My Bloody Valentine - Loomer Lyrics

Tiptoe down to the holy places
Where you going now, don't turn around
Little girls in their party dresses
Didn't like anything there

Pretty boys with their sunshine faces
Carrying their head down
Tiptoe down to the lonely places
Where you going now, don't turn around

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My Bloody Valentine Loomer Comments
  1. i'm not cyborg


  2. The Mac Channel

    No lo entiendo :V

  3. Manuel Pizarro

    Por dios que bien suena estooo

  4. Martin Marshall

    My punk grandad used to play this to me

    Mad dog Conlon

    I'm going to play this to my grandkids

  5. Radi Sadek

    67 likes for this song? And Selena Gomez gets 2.2 million... something is wrong with this world

    Mad dog Conlon

    Who cares

  6. Norberto Velazquez


  7. VomeinsamenMädchen Sophie