My Bloody Valentine - Moon Song Lyrics

Hold me close
I hate you the most
When you are the only one
Never could forgotten one
I can
Hear you dear
I wish that I was never born
When you are the only one

You come to me
Thoughts that I can't see
You're never real
Pretend to me
When I'm with you
I don't know what to do
Don't come back soon
I don't want you to
When you are the only one

Hold my hand
But understand
You are the hated one
And you are the only one
You can look
And you can touch
That's why it's never fun
When you are the only one

If they could see
What you have done to me
You will not be the only one
You come back soon
Breaking up the room
And soon you'll be the forgotten one
And to her the only one
Only one
Now you'll be forgotten one

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My Bloody Valentine Moon Song Comments
  1. Quinn

    the second to last chord is everything, the wail of dying love

  2. honkfathermax

    overdosing on gas station boner pills and ball poison

  3. Octavian7771

    "If they could see what you' have done to me"... classic!!!

  4. scie

    happy moon day

  5. Everson Gabriel

    It feels like floating around the moon.

  6. イヌヤマイヌオ


  7. Night Goat

    Sounds like a Brian Wilson joint underwater and slowed down. Fucking brilliant

  8. Ayahuaska Pop

    Es como una canción de amor extraterrestre o en algún lugar idílico, extraño, bellísimo, eso es My Bloody Valentine, te transporta a mundos y paisajes sonoros increíbles y profundamente emocionales. Ellos son únicos.

  9. 2bin

    Best Pet Sounds song the Beach Boys never wrote.

    Lostjoy IX

    I mean Beach Boys made a song called The Surfer Moon


    The songwriting really sounds like something that could be on Pet Sounds :D The guitar on the other hand is just pure MBV. I love this song.

  10. Jose Leo Mendez

    Lo mejor que me ha pasado en la vida fue cantar ebrio esta canción afuera, de madrugada, con la puerta cerrada de mi amor imposible....

  11. Zodiac7649

    Tracks like this really make me wonder how in the literal hell did Shields manage to pull off his sounds without delay or reverb. This is just amazing on so many levels.

  12. Marcos Mastroianni

    When I'm with you I don't know what to do

  13. eze tielve

    Eh, this is good but I honestly prefer Seksu Roba's version.

  14. Miguel Castorena

    hold me close i hate u the most

  15. Pramudita Satria

    This is what Neil Armstrong listened to the first time he made his first step on the moon

  16. Bruno ffs

    This was what i listened to the first time i did dmt


    How was it?

  17. Ethereal Catholic

    My word I can't believe how long ago I bought this Record.
    Life was so much simpler when I was young.
    Always thought this song would've been so much better with reverb and delay on his vocals.

  18. barnibizer

    Distortion beautifully perfected. Beautifully one true love

  19. Adrian Powell

    I always thought sonic youth were ahead of this band in terms of time and experience, as regards my bloody Valentine's shoegaze labelling is concerned let you decide??

  20. Magami

    still one of my favorite songs of all times

  21. Alexander Kestner

    hoooolld me closeee
    i haaaate you the moost

    Alexander Kestner

    Doctor Scorpion whut

  22. dasenase

    the feelings

  23. zny

    dat intentional out of tune

  24. fredy guzman

    segun algunos la que mas se acerca alos desvarios de los beach boys..temasa y esas guitarras.

  25. Josh Franklin

    Just discovered this. Love it so fucking much

  26. Monica Flores

    Anyone else jamming to this for the lunar eclipse?

    John Burns

    Monica Flores
    I'm pretty sure I did.

  27. souvannarathtristin

    pure beauty

  28. SonicUltraWave

    Weed n mbv all day long

    MR Smothers

    youre cringy af


    Says the bitch that uses the word cringy


    @MR Smothers Weed n mbv is a sublime combo, fuck you mean scrub

  29. Austin Hicks

    Don't come back soon I don't want you to

  30. edgar manrique

    muy atmosferico......

  31. Adhesive Boi

    Everything, from the heart melting singing to the bongos (?) says Beach Boy ballad to me, like "Surfer Moon." It's perfect.

  32. patrick's broken glute

    kevin shields best shaman of the 80's and beyond

  33. kizamui

    This puts everything into perspective.

