My Bloody Valentine - Honey Power Lyrics

Change my mouth
Here with your tongue
Your body soft
Over there where you're laying down

Hold my flower
Here and you will now
Sure you did from appearing smile

Ooh, bloom
I drink to you
Feel you come
High enough till you're sleeping and

Take my flower
Touch before I die
Over you
Then we'll sleep for another hour

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My Bloody Valentine Honey Power Comments
  1. MBV Karen

    MBV= Soul Sound.

  2. Kane Pascarelli

    This is when I make my "special tea" and put some honey in it

  3. Mad dog Conlon

    Beyond fucking cool

  4. Bryan Roberts

    This is absolutely one of the best songs made by MBV.

  5. cloudwatcher

    listened to the outro while I was riding up a hill on my bike. There were some cirrus clouds and I felt like if I kept riding after I reached the top of the hill I would keep floating off into the blue.

  6. Habchimohamed Habchi

    Vive le rock, bloody Valentine, breeders, throwing muses, veruca salt, Tanya donnelly, etc, etc

  7. iSK

    The outro is so awesome

  8. Joe Mama

    Hell yeah 400k views 😎

  9. SFloridaMike

    That guitar bends my brain.

  10. goodperson666

    I love this song more than I love myself

  11. daniel paredes

    te adoro.

  12. Binary Astro

    This song makes me feel like im flying with my feet

  13. Andrés Estupiñán

    That outro speaks to your soul.

  14. Pablo Isusi


  15. Los Tenders

    This is a fuking genius! of all time

  16. Steven Webb


  17. Eldon G

    On their song What You Want, you can hear a little bit of the same riff mixed deep. Maybe that's why it wasn't on Loveless, to avoid similar songs but it was later buried in the mix anyways. Also, maybe similarities to the into riff on Dinosaur Jr.'s Little Fury Things? Maybe that's a little bit of a stretch but Kevin did say he was listening to a bunch of Dinosaur Jr. at the time, maybe he wanted to really avoid similarities to anything else in every way. That's my over-analysis of why it isn't on Loveless, cause it's just as good as everything else on the album.

  18. John Meowzer

    MBV write the coolest lyrix.

  19. John Meowzer

    The title's a perfect description of the sound

  20. Greg Szczygielski

    this first second of the song. mindblow

  21. Eric Systrom

    No shit! I start my morning w/ espresso n M.B.V. I breath 4 distortion , feedback, and something that speaks to me. Lyrical hijinx and a celestial voice.

  22. kyli

    3:09 feels like I'm drowning

  23. Brandon Umagat

    That ending makes me feel like I'm floating

  24. Sergio Batista

    Musica de virjj

  25. ormond reisen

    Kids today are so tame.

  26. Cristian Murati


  27. JaredMaskelyne

    Gotta listen to this song and smoke a fat YEET

  28. A cigarette

    Honestly mbv has like the best outros

  29. Shanen Frost

    MBV have always been beautiful and blissfully noisy at the same time. Their innovative guitar work and the girl's smooth, sexy voice always draw me in and I leave all my cares behind.

    John Meowzer

    Blissful noise is right. I think that's a big part of what shifts them into a higher dimension (along with the sublime songwriting of course)...shoegaze bands without the noise to me often sound bland in comparison.

  30. SCROGY

    The outro is pure bliss.........but then NO ONE does bliss like MBV......NO ONE!

  31. Adam Verssen

    Ahead of their time. Geniuses

  32. Avery Adrian

    It figures... they are Irish ☘️...
    A people who are mystical and deeply in tune with the vibrations of Universal Love

  33. Johnnie C. B

    Lumi coda

  34. barnibizer

    3:10 onwards is another song....or at least it is on the rarities....pure heaven on earth....MBV forever

  35. skawashers

    Does anybody know if a Unedited version of this exists. As its does sound like that the song is already half through by the time the record starts. So was this part of a Longer jam or piece

  36. red drib

    holy shit, dude

  37. djfulci

    The ending is: a) fucking amazing; and b) reminiscent of Kevin's guitar score for that La La Human Steps dance piece.

  38. Brett Mills

    Change my mouth
    Here with your tongue
    Your body soft
    Over there where you're laying down
    Hold my flower
    Here and (you will now)
    Sure you did from appearing smile
    Ooh, bloom
    I drink to you
    Feel you come
    High enough 'till you're sleeping and...
    Take my flower
    Touch before I die
    Over you
    Then we'll sleep for another hour

  39. Alexis Arrizon

    this song is so beautiful and mystical I am inlove.

  40. Alexis Arrizon

    this song is so beautiful and mystical I am inlove.

  41. daniel paredes

    I give it to you baby

  42. Yosemite Sam

    That outro left me in a dreamy trance where I flyed with my gorgeous crush to beautiful dimensions.

  43. dubseedz757

    Just started listening to these guys, oh man....I've been under a rock.

  44. Sity

    does anyone else notice that this song sounds similar to the black angel's death song by the velvet underground?

    John Meowzer

    The Velvets influenced a lot of artists.

