My Bloody Valentine - I Only Said Lyrics

See there, run away you said to go, you were it, you were it
To lay underneath the red sky there, to lay under her, I want her there

See you there, under her and under to go you were there and I'm slow
To lay over her and I'm slow, to lay under her, I've grown away

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My Bloody Valentine I Only Said Comments
  1. ワカマンWAKAMAN

    I set this as my waking alarm for a few months

  2. Ed Jones

    My current favourite songs of the 1990s in no particular order...

    Nirvana - Something in the Way

    The Verve - A Man Called Sun

    Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence

    Aphex Twin - Windowlicker

    Massive Attack - Lately

    Blur - Sing

    Happy Mondays - Kinky Afro

    My Bloody Valentine - I Only Said

    Nick Cave - Red Right Hand

    Belle and Sebastian - Is it Wicked not to care

    Vintage Lazer

    Ed Jones If you listen to Belle and Sebastian, you have great taste.

  3. Navid Mojahedy

    This a revolutionary album. Kevin Shields is unbelievable. Such a great guitarist!

  4. Al Silva

    Não tenho psicológico pra essa banda.

  5. Jacob Lambert

    One of my favorite tracks, one of the few albums I loved as a teenager and love more that I'm older


    Glad to hear walter likes this too

    Alan Grant

    Do you love it as much as you love moster truck??

  6. musicsavage


  7. Hookie

    Man, i'm high, this fucking song is 12 hours hours? cause it's still epic

  8. Scott Shepard

    I was driving 3000 miles across the country from Boston to San Francisco and I had a bunch of CD’s that were put together for me in high school that I hadn’t listened to yet. I was driving thru Colorado and I put this CD on not knowing who MBV was and that was probably the first time I ever felt an “out of body experience”.. like the feeing you get when you realize that there’s so much more to life than we give it credit for. Pure bliss.

  9. i'm not cyborg


  10. Laura Zambrano

    this song is literally me

  11. Lewis Smart

    The guitar in this sounds like it was made by Husqvarna

  12. R B

    I remember listening to this song on the bus going home on my last day of high school, no plans of going to college, wondering, "What the hell do I do with my life now?"

    adele hrj

    How are things now?

  13. gravelad

    Wot if yer mum ran on batteries

  14. Jack O'Dwyer

    The Sun's Soul Expressed Through Raging Teeth. A Boundless Chasm For The Sensitive Soul. Surfing Upon Apocalyptic Solar Flares, Infinite Mythic Resonance Notwithstanding, Shoegazing Thru Wonderment, Staring Downwards Through Cosmic Canyons. Sublimating Thy Downcast Wonderment Into Aural Vistas! Oh Holy God Of Our Shared Solar Travesty, Recognize This, Fair Majesty, As The Triumphant Roar of Lands Yet To Be Explored.

  15. Oswald Mosley

    wot if yee mum ran on batteries

  16. yuWIN

    Probably the most underrated song of the album. It's one of the best of all time.

  17. Scottie Lambert

    A sonic singularity

  18. Pinku


  19. arte0021

    This puts me to sleep. I dont know if its a good or bad thing

  20. Detached Prawn


  21. Adam

    Song of the Day
    10-22-18: I Only Said | My Bloody Valentine
    also on:

  22. Nil Ton

    best song ever
    a shoegaze definition

  23. Matti126

    This shits like hipster Bieber loool

  24. Matti126

    Suxxx toooo

  25. Nick Bird

    My fav MBV song and I flew to Seattle today for their concert. I've been waiting years to see them and the concert is in about three hours!! My blood is pumping, heart beating and head is spinning. So so so excited and after having fun walking around Seattle all day, I'm now sitting in my room listening to them and drinking some local beer in preparation. Tonight is going to be awesome!

    Matthew Franey

    how was the show?

  26. Adriana Bee

    3:03 Im the only person Who can listen that

  27. chris sirhc

    sound of my brain squirming

  28. Max Marsh

    I want to die to this song

    Rax Cordova

    Try M83 - Lower your eyelids to die with the sun

  29. James Patrick Harris

    This is my favorite song in existence. Watching I Only Said spinning at 33 1/3 rpm on a turntable makes the 1991 Village Voice Loveless review quote of 'the reliable rhythm of a giant linoleum buffer systematically rubbing the skin off your soul' a religious experience. This song has the same circular rhythm as the turntable and that giant linoleum buffer. It's just magick.

  30. Przemysław Chudzik

    Thanks /mu/.

