Mantis

    raunchy el ronk yes he is

    Ruben B

    Baby Formula is more to my taste tbh along with some other modern shoegaze but Loveless is still amazing

  80. Mr. Cifuentes

    The greatest music of the last 26 years

    raunchy el ronk

    Sure is.


    yep best traack ever


    YEP...this is a classic

  82. Steve Nyland

    For the first time in 30 years I feel really alive and this track is part of it. Many thanks for posting!!

    Lazy Belphegore

    Steve Nyland Did you hear it when it was first released? Or are you just discovering it. Just curious. I already liked MBV from their eps and isn’t anything, but I remember being totally shocked and overwhelmed the first time I heard loveless. That moment is etched in my mind. Very few albums do that.


    Imagine me listening to this when I was still in 1st grade..... and Swervedriver's sandblasted. All recorded on mtv through my tape. LOL. I miss the 90s

    Pat T

    yes, reminds me when I was young...



    Frankie Saenz

    Really makes one feel alive doesn't it

  83. Hank Hardigan

    Just when i thought Smashing Pumpkins were the most unique grunge band

    Amanda Rose

    Logan Palmer i respect your input :)


    Journey is way more unique as a grunge band.

    Scottie Lambert

    Smashing Pumpkins were not really grunge. They were Billy's band that made some good sound but nowhere in this ether. This is peerless.

    ferger derger

    @Lil Bow Wow Top 5 agreed

    ferger derger

    Well the smashing pumpkins are a unique band, but so is MBV and neither were grunge. MBV are shoegaze/dream pop where as SP are more of an alternative band taking cues from shoegaze and other genres such as electronica, psychedelia, metal and progressive rock.

  84. carpe diem filial


  85. Dom Fletcher

    Ecstacy in a noise, if I did discos.....