My Bloody Valentine - Only Shallow Lyrics

Sleep like a pillow, no one there
Where she won't care anywhere
Soft as a pillow, touch her there
Where she won't dare somewhere

Sweet and mellow softer there
Feel like you grew stronger
Speak your trouble, she's not square
Soft like her silk everywhere

Sleep as a pillow, comfort there
Where she won't dare anywhere
Look in a mirror, she's not there
Where she won't care somewhere

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My Bloody Valentine Only Shallow Comments
  1. dani cali

    Adored this band back in the day. They should have been bigger than they were. x

  2. Gabriel Becker

    Every boy when buy his first electric guitar: Play Slash solos, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin or Steve Vai.

    Me: 00:03

  3. Joel Davis

    Good song. Terrible sound quality.

  4. Mighty Forces

    Epitome of Shoegaze.

  5. TenTheDesigner

    Can’t believe I’m listening to this song again because of a meme...can’t complain tbh.

  6. MATTRESSband

    Love this song so much! We're just starting out and would love any support from fellow dreamers! @​

  7. MBV Karen

    Perfect in every way.

  8. y t

    Come up with a simple melody then repeat it 150 times.

  9. winston fernandez

    Kevin shields looks like Paul Dano here

  10. Kraft Werk

    I despised this band back then, simply out of ignorance. This is really interesting to listen to. Sorry to have missed that. I guess it's not to late.

  11. keanu carson

    My vacuum cleaner made a single? I demand compensation.

  12. Haborym

    Coolest lullaby ever

    Thierry Almeida

    IKR! I put myself to sleep with it every single day!!!!

  13. Brecon Hallaran-Gould

    2:49 Drugs... not even once...

  14. Jerry The Obnoxious Mouse. Seriously, Screw Jerry.

    I like Debbie's mop hair at 2:30

  15. Sejun Harimuda

    listening without headphones: what is this? i don't understand
    listening with headphones: i understand better now

  16. stellar 444

    Anyone else get asmr tingles from Belinda's voice?

  17. Fabiano Mornatta

    I can still feel shivers down my spine like when I bought this record back in '91, got home, played it first and thought "these guys know places we can't even imagine could exist"

  18. high tide/bed of roaches official

    Warm guitar tones compensate for warm bodies

  19. pootypoot13

    I'd go see them every year back in my student days…. oh happy days. I used to go see Jesus and Mary Chain, The Fall, Half Man Half Biscuit, Sultans of Ping. Sniff! They're going to have to invent a time machine some day!

  20. 茉鈴小石


  21. Eoin Whitehead

    I love the instrumental in this song!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Joey Rizzo

    Beat by Bowery Electric is a way better shoegaze album. Change my mind.

  23. Dark Gardens

    I see why Catherine Wheel was influenced by them so much

  24. j c

    Your name’s Belinda Butcher and your in a band named My Bloody Valentine, no one can top this


    Since the 90's this Song looks like same, a sountrack of a dream

  26. Ángel McFly

    I will love Bilinda until the end of my days

  27. Ian McCausland

    The background vocals , love them!

  28. Jeremanteca

    Thurston Moore is her drummer or what?

  29. Lucifer Sam

    I get it /mu/, this band is good.

  30. Psy Laxis

    MBV Live will blow your brain out of your ears, bloody good stuff

  31. Kamikaze Chivalry

    Loveless turns 28 today.

  32. Wayne Walls

    Oh Bilinda 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤

  33. gilberto h addams

    They cut the solemn end of this song always makes me feel incomplete

  34. dLost

    Tava escutando tame impala, deu sdds de My Bloody Valentine

  35. epicgamer6

    bullet for my valentine

  36. very nice

    I listened to this album while tripping heavy on a weed brownie and I thought I was overdosing

  37. AggressiveNegotiator

    You wanna hear the awesome sound of hell & heaven at the same time? Well, this is it.

  38. Polaris 23

    Even after 30 years, this is still in my top 10 songs of all time

  39. Porpoise Power

    Anybody else get a mild high just by listening to this album? Like your mind literally gets all buzzy?

    Conici AU

    nah that's just the tinnitus

  40. czaru jeden

    Oh, it's so wicked!

  41. DJessie


  42. pragati chhetry

    Though this song is rock genre, her voice soothes my soul.

  43. Kal 512

    Bilinda Butcher is gorgeous

  44. concars1234

    Bilinda is so cute

  45. * nazca *

    Da fuk? Still fresh on 2019. And It will forever be. Vague and deep. Melodic and noisy. Sweet and sensual. Perfection.

  46. Eric Diaz

    So this what Bullet for My Valentine sounds like hehe

  47. Carlos KarmaKoma

    I'll wear my autumn sweater.

  48. Remastered

    From 1:44 to 1:47 looks like Colm (the drummer) is smiling. I don't know exacty why, but this detail made my day. However this is the song that one year and a half ago introduced me to shoegaze, and it was a point of no return because it has changed forever my view of the music. There is something special and unique in this genre but I'm not able to describe it with my own words. Thanks MBV, I will always love you and your music

  49. Diego Kedzierski

    Bilinda is hot

  50. S George

    Who cares what the lyrics are just love the layers, shades, and moods of this song!

