MxPx - Doing Time Lyrics

I remember times I had
some were happy, some were sad
memories me and my partners in crime
throwing up a thousand times
I got through it, I feel fine
I went to school and did my time
In a sense I'm out, in a sense I'm free
to be what I wanna be
Fun was cartoons Saturdays
Fun was staying up past eight
lame was tring to fit in
lame was the wrong crowd let me it
You gotta stick together
with who you are and who you know
You gotta remember
Where you've been and where you wanna go
I never did homework after school
did all the things I thought were cool
went out every Friday night
I still do and I'm alright.

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MxPx Doing Time Comments
  1. Z D

    Been an MxPx fan for years, rewatched the San Franpsycho episode of Scooby Doo, and was utterly shocked to hear them.

  2. upbestonepunch


  3. Billy Wilbur CEC & RAE

    Who’s here from Scooby Doo?!!

  4. tredmeister

    LOL, Yuri gets hit in the head with a piece of his broken drumstick @ 1:17!

  5. Sage

    Why do I know this, I've never heard it before?

  6. Brandon Inman

    Playing in a garage wouldn’t usually be the “dream” but it worked out for them. Lol

  7. Luan Bejeveld

    Straight to the childhood!!!

  8. Tamagotchi Gaming

    Feb 2019 anyone?

  9. Lurdes Almeida

    New York minute movie 2004 💛💛💛

  10. Jacob Phelps

    The San Franpsycho is a bad skateboarder

  11. Kitty Wright

    From What's New Scooby Doo

  12. Slonersoft Games

    I had this video on a VHS with AFI, Guttermouth, Slick Shoes, and a whole bunch of other bands that probably have "real jobs" now.

    Dustin Yager

    Slonersoft Games punk rawk show vol. 1

  13. Gus Arik

    My favorit songs ever 😀👍

  14. nico kenny

    Listening this song in 2018 makes me feel i m still young..;) and it gave me motivation to record an acoustic cover of this song :
    I hope you ll enjoy it!

  15. Sergio Fernández Sánchez



    #scoobydoo Grind Games #nostalgia

  17. Oknice65 Wow

    Mxpx are so underated

  18. Birthday Broadcast

    From The San Francisco of scooby doo

  19. pika1222

    great song,just imagine if it was longer

  20. Matthew Schimkus

    such an awesome song! also before every drummer tried to look like travis barker.

  21. Gunner Johnson

    The San Franspsycho

  22. Vatti

    This song remember me dude ranch by blink 182

  23. Denisa Koudelková

    I found this song because of Scooby Doo 😂 and now I'm addicted to it and to whole band lol 😂😂 <3

  24. Ski Jumping Videos

    Who is here from Scooby Doo?

    PrajWaL SaDashankaR

    @Gabriel Ramone mee

    Darin McFarlain

    I'm glad Scooby Doo brought you guise to Magnified X Plaid X

  25. Ski Jumping Videos

    They sound exactly like Green Day!!

    coco jóven

    Jelly Juice yeah but,in my opinion doesn't sound like green day...

    Jelly Juice

    Federico Ortiz They sound like Green Day a bit

    Jelly Juice

    Hey, do you want me to sub to you and you to sub to me?

    Leanne Sabolish

    SA Vlogs Similar yes. but I feel like thats like saying Green Day and Blink 182 sound the same when the vocals are completely different and old Blink has more complex guitar than bass which is super simple and Green Day had (well has) crazy basslines and simpler guitar (back in the day, I mean). Though Longview and Chick Magnet have a very similar feel and its all mid-90's pop punk :)

    Ski Jumping Videos

    Leanne Sabolish wanna sub to sub?

  26. Avril Salazar


  27. Kai Saro

    like if I should sing this for my school talent show

    Ken o Man

    Kai Saro DO IT

    b. scott langlois

    I did it 15 years ago.


    go for it!!! it was my dream while I was in high school


    oh man sounds awesome!!

  28. Michael Posey

    I went to school with the band members. I wish they were still making music!

    Mauricio Velásquez

    Michael Posey they are recording a new album I think

    Benny Stanley

    Michael Posey Mikes in tumbledown

  29. The Comic Book Channel

    I loved this so much when I was 13....and still now :(

  30. Meat Missile

    I remember thinking the drummer looks like a huge nerd. This could be because he looks a lot like this guy I went to high school with, and that dude was a huge nerd (graduated in 2002) but the drummer still looks like a huge nerd lol. Good drummer though.