  45. Tony Mostrom

    Delicious toughness and hardness

  46. Hotbox the Cat

    The album cover is my face while listening to this


    Really nice profile picture. Thats a dope picture of Syd.

  47. Martín Rojas Dall´Orso

    3:09 <3

  48. Oskar Petur Einarsson

    Best 90's MBV song.

  49. Gabriel Ferreira

    that ending


    Like from another dimension!

  50. Daniel Delayne

    best song about slipping that extra spoonful of hunny in your afternoon tea


    My Buzzy Valentine

  51. john doe

    jesus christ that coda sends shivers to the very core of my being


    what is a coda

  52. MrCorganboy

    Canción culiá hermosa por la conchetumare.


    si weon, la cagó la wea

    Mal Eklypse

    o no ctm

    Vago De Oz

    La wea linda por la chucha, igual que la bilinda butcher mijita rica weon

    Mal Eklypse

    ta papo

  53. André Mellagi


  54. Brian Madigan

    MBV have been an inspiration for years. Favourite though is 'What you want', then 'Blown a Wish'.

    John Meowzer

    I love those too but my favorite might be She Found Now, tho' I love To Here Knows When, Sugar, Thorn, Lovelee Sweet Darlene...

  55. James Barnes


  56. James Barnes


  57. thoughtcircles

    this has to be my favourite mbv song

    ChrisP Bacon

    same, its like a psychedelic journey without the drugs. like, i couldve sworn it was faster the first few times i heard it, but i know it isnt. such a weird effect

  58. Antonio Stella Bottom Tile

    outro flies over like a sapphire sheet of night

  59. Garrett Johnson

    I wish the girl I was dating at the time I bought this wasn't such a psycho hose beast...

    Nicholas Herriman

    First heard this track on a mix tape from my girlfriend at the time. Quarter of a century ago... The tape also had Mudhoney and Stone Roses on it too.

    chaos lord

    Garrett Johnson psycho hose mean like every teenage ex ever?

    Garrett Johnson

    @GUNGAGIGA LALALALLAA We were in our twenties.

  60. joly brennan

    on repeat..... a LOT

  61. coffycup75

    My husband proposed with this EP. Who needs a ring when you can have MBV?

    Damian O'Neil

    I shat my bass.


    your husband is awesome

    Moo Tame

    That's pure love

    MBV Karen

    coffycup75 TRUE

    Jade Medallion

    Keep him

  62. Ruby Emanuel

    beyond words

    manny minogue

    beyond sound

    Daniel Delayne

    beyond darude - sandstorm

  63. I-Love-Music

    U cant copy MBV, unique***

  64. promethea

    God that ending oh my God


    Different their rarities album. Heaven on earth. Cheers

    Doing Business With The Chinese

    @barnibizer What's the name of the track on the rarities album?


    @Doing Business With The Chinese i don't think i explained my comment correctly - that song is on their rarities album! So glad i have it.

    Doing Business With The Chinese

    @barnibizer Oh I see, which rarities album is it?


    @Doing Business With The Chinese I live in Singapore and its at home in England so cannot remember. I tried looking for it on you on youtube but couldn't find it. It was one of those purchases off ebay back when people owned CD's!!

  65. Lucas Ferreira

    does anybody else think the guitar riff in this song sounds like the one in Sonic Youth's Titanium Expose?

    Christopher Patriarca

    Not even close. Sorry mate

    Lucas Ferreira

    really? i think those two riffs sound so much alike. i'm only talking about the high pitched guitars, though.

  66. MoeSlislack

    great lyrics, great sound.

  67. Rayvenous

    Rocking beauty :)

  68. Felix T-Rex

    this song reaches to the heavens

    Wolfgang Von Schaffenberg

    @Felix T-Rex Hellz yeah!

  69. Sity

    reminds me of the black angel's death song by the velvet underground

  70. Jordan

    I love MBV, but this is just slightly better than anything on that album.

    John Meowzer

    I love She Found Now. I think it's a masterpiece.

    Benn Tilby

    its ok mate - there are many rocks - you were under a good one X

  71. Brian Fish

    I think I could listen to the outro on a loop for a very long time.

    John Meowzer

    Me too. She Found Now also.

  72. Ciarán Byrne

    has to be the most beautiful outro ever recorded. 

  73. Polyfusia

    Good enough to be on Loveless. In fact I like it better than a few tracks on Loveless. One the most beautiful outros in music history. In fact I struggle to think of another.

    P A D Z Y O

    Polyfusia Pixies - No 13 Baby, my favourite outro. This is close tho

    David Valero

    Yes, best Outro ever, I listened the outros that people named here but there are not even close


    @startervisions always thought he pulled influence from shields


    @1234bmt Billy Corgan, Radiohead, and Marilyn Manson all have lol

  74. Sacred Lugia

    Should have been on Loveless

    Rob Hansult

    YES! Exactly

  75. giocastagno

    Remember dancing to these back in the day. I forgot just how good this tune is.