  51. Chris Walters

    Good job I don't suffer from seizures.

  52. Cicero1988

    How does this have less than 2 million views after being up for a decade?

  53. Facundo Gómez Paz

    Bilinda's eyes and lips 😍😍😍and her voice 💓💓💓

  54. David Williams

    tfw no cute dirty hair unwashed bilinda butcher gf :[

    Brendan Black

    Very good! Now try to type out an actual sentence this time! 🙄

  55. vanhouten64

    Lame band

    Matt Koster

    Lame comment


    Lame is your tiny sissy cock. They are legendary.

  56. blixasice

    I still don't understand why this album is a classic to many. It's really not very good. I tried to like it.

  57. Miles Chandler

    There’s something so chilling about Kevin just staring down at his guitar working his magic

  58. Violent After Visions

    Music video producers: How many seizures should the viewers get?
    My Bloody Valentine: All of them.
    Music video producers: Wha...?

  59. Neale Scott

    what the heck sort of jazzmaster is kevin playing here???

    silly but nice

    It's an Ibanez Jazzmaster copy


    Her voice in this sounds as if its coming from a vast host of Gods angels.

  61. Horse horse Tiger tiger

    Is this remastered? I can hear drums.

  62. Luis

    2019 and I'm still listening to this wonder.
    Greetings from Peru!

  63. B G

    ok guys what effects do you want?

    mbv: yes

  64. Do Marmalade

    bit shit ngl

    Lucas Lee

    Eat shit and die boomer

    Mr. Reich

    Boomers leave

    Do Marmalade

    Lucas Lee call me a boomer, but you listen to a band with “guitars” and “drums”

    Lucas Lee

    Do Marmalade, I honestly think it's in your best interest to shut up and go back to the Basket Case music video, where I know for a fact you spend most of your hours

    Do Marmalade

    Lucas Lee you MILLENIALS are all the same, with your BAMDS, back in my day, i shat everywhere and listened to that on VINYL, BET YOU DONT KNOW NEHTA THAT IS YOU FUCKING CHILD, iLL KILL YOU, ILL FUCKING END YOUR ENTIRE BLOODLINE

  65. royal nass

    this song still holds up today

  66. julietspaghetti

    I have a trust fund, I'm a multimillionaire, I'm depressed, I'm pretty, I'm skinny, I'm young, I'm MISERABLE

  67. Archy E

    Don’t need drugs to listen to this, the album is a drug itself

  68. Brian Winter

    Final Fantasy VII brought me here??

  69. Dont Stop

    this álbum changed all that i think i knew about rock for the rest of ma life

  70. Speed Racer

    Can't stop listening to this song

  71. Renan Amorim

    The song from heaven

  72. Dimas Dimas

    348 эпилептиков поставило дизлайк

  73. Birtha Butt


  74. NNJ

    This is the greatest album openers of all time

    Mr. Reich

    SH4D0WN1NJA After this song, you know exactly if you’re in for the rest of it or not.

  75. Steve Allen Cagle

    So very simple...yet astoudingly coplex. One of my all time fave lp.

  76. Mark Z

    Bilinda...simply the most wonderful woman.

  77. creekandseminole

    I always thought of this:
    They sound cool
    Look cool
    Have a cool band name
    They were from the UK which was cool
    Their album Loveless was cool
    Loveless had a cool album cover
    And they were just cool...

    Jack Quinn

    creekandseminole they're actually from Ireland, but that's cool too

    Darren Walshe

    Dublin band

  78. ZEEGA

    these 4 snares are so significant

  79. widM

    If someone asks me what is shoegaze, I show him this. most iconic track of the genre.

  80. Katryana OranGe

    Does anyone know which guitar tuning was used?? So dreamy I love love love..... amazing band

    chaos lord

    I gues it's E#?

  81. misterjohn john


  82. Luciano Figueiredo

    Parece do karalho

  83. Oscar Carballo

    Bilinda Butcher

  84. i'm not cyborg


  85. firebirdgao

    Looking for the vinyl

  86. Rodrigo Salinas

    I love this band so much grettings from santiago de chile

  87. OneEyeMan

    This is the best song ever recorded, period.

  88. Proudhon In Manhattan

    Shes so pretty, reminds me of the kind of girl who reads horoscopes semi-seriously and carries a different rock each day for different vibes.

    Stephanie Yung

    Hahahaha that was me in high school, tarot cards and botanicals

  89. Jimmy Wyndham

    I love slowdive but i cant really seem to get into these songs, too bad for me i guess

  90. Damian O'Neil

    Yeah, she don't care, Deh-bo-reh...

    Damian O'Neil

    Soft, like a pillow, she's not, square...

  91. GGBB

    약은 약사와 상담하세요.

  92. shawna bayati

    How tasteful it is to smoke pure.

  93. Maribel Rivera

    Magistral ¡

  94. goatmen rggg hfg

    Every time i listed to this it macks my think about 2012

  95. Banor

    I saw them live last year in Birmingham and it was by far the loudest thing I have experienced.

  96. Ben Roth

    This song made me shit someone else’s pants.

  97. K3NNY O

    the drummers hair, lol. cool. :)

  98. Daddy Electron

    lady guitarist please step on my balls