  31. hwat hwat

    San Franpdychol

  32. Andrés Serrano

    Leyend says if you write a comment in this video, San Franpshycho will never catch you

  33. LeBhyron Castillo

    All the memories, the nostalgia.

  34. QZX Productions

    I found this playing on Scooby doo.

    The nostalgia...

    Ski Jumping Videos

    BigAlsAngryBirdVids Me too

    Oao Saavedra

    did you know a punk band names simple plan? you probably know them. they sing the theme song for scooby doo(:

    Diego Villa

    Alcatraz island the San Fran spycho 😱

    Jesse Edmondson

    BigAlsAngryBirdVids this is in Scooby Doo?

  35. Josh Anderson Art

    such a simple but cool video. I've always loved it

  36. Kathleen Dalton

    The San Franpsycho

  37. Vindy O

    "I never did homework after school..." Hahaha... that's so me (sometimes) a long ago. "...and I'm alright."
    This song was anthem of my youth 😂😂😂 And I'm an Anthropologist now LOL...

  38. Randyc

    20 fucking years ago

  39. Samantha Ribeiro

    scooby doo manda um abraco

  40. anarchysham1

    ahh childhood....

  41. Nadav Drewe

    I love the line 'to do what I want to be' - encapsulates perfectly the stupidity of youth. Just fantastic!

    Vee Cee

    Jog on you quasi-intellectual dingus.

    Noah Cunningham

    Nadav Drewe Mike grew up and did exactly 'what he wanted to be'... He has his own music studio in his hometown, his job is playing music and bringing bands in to record. So, the line doesn't demonstrate any stupidity whatsoever, it lead on to bigger things, as Mike stuck to doing what he wanted.

  42. Jesse G

    'fun was cartoon saturdays'

  43. Jossie Campos

    Calidad de pieza

  44. Sir Ernest

    lyrics and beat and skateboarding . brings good chills.

  45. Arth Éleres

    2015 ... no começo do vídeo quase o Mike confundi a lâmpada com o microfone Hahahaha

  46. Kiffa

    I remember spending hours on LimeWire trying to download this music video back in the days. MxPx, my favorite band forever!

    masa galactica

    @Kristoffer Skjæringrud ever :)


    Kids nowadays with their designated music services will never know the struggles of limewire

    Copper Fronts

    I downloaded the video off kazaa lol

  47. Aleksandr Conseque

    f*kin' TIDE!

  48. Francis schlosser macedo


  49. lucas barros

    Bons Tempo....nostalgia do caramba.


    Psé cara

  50. Justin Dahl

    too short. i need moooooooore

  51. kelly knight

    i seen these guys 7 times.good pop punk music.i was in to them when they were on tooth n was a bible thumper label but they still kicked ass!!!!

  52. G Foerster


  53. v4l4ntin4

    We're only the 'lost generation' because you don't want to find us! Everyone's fucking bitching about how music today sucks, but nobody makes their own bands to solve that. I was born '98, I'm in a band, we haven't done anything yet but we're still doing shit-make your own music, find your own identity! We're not lost, we just haven't found ourselves yet.


    its great to see people feel the same as me dude

  55. A. K. Barnes

    few people know that MxPx is really a Christian Punk rock band

  56. brad man

    Found you from the game cube game big air freestyle lol

  57. Chachi Shapiro

    High School :)

  58. Clement Myrie

    Wow still keeping it punk straight clean no foul language nor sexual reference but hey punk is pride that's what I'm all about

  59. brayan antonio

    temaso!!!! de la infancia!!! grande mxpx! desde chile

  60. wildinthestreets101

    i live in ct as well but yeah
    punk is dead, Bullshit. lets make a new generation of punk, hardcore, and metal

  61. Joey Cujo

    Another great old school band is Stiff Little Fingers, I think they're from Ireland. Newer bands; New Bruises, The Menzingers, Middle Finger Salute(British punk band, might be tough to find anything by them). Lupe Fiasco did a punk album a couple of years back that I actually really enjoyed. The band was called Japanese Cartoon.

  62. Joey Cujo

    Also, The Bouncing Souls have been one of my favorites since high school. They've been playing for as long as I've been alive(amazing pits at their concerts too). Make sure you hear everything by them. They've influenced a lot of bands. The Descendents were the main influence of blink-182. Cool To Be You is my favorite album by them but find the most popular stuff on YouTube and go from there.