  34. meesterrain

    Driven, sensual but mystical & almost alien. It's the perfect soundtrack to lover's discovering each other on another planet.

    Ayahuaska Pop

    meesterrain i thinking the same...

    Dee Ef Sea

    Alien Beach Boys

  35. Spoekraket

    how ironic, that statement

  36. Robt. Neutron Sound

    *same context

  37. Marcelo Bergamin Conter

    My favorite label is BLACK LABEL

  38. treblinkalovescene

    I'd do it for the reverb.

  39. battistinialain

    for ever my favorite band great melody so sweet

  40. 2012gaku

    Just like The Beach Boys are surfing the Sea of Noise.

  41. tollchuck

    Ok kids how many labels do you know ,ill start.

    Dream pop

  42. Facundo Avila

    I'd marry at a church only to have this song on.

  43. tremolo1965

    The SG label, in particular, just doesn't apply. It certainly had no meaning at the time..

  44. A_lullaby_for_Sophie

    I hate it when people associate that godamn label with this's a pathetic excuse that music critics found to define a band whose sound was totally peerless and unique...i never understood this need to put labels on everything, sorry...

  45. fuck your lion

    @honeypower vaguely, because öf a rathes simmìlar drop when "you are the only one" ìs sung...-MAYBE?? & ~^~hoedje van papier~^~

  46. Sevrin-13

    Opium, then fucking in slow motion.

  47. Luiz Marcondes

    @natureandchaos You are right! I´ve tried to find one to no avail!

  48. Tanunya Panitpichetvong

    this song is so weird

  49. Lupillo Bu

    Maybe THE LOOP can?

  50. Andy Pratt


  51. cardigan3000

    dont ask why

  52. James

    Does anyone else think this sounds kinda like Caroline No by The Beach Boys?

  53. pseudowitch

    on repeat for the past 3 days <3

  54. Castreed

    @wwenba360 dude you're insane

  55. outlawformetal614

    has anyone else been soothed to sleep by or slept with someone to this song

  56. outlawformetal614

    @Ryanillsley silent hill soundtrack is amazing

  57. Ryan Illsley

    The Silent Hill soundtracks sound kind of like this.. and some Broken Social Scene cds like Feel Good Lost

  58. ramarover

    20 years later and this is still magnificent

  59. furiousfingers27

    Holy shit...

  60. 10 and 12

    life affirming stuff right here

  61. Digitalknifeparty


    MBV and coldplay should never be in the same sentence!!!!

  62. Digitalknifeparty

    Good song. This song guided me through my psychedelic trip awhile back.

  63. A C M 20 P T

    this and coldplay is so fckin beyond music and relaxin i feel fckin flyin..

  64. sailtothemoonn

    This music is beyond word

  65. karl thunder axe

    my first-ever my bloody valentine song. i didn't understand what the hell i was hearing, but i was fascinated...

  66. magicjack

    @pigobenis Haha, very original comment. I like it!

  67. Aarfari

    Oh wow! I like this band alot! Just discovered them today. :} I'mma be so happy.

  68. It's TheFemiFactor

    Check out the new original valentines day track

  69. Roodski

    @mikhasw Hey Man Thats How I Type Like Every Sentence Too My Mom Said It Was Cool So Dont Discriminate Against Us People Who Type Like This Were Like Regular People Just Trying To Make It In This World Too Okay Geez Plus Microsoft Word Says Its Okay :P

  70. mikhasw

    @oohoohmelikey Ok, Erey15's mom, I get it. Cool your jets.

  71. Adam Tobin

    wow I forgot about this song. Tremolo is a mindblowing EP, so ethereal and lush. But that pretty much sums up almost all of MBV's repertoire. What a fantastic, unforgettable band. These guys should be the next candidates for the Hall of Fame

  72. mikhasw

    @Erey15 This hurt my head to read. Why did you find in necessary to capitalize the first letter of every word in the comment?

  73. Aníbal Augusto Rivera Dávila

    siempre amare esta cancion! ambient post coitum melancolia :)

  74. Gito360

    Like floating on a cloud of distortion. So unique.

  75. sss1923

    vaga e sognante....verso l'abisso