My Bloody Valentine - Off Your Face Lyrics

Pretend that I
Adore you

What do you take me
For you

Crybaby, shame
You're in love with the game
Swallow the pain
Nothing else will remain

What I will do is
Scar you

Don't say I didn't
Warn you

Crybaby, shame
You're in love with the game
Riding away
And then carefree again

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My Bloody Valentine Off Your Face Comments
  1. Luis

    La canción que hizo enamorarme de MVB ❤️

  2. happy birthday

    I want to see this in a life is strange game ❤❤

  3. Adam Gelatt

    thi s song i would put on at someof the darkest times and i wouldnt even realize it until i was halfway through and turned all the lights off in the house and

  4. Adam Sieracki

    This song is a mood swing trigger. ❣

  5. i'm not cyborg

    143ak- 300aw

  6. m z

    oh yeah, thanks graham

  7. girlgo

    The last lyric is “Cry In the rain
    I won’t love you again.”

  8. 0075667 2

    this is the most heart breaking song. blissfully beautiful, utterly painfull. too much to handle.

  9. John Coltrane

    Hi peeps?

  10. Steve Gertz

    Colm Ó Cíosóig: King of Fills

  11. Vann Jonquin

    The corner of the nineties I fucked up and missed.. though I tried to hit all of it love..

  12. bksug2009

    Emptiness is form

  13. J Grenda

    Brilliant track, absolutely Loveless worthy

  14. Wimborneo

    underrated song by them

  15. Darren Lincoln

    After taking 'Skele tong's' suggestion my wife Marjorie & I attempted the physical act of love to this music. All was going well until I fell from wardrobe catching my foreskin on the dado rail. Damn you Ikea! Damn you all to hell!

    Cade Kousal

    Not a single soul needed to know that information. Go eat a burger stupid boomer

  16. Bigby Wolf

    one of my absolute favorite mbv tracks. easily my favorite that bilinda did lead vocals on

  17. T’Challa Campbell

    The song is amazing

  18. userAdam111

    I think that's exactly what my girlfriend would say about me long time ago when she was my crush

  19. Camila Torres

    wena ct,m

  20. Jep Hep

    damn wtf this song makes me wanna have a crush on someone


    Well yeah, the whole song is kind of about being in a gross/wrong/doomed relationship that is so physically addicting that you and your partner trick each other into staying together, even after crying about it. So yeah it's fair to want to experience such a strong emotional state, fuck even I do now.

  21. Kev Bee

    Here come the warm jets...

  22. n136h

    Summer of 90, North London

  23. Miguel Castorena

    not good

  24. tonedefhimfan

    Sonic youth on x and 30 bxs of chocolates

  25. livingdummy

    Pretend that I adore you

    What do you take me for you

    Cry baby, shame
    You're in love with the game
    Swallow the pain
    Nothing else will remain

    What I will do is scar you

    Don't say I didn't warn you

    Cry baby, shame
    You're in love with the game
    Riding the wind
    I won't lie for you again

    ahhH aHhh AH aHhh Ahhhhh
    (the best part of the best song)

  26. Marcos Mastroianni

    In love with the game

  27. MotorsportJunkie27

    Man I wish I was part of the 70's...

    schoolbook _depository

    this came out in the 90's. also no you don't. this country/earth was so socially fucked up then. dont let the good music try to trick you

  28. Enid C.S.

    one of my favorite mbv songs.

    Nick Bird

    Enid C.S. Absolutely one of their best. What a perfect band

    Enid C.S.

    def. one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands.

  29. Daniel Delayne

    Always kinda weird seeing this described as blissful etc.. one of the most crushingly sad songs

    0075667 2

    i think it's both


    this is like taking massive amounts of mdma during a severe depressive episode

    Adam Sieracki

    Like a BPD combo pack euphoria-dysphoria episode.

  30. Sam Lesniak

    Quite apart from the sheer quantity of quality in the MBV sonic arsenal, I cannot get over how strongly they developed

  31. Woodwose Recordings

    Bilinda sounds like a coyote.

    junk bot

    I love her

  32. Hollywood

    this is the medicine tonight


    it certainly is.

  33. TrapperMilan

    bit special this band :)

  34. indieclock

    the acoustic was put through a flanger set to zero

    Matt Aguirre

    oooh looks like I have something to try to recreate tonight thanks v much

    Vincent Lane

    my bloody valentine never used flanger. thats a cool idea though!

    Ronald Bronco

    Jose Rodriguez there's a Kevin Shields interview out there somewhere that confirms that he did actually use the flanger on this.


    Matt Aguirre its actually true

  35. Gabriel Reyes

    cryyy baby shaaAAmee 🎶

  36. poolsidenyc

    summer 91 hogtown, fl a great club had this cover painted on a large wall. delightful happenings then.

    0075667 2

    that's awesome

  37. EndofMusic


  38. Skele tong

    there's not enough gross makeout music in this world

    Jessica Unknown

    Skele tong Your display - is it Junji Ito?

    Smeagle Head

    The Cure, The Smiths to name a few


    that's so right

  39. Rayane Difehr

    " swallow the pain
    nothing else will remain..."

  40. kristopher irizarry

    so lovely...

  41. Slowdiver

    God it's so good !!!

    Angela McCoy

    Slowdiver, Yes, However * G * D * is very good! Cheers

  42. frodis lover

    one of my fav mbv tracks. so sweet

  43. inphanta

    Serpentine pretty.

