My Bloody Valentine - Don't Ask Why Lyrics

See all your sorrow
But be happy tomorrow
From the back of my mind
I was searching and I

From the look in your face
I believe it's not too late

See where you are
When did we go that far
From the things that we said
I was wishing us dead

Turn around to the fool
Who believed, don't ask why

From the look in your face
I believe it's not too late

(Pillow) pretend
That I do not defend
My own love in the back
Need no question to ask

If you need to see
The real, don't ask me

From the look in your face
I believe it's not too late

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My Bloody Valentine Don't Ask Why Comments
  1. B Cantin

    The Japanese had a really amazing music scene in Tokyo in the 90s called Shibuya-kei. One of the bands from that scene was Flipper’s Guitar, who performed a song very very very similar to this. It’s called “Aquamarine” and you can easily find it here on Youtube. It came out around the same time as the Glider EP, maybe a little after. If you like this, give that a listen.

  2. i'm not cyborg


  3. Brian Sands

    Who was the girl? She was very cute.

  4. Arthur Lecomte

    fuck you I totally fell in love with Scarlett


    Long time ago! ;o))

  5. モブ

    I love you 3000 ! Scarlett !

  6. yaoihunter

    Bruh 700th sub

  7. ralph K.J

    What's more beautiful, MBV or scarlet....

  8. bernardo bringas

    When the deal goes Down

  9. T’Challa Campbell

    So beautiful

  10. widM

    so Kiss Me...

  11. Alexis Arrizon

    What a glaring beautiful morass of romance and irony. MBV are such a gorgeous and ethereal band.

  12. Juliana alves


  13. gary itzkowitz

    this song reminds me of an old Beatles song , Tomorrow Never Knows. Cant exactly say why though , but it does.

    Erison Guimarães

    The vocals are very similiar

  14. Gloomer

    i literally cannot hear any similarities between this and sixpence's kiss me wtf?

  15. dubseedz757

    Man shes so beautiful ..

  16. TTuoTT

    wouldve liked to see a more authentic character in this vid

  17. Oorzeek 2021

    Estas canciones parece que vienen del futuro! en 2009 Scarlett no era tan famosa como es ahora 2016 y ni se diga la canción

    Mikey Floyd

    igual el video es de 2009, pero la canción es de 1989, y supongo que desde el OST de "Lost in translation" se asocia a MBV con Scarllet, qué hermosa es!

    Sofia Nice

    Creo que sería al revés. Scarlett quedo asociada a My bloody después de la peli.. O sea, sería la chica de la banda en lugar de la banda de la chica. O será que escucho a esta banda desde mucho antes que la peli exista. Pero aunque no hay dudas de que Scarlett es una diosa me parece un poco falta de respeto decir que MBV quedo asociada a ella después de una película. Aunque no es una banda de llegada masiva por razones obvias, es una banda perfecta con una trayectoria enorme y me parece casi un insulto asociarlos a.... porque no necesitan ningún tipo de referencia. Mas que sus perfectos discos, para quien los entienda. Disculpame si no entendí tu comentario. Saludos

    Oorzeek 2021

    @Sofia Nice Hablo de que Scarlett despues de los Vengadores y Lucy se volvió más famosa, en 2009 (año de este video) no sabia siquiera que existiera xd y My bloody es una banda que tiene sonidos a mi parecer adelantados a su epoca (Hablando que esa cancion salio en los años 80's y ahora me parece a la epoca 2016)

    Mikey Floyd

    @Sofia Nice Preciso, no estamos hablando de lo mismo, pero sí entiendo tu punto y estoy parcialmente de acuerdo contigo, saludos

  18. Daniel Ramirez

    She's my "If I was straight..."

    Arthur Lecomte

    I read your comment as if it was some poetry in this song. 'From the look in her face, she's my... if i was straight'

    Allen Rrxx

    why arent' you?

    Henry Landivar

    See if you're bi and give her a shot

  19. Hariss Mavroleon

    " kiiiisss me..."

  20. dammbleth2

    Try Bud Dry?

  21. Eisonhawk

    of " You're twisting my melon man..."

  22. coryj1990

    June Gloom (a mix by beck) featured this track. Please, I need to find another track from the mix. It resembles a lot of what Lush, My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau twins, and other dreampop or shoegaze songs with female vocals, up beat melody, and a lot of strumming electric guitars. The only lyric I can remember is either "oh no"x7 or "on and on"x7. Any ideas as to a song or a different community to ask is much appreciated.

  23. crucialexecutioner69

    scarlett brohansson

  24. Alex Nicholson


  25. n8tvbrn ed a

    takes me back, now to que up some " Dropnineteens "


    +n8tvbrn ed a Delaware is an awesome album!!!

