MxPx - Chick Magnet Lyrics

Well he's a chick magnet, if ya know what I mean
The way the girlies just go to him
Well ya should've seen
the guy yeah, he's got style and it's plain to see
Smooth shoes and cool tattoos
Hair pomped as tight as can be
He ain't got a girlfriend
No one to sing this song to
He's gotta settle down
If he meets that special girl soon
He knows just what to do
When it comes to the girls
He writes them poetry
And he picks them flowers
He knows just what to say
When it comes to the ladies
Knows how to make a girl smile
How to drive a girl crazy

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MxPx Chick Magnet Comments
  1. Misha Beregovoy

    Anyone in 2020?

  2. ricky mop

    stinky fulus, yo no gusto, yo queiro un groupo luchameros por ellos pais, sacrifico tu tiempo por tu nacion

  3. Daniel Brück

    sep. 2019 still listening....fu*k the mainstream!

  4. Info Hub

    Life is short

  5. Jose Moreno

    2019 June 05

  6. Ethan Kwan

    Peter Parker: I've been reading poetry lately...

  7. Marcelo Detox

    classic! here in 2019

  8. sherpaderp dingo

    Thumbs up if you're from the future but came back to the past to go back to the future and back


    I’d bang Yuri too tbh

  10. Osmin San Salvador

    🇸🇻El Salvador?

  11. Igor Brum

    someone else from 2087?

    Aman Loul

    Igor Brum 2019

  12. Mo Haidar

    Who's still watching in September 2018??

  13. NuclearNacho

    2017 bruh fight

  14. Axhiro Madlander

    I owe you one, just one

  15. martin Cuen

    la primera vez que la escuché fue como en el 2001 y lo vuelvo hacer hasta hoy 2017.
    Como pasa el tiempo

  16. Michael Brace

    October 2014 

  17. Justin Wood

    Is this an ad for mccain superfies? 



  18. nx hammer

    Magnified Plaid

  19. Celes Lefebvre

    patata patata patata

    Pants and Jacket

    Celes Lefebvre tuh tuuuuuuh

  20. jos luring

    make that 2013!!!!

  21. hlambrou1

    Im the FIRST in 2013!!!!!!!

  22. dahjakl

    oh-my-god im so unique im listening to this in 2012

  23. DennisEdmundsAU

    2012 mofo!!

  24. Wutwut1n1

    Thumbs up if you're naked

  25. punker406

    @HAsmatarian you sound like a poser

  26. superpug666

    im still listening to it in 2012!

  27. j1mf34r

    mxpx was horrible and is still horrible in 2012

    Awangku Nasrul Mirza

    You are horrible...!!!

  28. robert kuchma

    thumbs up if your listening in 2012!

  29. friggingbomb88

    girls' re not hot

  30. John D'Agostino


  31. Novaprole

    pinto magnetico que merda de banda cristã é essa...

    Pants and Jacket

    Novaprole they arent christian anymore

    Ingenious Vulcan

    Sua tradução tá meio errada ,cara. Significa ímã de garotas, não pinto magnético. Eu duvido muito que você leia isso, constando que o comentário foi escrito em 2012.

  32. Mac Ens

    I miss Yuri :'(

  33. rosssparrow


  34. Machine Cinetech

    He's hawt!

  35. aguinemongeenizo

    Is there a song about going against the odds cuz that would totally b me

  36. thebartja

    hahaha love this vid!!! sure am going to miss yuri

  37. zipfezoaga


  38. aknpnk187

    The song that started it all for me! I love how Mike throws the fry at 1:27, always my favorite part of this video. And Yuri is soooo silly, he IS a chick magnet!!

  39. Vinicius

    Cool, me and my friends Playing this Song in the Church


  40. Catapina Torres

    Yuri is so hot!!!

  41. Catapina Torres

    Yuri jajaja!!! todas las niñas se mueren por él!!!

  42. Ranger Brandon

    Amazing Song wish i could see them in concert

  43. Danilo Campagnolli

    ratabatata batata dudu

  44. jse ruiz


  45. sticks and stones

    I'm really sorry, but these things freak me out sooo much!
    dnt read this(cuz it really wrks). u will gt kissd on the nearest frieday by the love of ur life. 2mara wll b the bst day of ur life hwever if you dnt post ths comment 2 at least 3 vids u will die withn 2 days nw uv startd readn this dnt stp this is so scary snd ths ovr 2 5 vids in 143 mins when ur done press f6 nd ur crush's name wll appear on the screen n big letters ths is so scary cuz it actully wrks ths really wrks

  46. wellilikemusic

    Um your thinking of longview lol

  47. George Shadows

    the tune let's me think about a green day tune... brain stew or hitchin' a ride, never can keep them appart...

  48. Jonaheim88

    yuri is one sexy hunk of man lmao

  49. Daryl Henson

    this is such a great video. i love all the new MxPx stuff, but you cant beat these old hits.

  50. Jordan Crowder

    yuri is classic, i want to cast you guys in one of my film's some day.