MxPx - Today Is In My Way Lyrics

It breaks my heart it makes me sad
to think of all the times we had
You made me laugh and you make me cry
And all that I can do is sigh, and wonder why
How will I get through tomorrow
If I can't make it through today?
How will I get through tomorrow,
when today is in my way?
Today is in my way
What's done is done and in the past
good things come and go so fast
You looked up at me and said goodbye
All that I could do was sigh and wonder why
I deserve all that I get
serves me right I will admit
and today just won't go away

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MxPx Today Is In My Way Comments
  1. Michael Pipkin

    Weren't the late 90's fun? 10 bucks for four bands. MXPX. Good Riddance, AFI, Lagwagon. That was a real show. They used to be all like that.

  2. MrFej80

    i first seen these guys in 1998 at a small punk rawk show in Maitland Australia called 'Dog Bite 98' ..
    to get in we climbed a tree and over the fence and ran from security .. good times

  3. Noah Paquin

    as long as today is in the way,,,, tomorrow will come right on time

  4. Ron Nato

    The style of this song was way ahead of it's time.

  5. mariano

    Punk nota dead

  6. Miguel Salas Hernandez

    Me encanta mxpx

  7. Glowskulls Media

    this album on cassette never away from my walkman during my campus life! this is so good and eternal

  8. Henry Alvayero

    Turns out F U if you don’t dig this track

  9. Matthew Fogle

    I seen these guys open up for cypress hill in Washington awesome show

  10. Doctor Awesomeness

    I listened to this during high school.

  11. Dylan Hayes

    Daily stoic?

  12. Arthur Ruhtra

    What's done is done and in the past

  13. Clases De Inglés Con Carlos

    MASTERPIECE ALBUM from beginning to end

  14. Luna

    breakups , relationships, friends

  15. THIAS. Apparel

    LOVE this album! High school memories.

  16. Anna Daniels

    Funny to see how very talented bands like MxPx or Alkaline Trio are much less known in the world comparing with Blink182 or Offspring ;-)

    Clases De Inglés Con Carlos

    and that fucking rocks

    Lee Carter

    Offspring were quality before americana. Smash is the best punk album of all time. Jesus saves

  17. Ancient Foundations

    Most underrated band ever

  18. Erik Kenrick

    I'm finally going to see these guys in a few weeks for the first time!

  19. Alexander Ashton



    That distortion-hum and chord change going into the chorus is almost as strong as a "smell memory"...been 19 years for me. but feels so familiar!

  20. The1234biteityouscum

    2014 and its almost new years,this song just popped into my head this morning and I remember like it was yesterday, almost 20 years ago dude. Love these guys

  21. Aruka Death

    kelingan masa smp kie boi @toro kuswan :(

    toro kuswan

    Haha... Ho o boi...

    Aruka Death

    @toro kuswan
    o ket mau au gitaran lagu mxpx karo dammit blink

    toro kuswan

    aku malah gitaran frank sinatra :)

  22. Xulius Caesar

    the first band I was in we covered this. memories...... R I P Ludicrous Speed

  23. Vertebraille13

    Freakin' old flame memories of the 90's. Cursed nostalgia

  24. Don Henry III

    I miss my childhood

  25. luccamazza77

    whenever i think "old school" this album comes to my mind... this is classic 90's

  26. Joseph Mundell

    i remember having this album

  27. Rob Vickers

    1 of my fav mxpx songs

  28. Eduardo Hamzić

    Today is in My Way

  29. Xulius Caesar

    This is a song my first band covered. Looking back it was pretty hack, but we thought we were the greatest thing ever. I've come a long way since, but listening to this brings me back to before I could really play and it was all drive to learn and make as much noise as possible along the way. There's a musical purity about that, I think.

  30. No no No no

    One of the best mxpx songs ever made.

  31. Mike S

    What is this feeling I have when I hear this song? It must be nostalgia.

  32. Justin Is Justin

    remember when you wanted to grow up after listening to this song just so you can drive cars and do all those 18+ stuff and now after you herd this song again you just wanna go back in time and live the life.....i miss my old days :')

  33. Edward James

    this songs reminds me when I was a teenager, playing skateboarding, and listening to this album so many times!

  34. Draeco

    Man that's my grade 10 right there! Our band covered this song too, so much fun to cover MxPx!

  35. Krist Truitt

    watch my vids. mxpx is an influence on me!

  36. evev vfeve

    high school years...I was the dude in the dumpster.

  37. Valienx

    2011 and am still listening to this song :)

    purple kisses

    how about now ?



    Yuri Brito

    2017 here


    2018 now. Still a classic

  38. knottb0y1

    This song really takes me back! Today is in my way!

  39. Hot 1LE

    loveeee this song.

  40. DiCkRiChArDz

    @afranz112 you jinxed it you stupid fuck. way to fail.

  41. NUFAN28

    a real skatepunk album

  42. afranz112

    NO dislikes. Keep it that way.

  43. Amones-Ray

    lol, this goes all the way into QUADRUPLE-time. never seen that before... or maybe i just never noticed -.-

  44. melchizedekful

    the best song of mxpx.

  45. Tony Sly

    i love this song as much now as i did when i was 12.