  76. Louise Para

    I love Slowdive, ride and the Cocteau twins but no one does shoegaze like mbv

    Larethio '97

    afoolisharrangement They're dream pop bro.

    h p

    You can't really compare Cocteau Twins and MBV. They're similar but two different fields of greatness


    dream pop is shoegaze and cocteau twins dream on....good but not great, i think thats obvious

    John Meowzer

    I agree...for me the noise is a big part of that - the lovely dissonance puts them on a higher level than other dreampop bands who just do pretty songs (not that there's anything wrong with that, lol). And of course the otherworldly melodies help too, but the white noise is the icing on the cake. Like She Found Now - I think it's a masterpiece, melody-wise, but then the buzzsaw guitar noise elevates it to an even higher level.

    John Meowzer

    Yes and for me what shifts them to a higher level is the guitar noise and beautiful dissonance.

  77. Louise Para

    Bilinda's voice is eargasmic

  78. Wintrp mxl

    the outro 

  79. deeohgee70

    amazing song then from 3:10 it becomes indescribably beautiful...


    3.10 onwards is a different song, you should buy the rarities album....3.10 onwards as you say is the most beautiiful piece of noise/music i have heard.....cheers

  80. Tom Mitchell

    I was 30 or so when I heard this on 101.9 Kingston College radio. I had a band just forming in my dining room with my drummer roommate and friends.I knew I had heard something great and very refreshing.I began to write songs.I am now 50,still writing and wanting to perform again.Listening to this brings back feelings of youth, friendship and hope yet for me.Thank you MBV and Sarah English the DJ for 101.9 Kingston Canada.And thank you for posting this.


    from your comment i can feel how much you love music, i can relate... cheers...

  81. buchanan vanderbilt

    So beautiful, amazing underlying harmonies. Favourite MBV song. 

    John Meowzer

    I also love the beautiful dissonant underlying harmonies in the chorus of Swallow.

  82. Iain Robb

    Erotically luscious. It sounds somewhat like Stereolab being played by Cocteau Twins and Faust.

  83. loudrockmusic1

    My favorite MBV song maybe

  84. Diego Rio

    Fuark, Bilinda's vocals sound great on this song and Kevin's guitar work is amazing. Too much genius

  85. clyrogrumper

    Saw these play in London with Dinosaur Jr and Sonic youth the same night.  About 1991 or 92.  Yes I am old.

    Rob Hansult

    Nice! 3 of my favorite bands.

    Colin Wood

    You might be old as am I but are you deaf too. That had to be an incredibly loud concert. I saw just Dinosaur jr at an outdoor event late 90s early 2000 and they alone playing outdoors were loud enough to give me tinnitus for a week. I could only imagine seeing all three of these bands on the same bill.


    Colin Wood - I’m 52 and yes - it was loud as fuck and I enjoyed every second of it...I’m sure my ears took a beating. I also saw Pavement, Sonic Youth, Lush, Mudhoney, Jane’s Addiction, Pixies, and Bob Mould around the same time. The Pavement and Sonic Youth shows were $6 each...I miss being young in the early 90’s.


    three icon bands alltogether. Wish I was there...

    ben read

    Which gig was that? I saw pretty much all the MBV gigs in London around that time (there weren't many), and it sounds like you're talking about the Rollercoaster Tour with Dinosaur Jr, Blur and Jesus and Mary Chain, however Sonic Youth weren't on that tour. Can't find any details online about them playing with Sonic Youth at the time.

  86. Mark Hower

    The louder the better I say  :)  

  87. giovanni fontanelli

    one of the best songs ever. So perfect.


    And Bilinda's voice in it… OMG.

  88. giovanni fontanelli

    Miglior finale della storia.

  89. Jessica Tears

    Amo la ultima parte

  90. handofwhat

    It's nice to see that people have been affected so deeply in the same way I was when I first heard this music in the early 90's. After I heard "Isn't Anything", before "Loveless," my life had already changed. They were my religion, a twilight romantic, ecstatic, androgynous union of life and death, sex and love, drugs, dreams, sunrise and sunset - everything liminal, crepuscular, and amorphous in my subconscious felt dislodged and held by their music. In fact, I haven't been able to listen to them for 20 years because of the intensity of those young emotions. But I'm coming back, older and wiser and no less appreciative.

    Michael Hernandez

    @Mark Hower

    V E N U S Y O R U H U A

    @ handofwhat
    An excellent definition of shoegaze. I wanted to know if i could rephrase and use your definition.
    - with your permission and giving you credit of course.
    If you dont reply ill assume you dont particularly care and go about to do as such.
    Please respond with first and last name.


    @V E N U S Y O R U H U A man, just use your words to say what do you feel about shoegaze. Sounds more organic and constructive.
    Otherwise, its been 5 years since this was commented lol

    V E N U S Y O R U H U A

    Hmmmm. Maybe you're write

    0075667 2

    !! !!!! ! !!1
    perfectly said

  91. my pp small , i was cucked and

    Back when they had a drum instead of another guitar. 

  92. Music Is The Dope

    Fuckin Coda? Fuckin Nothing? Fuckin blablabla ... zzzzz

  93. Connor Hagerty

    Yes, only 5? :p

  94. Scott Eckersley

    This feels like being trampled to death but liking it.

  95. D Nugent

    opening is great

  96. Cassie S

    songs to drive to

  97. avedic

    lol...perfect description