  63. Joey Cujo

    Alkaline Trio is my favorite band. You named some awesome ones. Make sure to check out Fake Problems. They have a bit different of a style but they make lots of creative songs. If you're into more folksy stuff, check out Gaslight Anthem. I really like Tom DeLonge's side project, Angels & Airwaves. It's not for everyone, but I know a few people who connected with it in a huge way. Personally, I love it. Anybody that listens to punk should be grounded if they don't own the first Clash album.

  64. Joey Cujo

    I was born in '87. When I was in high school, all I wanted was to have lived through '80s punk. There are tons of great bands out now. You just have to find them. MxPx wasn't on the radio when I was a kid. I had to find them. It was harder back then cause the internet wasn't what it is now.

  65. Fitzcannon

    people don't even realize that pop music was also prevalent back in the late 90's, with the boy bands and teen pop explosion during that time, music was a lot better back then, but pop music has always been around.

  66. wildinthestreets101

    well i like devil wears prada but the rest of them re just scene pussies right?

  67. wildinthestreets101

    i like old emo but new emo is a joke

  68. 0bbbaKerrr0

    It was awesome. In case you were wondering. ;)

    BTW, MxPx will be in Atlanta 10/28, I'll be there, WILL YOU!?

  69. anarchysham1

    pop punk like this was called pop punk theses days is all time low and four year strong....fucking music today

  70. Lucas Byrd

    not ALL of today's music sucks. you know, just alot of it does, but not all

  71. Carl Pospiech


  72. Quốc Dũng Nguyễn

    blink 182 style :))

  73. Zachary Vieth

    dude Michael looks like 12

  74. TheKyle

    love one another with brotherly affection; outdo one another in showing honor???

  75. TheKyle

    Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.

  76. windmillriual


    lets be best friends....

    NO REALLY...

    (serious face) no really im fuckin creepy.

  77. Marc Kooij

    yeah fuck 1997 ; the lost generation : /

  78. darkness1049

    well i lived through the time, it was well, just completely awsome. it needs a comeback. music today they don;t know how to rock.

  79. Nicolae Liulea

    Thumbs up if Scooby Doo bring you here !

  80. Sean Ilegbodu

    @andymg97 i just have good friends of mine that ive known my whole life that we just share some music intrest but weshow each other new bands and so on

  81. Sean Ilegbodu

    @andymg97 i feel you im from '96 and i fucking hate tha fact that i missed out on that era of time! just gonna start my own 90's punk band!

  82. RuFiOPx

    @StyleyFreaky same here bro!!

  83. ColinBrunnemer77

    Man it is eXtremely annoying how rihanna is advertised on this video. Please! she is eXtremely bad. IS AWESOME.

  84. ColinBrunnemer77

    Man I wish I could've been alive to grow up through Green Day, The Offspring, Blink-182, Nirvana, MxPx, and all the other good '90s bands. Heck with the pop/rap generation.

  85. Josiah Sullivan

    @TumainiKids2 That is a mic. It's a condenser mic to give a kind of a live sound to the recording. But it wasn't his mic.

  86. elpatron skt

    @mortarhound78 hell, for you . mxpx is better than bands that you hear

  87. Tyler Grove

    I always loved how he mistakes the light for the mic at the beginning.

  88. anarchysham1

    pop punk aint the same anymore face to face,screeching weasel,the queers,the descendants old blink,mxpx. now its new found glory, fall out boy, simple plan, all time low, boys like girls. it sickens me to my stomach

  89. Jayboi Fxd


  90. Theloveevannalynch

    heyyyyy this was on scooby doo

  91. Kalios08

    @andymg97 lol same thing here bro i was born in 97also.

  92. itaketheSQUARE

    This song needs to be longer. Oh wait it doesn't. Short but sweet=)

  93. slarbiter

    is it just me or did vevo make this song a half shorter

  94. Chuckles McGoo

    my fav punk band when i was in high school

  95. Cade

    All the memories with this song..... <3

  96. agi09punk53

    i'm remember my brother, when night come in libanon,
    joko, i hope you see this video, i'll go home next year
    maybe, if i'm succes in mission with KOPASSUS
    mxpx make me burn !

  97. Alex Pass

    I just spent all night listening to MxPx, fuck yeah to nostalgia!