  31. Norberto Velazquez

    quizás sea la mejor de loveless,pero son todas geniales!!

  32. Michael Colahan

    Mercury Rev and Buffalo Tom opened for MBV in Philly at the Troc in "92. We tried to get acid or mushrooms. Couldn't. Maybe score a joint. Nope. Thankfully went in sober and came out tripping. Best show ever.

  33. Andrew Cameron

    once you like this track, your life will be forever changed for the better. my gf keeps complaining about the lyrics being drowned out in the mix, and I told her if you think that you don't understand the whole psychology of this band. pure genius


    you sound like such a tool

    Tony Fetuccini

    reveriestardust ha

  34. 21 year old doomer

    Vroooow vreeeeew

  35. Niyas Ummer

    when people think you're vacuuming're actually listening to Shoegaze...


  36. Norberto Velazquez

    Maravilloso sonido shoegaze

  37. gary itzkowitz

    1:48 to 3:19 , the greatest minute and a half in music ever........................

  38. Robert Bershad

    ridiculously excellent, like the whole album.

  39. yo untal

    One of the most beautiful moments in music history... 1:46 —— 2:15

  40. PipeD0d

    infinite loop with this song

  41. Joe King

    I find all MBVs chorus' really obnoxious, but man I fucking love the verses. I could listen to a loop of this verse forever

    Ivan Sherfield

    Mark Humphrey
    then you should give
    MEDICINE a try.
    they're from my hometown Los Angeles.
    their first 2 albums; 'Shot Forth Self Living' and 'The Buried Life ' are pretty obnoxious.
    especially the 9 minute opener on SFSL.

  42. Sterno Screech

    That's a pretty badass flute thing playing in this song.


    Your ma plays a badass flute. A pink one.

  43. Pablo Ledesma Solar

    Am i the only one hearing male chanting during the last minute of the song? Sounds like a mantra. This is definitely the best song on Loveless.

  44. Papa Burgundy

    43 people are loveless

  45. This is my real name


  46. Mia Rok

    Beautiful! I love MBV! Come In Alone another favorite!

  47. HustleNed

    This song truly never ends

  48. Marko El paso

    Hermoso desorden musical

  49. Gabriel Kroff

    very drunk and stoned listed this fucking dope shit dronegaze songs

  50. Lucas Ferreira

    the sound you get when you throw a guitar in a blender.

  51. anothercountyheard

    this is one of the best albums ever made. the term game changers thrown around a lot but this record this album truly was a game-changer and defined a new genre

    Scottie Lambert

    anothercountyheard yep!

  52. F. Hawk

    This is a beautiful sound. Top top album.

    Try a song called Writes in Black by Lucid Rivers


    I took your advice, and wish I didnt. Pish. How dare you take me away from this to listen to that shite.

  53. Josh

    Always my favorite from MBV. Feeling very nostalgic right now. These were good times.

  54. bonchasilark

    great song, terrible quality


    it's meant to be like this


    Youtube definitely mangles the quality. It is meant to be noisy but not so muddy. This kind of music can't take compression.

  55. Michael Thomasson

    to lay over her and im slow, oh
    to lay under her and ive grown away, oh

  56. Tara O'Reilly

    Sounds like the sweet blossom of feeling

  57. Ky Marie

    Summer oh summer. Why must you leave. Every year you promise to love me everlastingly but alas you also scurry to someone else. Somewhere else.

  58. Sell The Tab

    Great track

  59. Daniel Swenson

    a song i have had in reoccurring dreams. amazing.

  60. Jeswin Thomas

    Intro <3

  61. max paterni

    che belle sonorita'....

  62. Allen Rrxx

    Best song on Loveless

    Tony Fetuccini

    Wolfdragon92584 "come in alone" and "sometimes" 😍

    Ch salo

    yeeep pretty much..

    Joe Taylor

    What you want is mine

    Breandan Downey

    When you sleep

    Kek Jong un

    Soon though...

  63. Trey Myles

    I was in the Waterfront Hall in Belfast rehearsing for Little Mermaid (I played King Triton in the production) last year, I was in main auditorium and I heard that song , thought it was cool and asked which one who did it and they said my bloody valentine. Took me a year to find the name of the song till now! :) great influence on smashing pumpkins those guys

  64. Carlo Marchiori

    Only MBV got here

    Ale Unloveable

    +Carlo Marchiori MBV Only

    Carlo Marchiori

    +Alejandro Badger we know what we mean :)

  65. Sovery Lame

    I love this song and band so much it literally makes me want to weep


    Seb Web10 hey, fuck you.