  44. Joshua Burns

    Discovered this song today and I've been listening to it on repeat for a while now...I've never heard such a soothing voice paired with such a dark tune. Love this so much


    +Joshua Burns try "Something to believe in" by the Bangles

  45. michael nicholls

    love love love

  46. Tigerbone75

    Hate ..pretend that i Adore you 

    Cry baby shame
    you're in love with the game

  47. Gian Cardenas

    Now I know where Billy Corgan got some of his influences from. This sounds so much like some of his songs in the 'Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness' album. I love it!


    So funny you say that, I first heard this song ages ago when a friend put it on a comp tape for me. I totally thought it was a smashing pumpkins song with d'arcy singing. I LOVE. THIS. SONG.


    +raptorjp4 mayonaise

    Jorge Silva

    Cherub Rock

    Trickledown Economics

    The Machina album(s) has some pretty gazeyness here and there IMO
    like This TIme, or Let Me Give the World to You

  48. John Meowzer

    The ascending section iz pure bliss.

  49. John Meowzer

    Cocteau Twins on speed & acid, yet all MBV


    +John Meowzer Or Jesus and Mary Chain on 'ludes . . .

    Kev Bee

    zimriel Here come the warm jets - Brian Eno even.... probably the first.

  50. Kyou Fujibayashi

    wish i could get the chords for this

    William Meehan

    I'm from the future. I think this is what you're looking for.

  51. Diana Brasilis

    Tenho que fazer download!!

  52. Crankin Rankin

    soooo underrated

  53. idis1abad

    this song is perfect for road trip <3

  54. battistinialain

    this is so good this voice this sound no doubt this is my bloody V.

  55. moneyforthemonarch

    These guitars sounds are made of silk.

  56. anton newcombe

    love you

  57. californiatones

    my fav by MBV of all time is definitely "blown a wish"...I love how rubbery and distorted it sounds.

  58. worldbones

    good comment bro, i concur

  59. meesterrain

    @horsehospital exactly!

  60. meesterrain

    @solrac12377 you're the first person I've seen mention this song in that perspective. good one.

  61. bad_garbage

    this was my favorite song for many years

  62. AdmiralDonuts

    Thank you based Bilinda

  63. BrianGarzonio

    Amazing soundscape. Lyrics: mysterious, like classic Cocteau Twins. Music: slurry, droning & drunken.

  64. idis1abad

    lovely. Can't wait for the new MBV album ^_^

  65. Dantes Trip

    one of the best song ever

  66. solrac12377

    my favorite mbv. I find the ending downright erotic, as if the song character still just loves to fuck the crybaby despite such abject hatred.

  67. treblinkalovescene

    It might be vocals fed into a sampling keyboard.

  68. Roman Val

    Kevin Shields said he cannot record a song with bad/cheesy lyrics... even if they're indecipherably lost inside the music, the lyrics must be well written and augment the mood. This song is a testament to their craftsmanship.

  69. Gazstronaut

    Greatest pop song of all time.

  70. WaitingtoHit

    You mean the singing over the wailing guitar? That's Bilinda as well.

  71. californiatones

    My second all time favorite My Bloody Valentine song. The song's a poetic effusion if there ever were such a genus.

  72. Obstacle11

    i think this sounds a bit like sex

    0075667 2

    all their songs sound a little bit like sex

  73. Sevrin-13

    That insane slidey guitar sound is liquid gold.

  74. tumiturbineltubo


  75. wmprokipchak

    @mortysopp=fans of this sound.............visit the 2011 disc by Finnish band "Regina"
    (look up Regina - Unessa)..they use very similar dynamics & bouncy basslines & undecipherable lyrics (unless you know Finnish). Beautiful..and they picked up the ball where MBV left it & are carrying it downfield today! enjoy (note:Im not affiliated w/the band in any way, just love their gauzy 4AD meets Creation Recs sound)

  76. Sevrin-13

    Who is singing back up vocals?? I know it's Belinda singing the main vocal melody. Yes I am a geek.

  77. DontLookTheShoe1

    sweet and painfull music. bravo!

  78. Omicron_5

    i love the album cover, really fits with the music in some way, maybe its just me

  79. oma la

    2 people dont know about music

  80. oma la

    i love how it ends

  81. sizone

    @CANDOKNOWHOW omg. this TOTALLY changes this song for me, almost 20 years later. wow.

  82. NewOrder586

    i was (i was going to say i am - how remiss - i'm getting on now) a MBV nut! OYF wins hands down in rankings - Don't Ask Why and CIYB so so close. I danced and danced to Glider remix in Adelaide club many many times. Oh dear...

  83. blisterpacman

    woah such sweet vocal delivery

  84. malkinmario

    so nice to hear this again. my copy is missing in action. I bought this before loveless. so this was my 1st MBV experience. LOVE the cover. You can just stare at it endlessly while melting away to nowhere. this song SO sublime. could not agree more with bethedeathofme

  85. Jim

    god i love this one, something about the way the bass climbs into the treble

  86. ak40kevn

    lol NO DISLIKES.

  87. JustinOsbo

    This is so awesome!

  88. Jim

    wow never had a clue what the lyrics were.

  89. Sevrin-13

    Belinda's singing evokes such sensual and powerfully erotic moods in MBVs music - but it's not superficial sexy - like so much trashy rock or R and B music, it's more mysterious and sublime.

  90. nelson3300

    s song is soooooo ogood and ahead of its time zomg


    omg these lyrics are sinister, I've always loved this song but now I know what she's singing It's completely added a whole new dimension here.. (I've always wanted to know what she's saying)...

  92. Luis Aguilar

    it's too much... i love it

  93. meesterrain

    absolutely beautiful......on one end the message through music & harmony is sturdy & well delivered but on the other kind of fragile & painful. Don't you wish more groups could deliver such an inexplicable feeling like this?

  94. R S P

    love the ending with Belinda singing

  95. Jim

    Love this one, sounds so messed up