  26. John Smith

    is it just me or does the song Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer sound an awful lot like this? The chord progression and structure is very similar

    Will Chew

    I thought it was the song. I was like "MBV wrote that Kiss Me song wtf?". I would sue their ass and get some money lol.


    This is like kiss me but on a bunch of acid lol

    Stink Fistula

    yes lawyer up


    @Stink Fistula because god knows we need another dumb lawsuit lmao

    Stink Fistula

    @yaoihunter exactly , some lightweight from 1980 is suing Cyndi Lauper over "three words in a song she wrote in 2012 , absolutely ridiculous

  27. Allen Rrxx

    hints of Sometimes

  28. Snobbish Hipster

    Scarjo is beautiful. But Winona Ryder in her youth was gorgeous.

    Tony Fetuccini

    Nah bro Michele pfeifer i know i probably spelled her last name wrong but u kno who i mean bro now her in her early 20s bro and Sofia Vergara 2 omg 🔥🔥🔥

  29. Snobbish Hipster

    mbv are amazing.

  30. Vicky Holman

    good song pico jiles culiaos:)

    beto Lorka

    +Eny Hol el mejor comentario por la chucha!!

    Vicky Holman

    wasdfghjkghj sabe xdd

    lucas castellon

    +Eny Hol hermanos chilenos ? <3

    Diego Reyes Troncoso

    feo hijo de la comemoco que nadie se quiso culiar

  31. Some guy on the Internet

    Wow this is amazing

  32. maria

    fav music/video match

  33. roy_for_real

    the original video, or you made it yourself?

  34. Chance

    Why is shoegaze resurging? this is terrible music to listen to.


    +PrehistoricX technically, yeah, but so what, it doesn't skewer my judgement. just out of curiosity, what do u consider good music?

    isabella oliveira

    +PrehistoricX you just don´t have to listen to it if you don´t want to. pretty simple. but some people like it. i happen to really love it!


    +PrehistoricX shoegaze is just a tag, this is not shoegaze, it's My Bloody Valentine at that moment, if you don't like it don't listen to it, you can express your opinion of course, but at least be able to say what you don't like about it(what will probably be much more a matter of taste than quality)

    Ajax Clean

    +PrehistoricX don't ask why

    Ted Bennett

    +PrehistoricX Haha. You are dumb.

  35. Hard#Hat#Mack

    its not too late and dont ask why

  36. Grace Froggatt

    Nice music but irritating visual.

  37. Grace Froggatt

    Top song froma top album Loveless or is it the EP Glider? I can't remember.

    Nathaniel Foster

    It's from Glider. 

  38. Draconian Cloud

    90´s calling, depressed and lonely - )

    Vann Jonquin

    So trü.. I miss it a lil.. it was real. The only real

    Number 57

    Glorious times!


    Sounds a bit Badly Drawn Boy this one

  40. Garrett Johnson

    Beautiful song. I want to do a cover of this song with my band that has more drums and a nice, simple lead line over the parts without singing. I hope it works. And, by the way, Scarlett is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood.

  41. Jack Stone

    in her youth scarlett johanson was the only 10/10 in existence


    Look up Sofia Vergara when she was young😵😫

  42. Uyên Lê

    She doesn't deserve this song.

    Sam Crawford

    +Uyên Lê (Tangerine) Why not?


    Everyone deserves this song. It's beautiful!

    junk bot

    She was perfect back then.

    Tara O'Reilly

    junk bot she really damn was though

    Mox Fulder

    have you seen lost in translation?

  43. Habib M

    Cool song, don't care much for scarjoe

    Lucas Spurrell

    The only reason I can think for her being here is she was in the movie "Lost In Translation" which had MBV and Kevin Shields music on the soundtrack?

    Tony Fetuccini

    Same even tho right here she does look beautiful

    Tony Fetuccini

    @Lucas Spurrell yep pretty much

  44. kacodamn

    Can someone please tell me where these Scarlett´s photos came out?

  45. Michael Grzesiak

    Hey, Sixpence None the Richer stole this for their "Kiss Me" song!

    Some guy on the Internet

    +Michael Grzesiak Haha I thought the same thing.


    They did t steal it, the riff is very similar. People need to stop saying songs were “stolen”... they’re both good songs, they both inhibit an emotional reaction, it doesn’t matter if they sound similar

  46. Draconian Cloud

    DELICATE !!!!!!!

  47. Paolo Pagnani


  48. Waka Crow

    Did that late 90's tune 'Kiss me' rip this song off a bit?


    man i thought i clicked the wrong video, it's exactly the same tone and sound...