  66. Humanshieldchorus00

    Proud to be Irish

    Tomas Price

    I'm a chilean with welsh ancestors, but the best memory that I have from my trip to UK and Ireland 2011 was precisely Ireland. I'll never forget such a nice person, a drunken and happy man who invited all my friends and I a round of Guinness and then another one of Baby Guinness. Nowadays I can't drink anything, but I admire the way of being drunk and being friendly (not a popular virtue). My admiration for Ireland, for his resilience through history, his culture in general, and music in this case (My Bloody Valentine, The Pogues, among others...).


    Trey Lemoine Oh no, strangers on the Internet won't let others be happy and proud of their country, what are we gonna do.

    Matt Koster

    Kevin Shields is originally from America

    You may not rest now, there are monsters nearby

    Humanshieldchorus00 I'm Irish too I had no idea they were Irish


    @Matt Koster Yeah , but he was born to Irish parents and went to Ireland at age 9 so...

  67. Castreed

    1:45 - 2:18 my eyes always get wet in this part, it's beautiful sound, is heaven, makes you feel so alive.


    l feel just the same during that lapse, gosh, it is so nice finding people who share your perspective regarding  some songs in specific, it makes you feel alive, as well.

    Nicky Lamps

    This and the bridge in Serpentskit by the Cocteau Twins.  Ahhhh...bliss

  68. ShenmueAtheist

    Hearing this song live was one of the single greatest experiences of my life, I am dead serious.

    Lucas Ferreira

    +ShenmueAtheist i actually believe you.

    Michael Colahan

    MBV, Mercury Rev, Buffalo Tom Philly '91. Unreal!

    Troy Donaldson

    Absolutely epic experience.

    Julian Meynell

    I feel the same way. One of the greatest moments of my life.

    Kay Janczack

    "hearing" lol.

  69. Keion Courtez

    Stress go away

  70. John Smith

    Lou Reed would have been proud.


    you make it sound like lou reed had no chance to hear this, as if this just came out yesterday.

    Lee Woodhead

    This was released over 20 years before Lou died

    Magnus Børlum Dam

    @Paisley Why would he be secret about what kind of music he liked?


    It is on record that Lou Reed loved this album.

  71. Spyro Synaes Symbio

    Strange...I really don't understand and I can't explain! This time I feel like a mist of sensations, emotions and sentimental expressions in concentrated contrast that I'm actually ignoring about. It passed so much time since I discover this kind of sensation last time. All music sounds so explosive, sexy, sweet, fancy, melancholic in a psychedelic stream of floating words. And I'm not drunken or flipped now, I swear.

    Nicky Lamps

    Maybe it somehow taps into our collective unconcious? 

    Shlomo Lipschitz

    These comments are embarrasing

    Papa Burgundy

    J Russ lol

    Spyro Synaes Symbio

    @J Russ​ trolls are embarrassing, though a lot of people like them.

  72. patrick's broken glute

    fuckin dancin

  73. 5koverlibor

    This track is perfectly timeless. '91, '00, '14 , all entirely viable.

  74. Lee Woodhead

    My cat Isaac is indifferent but I like it.


    Get a dog, they appreciate good music.

    Cameron Lynch

    ikr, the feels

  75. sandiegorandolph

    One of the Most beautiful thing is the 2 minutes of just straight chords. Use to enhance the highs on various levels as I drove by the Pacific ocean

  76. lyallbaybum69

    I remember listening to this on a microdot in '92 and believed that it went on ALL night...(it really did) feckin wall of noise..beautiful.

  77. Sheriff Lophophora

    I understand him... It has happened to me when experiencing My Bloody Valentine.

  78. wayne walls

    Awesome track, awesome album

  79. Brian Loyke


  80. WallflowerCowboy

    My thoughts exactly.

  81. Angry Millennial


  82. Bruno Marinho

    My bloody valentine é muito bom
    Som bastante diferenciado

  83. RevolverOcelotable

    theres no such thing as "hipster music"

  84. Paisley Adams

    Get High and listen it

  85. victor Aguilar

    Going too far don't you think?

  86. victor Aguilar


  87. overrevo

    Such a good album....

  88. Enrico Salvatore Rizzo

    Somebody please make a ten hour version of that riff.

  89. SoapyEars


  90. ricardogameboy

    This might be the best guitar i 've heard 3:03 it's a talking demon.