My Bloody Valentine - She Loves You No Less Lyrics

(Hands play) shadows and the years unfold
Not your lover's (coat)
Seeing the girls for the first time (out in this cold)
Send me a promise wouldn't it be nice
All alone (not with a) girl
Holding me now for the first time is never enough
Sweet black sugar on a licked up sky
I'm gonna go out of my mind
Found this love for you alone
Close my eyes and letting it go
Oh yeah, oh yeah
She loves you no less but you do really care

Hands play down to take a look at your face
There's a daisy in her hair
(Treachery) is good it's the price to pay and stare
Sweet black sugar on a licked up sky
I'm gonna go out of my mind
Look around for a midnight feel
When I see you then I won't sleep
Oh yeah, oh yeah
She loves you no less but you do really care

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My Bloody Valentine She Loves You No Less Comments
  1. Steve

    Was lucky to see these in the indiepop days.....filled the dancefloor

  2. splinter360

    One of the best bands of all time in my opinion.

  3. shoe

    i wish mbv did more jangle pop songs...

  4. Hotba

    What's the source of the above lyrics? They seem obviously wrong.

  5. Benedetto Bruno

    10 December 2018. Could this be the poppiest tune My Bloody Valentina published?


    Some of my other favorite bass lines: John Paul Jones (Zep) The Lemon Song, Killing Joke Unspeakable, Morphine You're an Artist, Black Sabbath After Forever, Primus The Ole Diamondback Stugeon, Rush Xanadu.

  7. Matt R

    my favorite mbv tune


    Deb Googe is playing some bad ass bass........

  9. Erica Braud

    so jangly

  10. Daniel Delayne

    It always baffled me how a band could just turn their back on a slice of heaven like this

  11. Krathyn White

    Did IQs suddenly drop sharply while I was away?

    My Bloody Valentine's music is not Twee Pop - a narrow, grossly inaccurate categorisation to say the least.

    My Bloody Valentine build on psychedelic, folk and power pop blueprints established decades prior by the likes of The Beatles, Love, The Byrds and Big Star.

    Twee Pop of the Lazy Records variety is good and well - I fucking love Field Mice so don't shade me with hate or ignorance - but MBV isn't Twee Pop, never was nor will it ever be.


    My Bloody Valentine was build on mostly post-punk if you ask me.

  12. Jordan

    My Bloody Valentine always had twee-pop influence, they just buried it under bigger walls of guitar noise as they progressed.

    Psycho Candy

    Twee Pop was so awesome though. Miss this shit

  13. Ben Marks

    Twee-pop.. love it..

  14. wordwordword101

    I thought the exact same thing.

  15. saul torres

    fuck you

  16. Shirokinukatsukami

    Shields mentioned The Smiths in a newspaper recruitment ad he placed, which brought in Belinda.

  17. evelikeswavves

    I don't think you understand that this isn't a negative thing. But the guitar smells of Johnny Marr.

  18. evelikeswavves

    The Smiths, anybody?

  19. Simón Hoyos

    This is life

  20. Cardinall

    Thanks for posting, one of my all time favorites!

  21. Sevrin-13

    That's their sound.

  22. boorainbow


  23. Shhparkle

    doo doo doo doo doo doo doo da doo dooooo

  24. rustinpieces

    @Alienpelvis86 MBV always considered the vocals as equals to the instruments, so they never mixed them really up-front. This actually has one of their clearer vocal tracks. On Loveless, they're sometimes almost inaudible.

  25. .:ombrenoire.....

    The vocals are so hard to hear...

  26. Fetish of Death

    @jakiner lmao literally just posted that comment elsewhere !!

  27. Bane279

    This is how women should sing! So good to hear her singing and happy!

  28. udi ben simhon

    one of their best songs

  29. Luis Aguilar

    bilinda should be my wife

  30. astroboirap

    god, such an amazing track. the best! <3 mucho love