My Bloody Valentine - (You're) Safe In Your Sleep (From This Girl) Lyrics

Did you think I'd remember everything I'd say
How could I realise it would turn out this way
But you think you had it all
Things turn (around) and you're heading for a fall

Do you want me to tell you that I still love you?
Realise I can say things that you want me to
Oh your love is on the line
The world goes crazy and you cannot go on
I see the light in your eyes
Turning everything in your hair
I feel the cold deep inside
The cold comes out in insults
We'll fall apart again
Just like I don't know when
Never bothered to phone
You're safe in your sleep
from this girl

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My Bloody Valentine (You're) Safe In Your Sleep (From This Girl) Comments
  1. Maxton Barber

    What genre is this? I've been trying to find more like it. Jangle pop. 60s idk what to search

    Robert Wilson

    Shoegaze my man ;)


    You could say this is jangle pop but it’s uniquely MBV so it’s going to be hard to find stuff that sounds exactly like this. Try checking out the Go-Betweens, Close Lobsters, stuff on Sarah Records, or if you want to go older, some of the Byrds or Mamas and the Papas material is similar

    Maxton Barber

    @cardigansarecool thanks theres a lot of stuff on sarah records i enjoyed. That Bristol sound

  2. Nima Hodaei

    The true original MBV. Many diss on it now. But I personally love it, alongside everything else they went on to do. This song in particular hints at what they would go on to do in Loveless.

  3. Lon Boomer

    ecstacy and strawberry wine are in my ears the beginning of what kevin has gone on to do. i know that he isn't happy with them overall but i think they're glorious.

  4. pagamies

    this is amazing its so soft it feels like my childhood when i went to the pond with my mom

  5. John Meowzer

    Purr-sonally I love this sound - trippy yes trippy very *trippy*.

  6. Lucas Ferreira

    mbv going through a smiths phase. interesting.

  7. Simón Hoyos

    So beautiful

  8. Gordon Falt

    Ordered this on Vinyl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Daniel Ramirez

    More people should enjoy this kind of music. Beautiful fuzzy guitar folk rock, that's what I hear when I listen to this.