  49. Music Is The Dope


  50. Paola Perrone

    The Smashing Pumpkins' Bleed or MBV's Don't ask why: which of the two video is actually featured by Scarlett Johansson?

  51. Adam Bowman

    i love this band more than i love my family...

  52. gary lamont

    see all your sorrow
    but be happy tomorrow

    they didnt need to do anything else

  53. Neil Cook

    This is what Heaven looks and sounds like... :)


    Now go listen to Sixpence None the Richer's "Kiss Me"... they totally copped the guitar melody from MBV!

  55. Garrett Allen

    because johansson's a twat.

  56. Charles Stroot

    if you don't like this video please give me an explanation of why


    Because a beautiful woman pouting and posing clashes jarringly with MBV's androgenous druggy and semi spiritual vibe. That's why. Look at their official clips


    You're not supposed to ask why.


    Beautiful scarlett

  58. zitronenstern

    when you think of the melody to "kiss me" at the same time while listening to this....well i get a massive headache

  59. SydBarrettOctopus

    Kiss meeee

  60. Christopher Robin

    I agree completely, a good director can make a mediocre actor appear capable and vice versa !!

  61. Camomila

    I agree with you .....É NÓIS BRASIL

  62. Countess Boochie Flagrante

    I know people are going to hate me but yeah....Scarlett Johansson was only good in Lost In Translation.
    Her acting is kind of...cardboard otherwise.
    MBV is awesome though, no matter what!

  63. twistedkarm

    i love anything with Scarlett Johanson in it... but adding My Bloody Valentine to it its just genious!!!!

  64. MegaThecolonel

    this is as good as it gets

  65. Brad Carlson

    When Sometimes started playing I started cheering in the middle of the theater. Everybody told me to shut up. Felt like Scarlett

    Virgil Grey

    Lost in Translation?

  66. farfle10

    the same formula worked for Lost In Translation

  67. livelove6797

    if there was a real world version of the Infinite Jest film from the book, it might be this

  68. Joao Palmieri

    love both!!!!!!

  69. heavy671

    i just love her <3 she is dam so beautiful and graceful

  70. ryan582011

    Brillant! :-)

  71. Maria da Paixão Vieria

    simple and perfect.

  72. PianoStudent

    except for the scarlett johansson part

  73. Jack Watters

    Two totally different melodies. A very basic chord change to start with, but they go different directions quickly. Not stolen...simply similar.

  74. Merve Dinar


  75. Emperor SkekUng

    That girl is beautiful!

  76. Lone-Wolf-XCII

    I came several times to this.

  77. Steven Webb

    Fucking brilliant song, along with everything else MBV does!

  78. Y0ssariantheAssyrian

    this is like what my photobooth folder looks like if you scan through it real quick

  79. BeTheDeathOfMe

    stop start awesomeness

  80. welovebootydance

    where did you get the footage from scarlett? it´s awesome! love the video, congrats!

  81. NewOrder586

    this is the closest thing to godliness as you could find visually or aurally ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. VinceverevecniV

    @toddpinkstonisgod hey I am not gay and I would be very happy to fuck Scarlett but : is it a video related to narcissism ? people who like mbv are so romantic

  83. oatyline

    I beleive its not to late <3

  84. xreddragonx

    @curlies7 Well put.

  85. DontLookTheShoe1

    scarlett johansson don't seems like a truthly people often,

  86. Diogo Oliveira

    Where's the Replay Forever button????

  87. Kelly McGillis

    @LaMlleAlex It's not identical. You'd have to ask someone with a better musical ear than me, but there's a difference in the third chord. It could just be their technology though...

  88. cardigan3000

    fuck off johansson

  89. 415BAY415

    @LaMlleAlex Oh yeah, big time

  90. Mente P

    My bloody Valentine + Scarlett Johansson = coolest video

  91. StupidCat70

    Isn't she a big MBV fan?? Love her to bits xx

  92. Ick

    6 people never ask the why;

  93. ProtestSong68

    @tooyjfwn jealous?

  94. Daniel Ramirez

    Damn, you guys are trying to hate on one of the most beautiful girl in the world. She isn't a GREAT actress but I enjoy watching her in some roles. I just don't think she is cast in roles that suit her. I actually think she would like MBV and she always seemed like a real down to earth chick. I'm gay but I would never kick her out of the bed for eating cookies.

  95. Maria Aguirre

    Even if Miss SJ appeared in Lost In Translatio and the soundtrack was mostly about Jesus and Mary Chain, Kevin Shield and My Bloody Valentine... i don't get the point of making a video if this awesome song with an actress that doesn't suit with the band Oo

  96. volantera